Thursday, September 12, 2013

50 Questions that can be answered

A reporter who covered the assassination for the New York Herald Tribune recently self-published a book in which he says that he had 25 questions that to him the Warren Commission Report answered. Well that got me thinking....

50 Questions – Regarding the Assassination of President Kennedy – 

Fifty years after the assassination, these reasonable questions can and should be answered.

1)      How many shots were fired, which one missed and which one was the head shot?
2)      From what direction(s) did the shots come from?
3)      Where did the bullets come from? Bugliosi says that Oswald bought them, but there's no evidence of that. Where did they come from? You can’t buy one bullet, you buy bullets like cigarettes in packs and cartons and boxes, each of which has a tracking number that can tell you where and when it was sold and shipped. There were three shell casings found on the floor of the Sixth Floor Sniper’s Nest window and one unused bullet in the chamber.
4)      Where did the rifle come from? How did it get in the building?
5)      Where did the leather strap come from? A USAF military sidearm holster strap that had to come from somewhere, from someone who knew the owner of the rifle. 
6)      Why is there a scope attached that wasn’t used?
7)      What fingerprints were found on the a) rifle, b) shells, c) boxes, d) soda bottles, e) windows, f) doors, g) other locations within the TSBD/ that could be connected to Oswald and others?.
8)      How did the rifle get into the building without Frazer recognizing it?
9)      What became of the “confession” that the DPD tried to get B. W. Frazer to sign and what did it say?
10)  Who else besides Oswald was involved in the Walker shooting, and why didn’t Oswald prepare for JFK like he did for Walker – taking photos of the scene, keeping notebook, etc.?
11)  Did George diMohrenschildt mention Oswald to the CIA officers he met in NYC two weeks after he identifed Oswald as the Walker shooter?
12)  How did a German magazine learn of Oswald’s connection to the Walker shooting before the DPD?
13)  Who were the McCurley Brothers – who allegedly assisted Oswald in distributing FPCC leaflets in New Orleans, and did they know a man named Hidel?
14)  How did the rifle get from Dallas to New Orleans in April of 1963 and back again in September 1963?
15)  Why weren’t Ruth and Michael Paine called to testify under oath by the HSCA or ARRB or today?
16)  Who were the twin brothers, sons of Dallas FBI agent, who were seen breaking into the apartment of Mob moll and JFK mistress Judyth Campbell Exner, one of whom would later kill John Connally’s daughter?
17)  If Oswald killed JFK to obtain notoriety, as alleged, then why did he deny committing the deed?
18)  If Oswald was seen on the first floor of the TSBD at 12:15 pm, then who was the person seen with a rifle on the Sixth Floor at that time?
19)  If Oswald was seen by Baker on the other side of the Second Floor lunchroom door at 12:31 pm, if he went through that door as he would have to do if he was the assassin, how come that Roy Truly, ahead of Baker, didn’t see him, as he should have if Oswald was 20 feet in front of him?
20)  If Baker saw Oswald through the window of the closed Second Floor Lunchroom door, isn’t it more logical that he entered the three door vestibule through the south door, as he said he did, and therefore was not the Sixth Floor Sniper?
21)  If Oswald was on the second floor when Baker and Truly encountered him at 12:31 pm, who was the man in the Sixth Floor Sniper window moving boxes around a few minutes after the last shot?
22)  If Oswald was not the Sixth Floor Sniper, then who was the man in the white shirt and bald spot on the top of his head who shot at JFK from that window and how did he get out of the building?
23)  How come Oswald, if he had just shot the president, deposited the rifle behind boxes and ran down four flights of steps to get to the Second Floor Lunchroom before Baker – a minute and half – 90 seconds after the last shot – how come he wasn’t out of breath from running and hyper from having just blown JFK’s brains out, but was instead, cool, calm and collected, just as he was 30 seconds later when he encountered Mrs. Reid.
24)  Why do those who believe that Oswald killed the President all by himself also claim he was a no good, crazy, loser rather than the very good and successful assassin he had to be?
25)  What became of the Coke bottle? What became of the Dr. Pepper bottle found on the Sixth Floor? And what became of the broken soda bottle at the base of the park bench on the Grassy Knoll and filed by reporters?
26)  What became of black couple – man and women who were sitting on that park bench eating lunch and drinking the soda when they witnessed the assassination, and why haven’t they come forward?
