Sunday, September 29, 2013

Tony Summer's Not in Your Lifetime Revamped

Tony Summers has recently re-wrote much of his book "Not in Your Lifetime" (aka "Conspiracy"), and has included much new and important information.

The new updated and refreshed edition will be available in the USA on October 1 as an e-book or in paperback from US publisher Open at: 

It will be available in the UK on October 10 from Headline at:  

by Anthony Summers

This note is to let everyone know that I have this year virtually rewritten and updated my book Not in Your Lifetime (nĂ©, long ago and over my protest,Conspiracy), on the Kennedy assassination. It will be published on Tuesday, October 1, by Open Road Media in the U.S., and on October 10 by Headline in the UK.
 In the publishers’ view, Not in Your Lifetime has earned a lasting place and should be republished on this 50th anniversary. Realizing, though, that it needed a thorough revamp, I set to work (with Robbyn) for what turned out to be many months. I have honed this new edition, filling in previously unavailable detail and making amendments, shedding material that has been discredited or no longer seems worth space in the book – and adding elements that do justify inclusion.
 Perhaps most significant is a new final chapter that amounts to an overview of the case as things stand in 2013. This includes a section covering “admissions” – claims of involvement in the assassination, their credibility or otherwise.
 Most interesting, perhaps, is a new interview I recently conducted of a Cuban exile in Florida. In extended conversations , over two days, he identified a fellow Cuban, once his best friend, who – he said he learned - “participated” in the assassination. This especially, I expect, will stir discussion.
 Heartening reviews the book has received include: 
§  (On this new 2013 edition) “Not in Your Lifetime is the best single analysis of what we know and what we don’t know about JFK’s assassination. If you have time to read only one book on the assassination, this is it. By far. – Robert Blakey, former Chief Counsel, House Committee on Assassinations 
§  “An awesome work…with the power of a plea as from Zola for justice” —Los Angeles Times
§  “An important piece of work…exceptionally well written, with all the tone and tension of a thriller. . . A book that must be read” —New York Review of Books
§  “The closest we have to that literary chimera, a definitive work on the events in Dallas.” 

Not in Your Lifetime will be available in the U.S. from October 1, as an e-book or in paperback, from U.S. publisher Open Road, by following this link:

For those who would like to have a look at the British edition, it can be found here on the Headline/Hachette Group website:

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EJK said...

Hello, Bill. Big fan of your hard and brave work.

Not sure why you're looking forward to the new version of Summers's book. The original "Conspiracy" was a masterwork, imho. One of the 10 best books on Dallas. But the mid-90s revision, "Not in Your Lifetime," was castrated. Summers himself backed off on conspiracy in numerous interviews, while at the same time defaming JFK and RFK, sort of taking the "they weren't worth much anyway" Gus Russo approach.

I dearly hope in this third incarnation that Summers regains his sanity.

Keep up the great work!