Friday, October 27, 2017

Further Information Gets 180 Days of Continued Cover-Up


Ken Kesey called his electric cool aide LSD acid bus "Further" that he used to travel cross country from San Francisco to the East Coast to spread the news and educate people to the benefits of the drugs along the way. and meet fellow LSD guru Timothy Leary.

Now, upon "further information," as President Trump's pre-October 26 Tweet gave him the slippery loophole to get out of actually doing what he promised and releasing the remaining withheld records on the assassination of President Kennedy.

Trump never had the power to actually release the records, only to withhold them, and that he did, at the very last minute, as the clock ticked towards the end of the Thursday business day and he was - how ironic - in Dallas to raise money for the GOP ($2600 a plate/$30,000 a photo op), and was preoccupied with the Opiate drug epidemic that also dominated the news.

They only had 25 years to review the records and request the continued postponement of those that would damage national security today - something that the former chairman of the Assassinations Records Revice Board Federal Judge John Tunheim said was no longer a factor in this different world a half century after the crime.

But the CIA, under their director and the military brass, as the clock ticked away, went to the mat and arm arm wrestled the Donald and convinced him to continue the withholding of some 300 documents in full, for 180 days - six months, with new deadlines set in March and April 2018.

Only the President has the power to do that, and after saying he wasn't going to do it, Trump did a full 360 degrees.

Considering Peter Dale Scott's "negative template" thesis that the missing and withheld records are the most significant, then these 300 documents are the crown jewels in the government's attic, and with the list of withheld records compared to what has been released we should be able to isolate those 300 to identify their RIF, agency of origin and subject matter.

We know the documents we were most interested in aren't among those released, including the records on John Rosselli, William Harvey, George Joannides, James Jesus Angleton and E. Howard Hunt, giving us good reason to speculate on what they are trying to keep hidden.

So what they had 25 years to do now must get done in six months time, and on the plus side, it creates doubt in the public mind and those in the media, and gives us an additional six months to get our act together, and keep the media and news interest going.

Towards that end I preparing to devote considerable time over the next six months to these issues. 

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