27)  What became of Ms. McKinnon, who claims to have witnessed the assassination from the Grassy Knoll and has since disappeared?
28)  Why hasn’t the HSCA acoustics study been followed up on and the acoustical evidence evaluated properly?
29)  What is the provenance of CE#399?
30)  What’s the real story behind the DNA testing of CE#345?
31)  Why wasn’t the TSBD building secured immediately by the three DPD officers out front?
32)  Why did so many witnesses believe the shots came from the Grassy Knoll and run there afterwards if no shots came from there?
33)  How come – if Brennan and Eunis and other witnesses told DPD and Sheriff’s officers that they saw a sniper with rifle – or just the rifle in the SE corner window of the TSBD sixth floor at 12:31, yet Sheriff’s deputy Luke Mooney didn’t “discover” the Sniper’s Nest until after 1 pm?
34)  Who was the man in the brown sports coat who was seen on the Sixth Floor with the man in the white shirt and rifle who ran out the back door of the TSBD and got into a Rambler station wagon? 
35)  Who was the man in the white shirt who ran down the Grassy Knoll and got into a Rambler station wagon?
36)  How come there is no film or photo of Oswald leaving the front door of the TSBP, as there should be, or is there?
37)  Why did Oswald walk seven blocks east of the TSBD and then get on a bus going back to the scene? And why did he get on a bus that would take him away from his rooming house when the bus behind it went directly to it?
38)  Why did Oswald offer his cab to an old lady if he was in such a hurry, and why did he take it five blocks past his rooming house?
39)  Who gave the DPD the description of the assassin that was broadcast over the police radio at 12:45pm
40)  Who was in the DPD cop car outside Oswald’s rooming house while he was there?
41)  Who was Tippit calling from the Top Ten Records shop phone ten minutes before he was killed?
42)  Who was the “Oswald” patron at the Top Ten shop and the beer drinking Oswald with the drivers license ID?
43)  Why did Tippit stop his assailant?
44)  Whose wallet was found at the scene and examined by officers?
45)  Who found the jacket under the car and where did the cleaning tag come from?
46)  Who were the IBM employees at the shoe store when Tippit’s assailant came by?
47)  Who was the “Oswald” guy who entered the theater at around 1 pm who bought a ticket and popcorn?
48)  Who was taken into a DPD police car in the alley in the rear of the Texas Theater?
49)  Who was driving Carl Mather’s car around Oak Cliff at the time of Tippit murder?
50)  What became of the unedited and complete tape of Air Force One radio transmissions of 11/22/63?
51)  Why was Oswald’s military record destroyed?
52)  What became of the ONI records related to the assassination, specifically those of Adml. Ruffus Taylor?
53)  How many documents are still being withheld for reasons of national security?
54)   If Oswald alone killed JFK because of his own perverted psychological motives, what do the CIA-Mafia plots to kill Castro have anything to do with it?
55)  Did Oswald take the pistol with him to Mexico City, as some of the Soviet officers claim?
56)  What became of the Cuban training camp film archived at GWU that HSCA staffers saw?
57)  How is it that JFK left Parkland Hospital in a bronze casket yet arrived at Bethesda in a metal one?
58)  Why can’t the Bethesda autopsy photographers recognize the photos?
59)  Who was the four star general at the autopsy who ordered the back wound not to be probed?
60)  Why were there two official autopsy exams of JFK’s brain?
61)  Why were there three different autopsy reports?
62)  What became of JFK’s brain after it was examined by autopsy doctors after JFK was buried?
63)  Why was there a container labeled JFK brain matter that was improperly disposed when flushed down a food processor drain?
64)  How come those who photographed JFK’s autopsy don’t recognize the photos that exist today?
65)  Why isn’t JFK’s body exhumed and given a proper forensic autopsy with the latest scientific equipment?
66)  Why hasn’t Congress held an oversight hearing on the JFK Act in over 15 years?
67) And oh, yea, why did Oswald, during his interrogations, admit to owning the pistol but not a rifle?
68) If all of the professional police officers and federal agents who interrogated Oswald said that he was in total control and appears to have been rehearsed and trained, who would have rehearsed and trained him?


A Framarini said...

Should be modified when the word RIFLE is used and changed to RIFLES. There were 2 Rifles found on that floor. Then add the question what happened to the other rifle and where did it come from?

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