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Rosselli Chronology - Significant JFK Record 157-10014-10236

SSCIA - Church Committee


“The Church Committee was permitted to review the entire Oswald 201 file, the AMLASH file, Garrison files and selected Office of Security files…..Yet, the possibility still remains that the staff was not shown everything. The CIA has maintained throughout that the Oswald 201 file was a complete compilation of the material related to the assassination of President Kennedy. However, information relating to who Lee Harvey Oswald was, and what he was doing are not included in their files. The Oswald 201 does not attempt to question Oswald’s connection to both pro-Castro and anti-Castro groups or any of the AMLASH information. The most notable subject missing was information relating to CIA/US Government attempts to assassinate Fidel Castro. “

Jack Anderson – 1975

“Four and a half years ago, I broke a story that now is belatedly rocking Washington. I reported that the Central Intelligence Agency had recruited two Mafia figures, John Rosselli and Sam Giancana, to assassinate Cuban Premier Fidel Castro.”

“I tracked down Roselli and questioned him about the story. He had nothing to say. He promised me, however, that he would give me his exclusive story if he should ever be free to talk.”

“Yesterday, John Roselli told his story – first to the Senate Intelligence Committee in secret session, then to me as he had promised four and a half years ago.”

“Roselli is a dapper, hawk-faced man with a thatch of white hair. He has been disciplined all his life to keep his mouth shut. His Mafia partner, Sam Giancana, was slain before Senate investigators could serve him with a subpoena.”

“So it was obviously painful for Roselli to talk. I promised I would make clear that he revealed no names, except for the CIA contacts whose identities the Senate already knew.”

“So here is Rosellli’s own account of a real-life ‘Mission Impossible’ - - the attempt to kill Castro. It’s a story of cash payments, poison pellets, high-powered rifles and powerboat dashes to Cuba.”

“The plot against Castro, Roselli said, began in 1960 – when Dwight Eisenhower was President, Richard Nixon was Vice President and Allen Dulles was the CIA chief.”

“Roselli was recruited in Los Angeles, he said, by Robert Maheu, then an aide to billionaire Howard Hughes. Previously, Maheu had operated a CIA front in Washington. “

“According to Rosellli, the murdered mobster, Sam Giancana, never became involved in the assassination plot. He knew about it; he may even have suggested a Cuban contact; nothing more."

“Roselli identified the CIA project officer, in charge of the Castro assassination, as “Big Jim” O’Connell. Maheu put Roselli in contact with O’Connell, as Roselli remembers it, in New York City on September 14, 1960.”

“Thereafter, Roselli flew to Miami and recruited the assassination squads. At first, they plotted to poison Castro. Poison pellets were supplied by the CIA. They were delivered to the plotters in a Miami hotel room, according to Roselli, by Maheu. He dramatically opened his briefcase, revealing $10,000 in cash and the fatal pellets.”

“The money was distributed to the plotters. Roselli swore he never took any money from the CIA, except for incidental expenses. He paid the big expenses, he said, out of his own pocket.”

“The poison pills were supposed to take three days to work. Supposedly, this would give the poison time to work its way out of Castro’s system before he died, and his death would be attributed to natural causes.”

“Roselli never found out what happened to the plotters or the pellets. But they tried again later with a stronger dose of poison. Not long afterwards, reports reached them that Castro was desperately ill. Roselli doesn’t know whether the illness was caused by the poison or a virus. But Castro survived, and the plotters apparently did not.”

“Toselli (sic) said he also picked up intelligence, which he submitted to the CIA both during the Bay of Pigs planning and the later Cuban missile crisis. After the Bay of Pigs, Roselli said, Maheu was cut out of the plot. Thereafter, Roselli reported to a CIA agent named William Harvey.”

“There were four more assassination attempts, the plotters were smuggled into Cuba with high-powered rifles. The last assassination squad, Roselli heard, made it to a Havana rooftop before they were caught.”
“This was around March 1, 1963. Then the project was abandoned. Roselli saw Harvey for the last time in June, 1963. Five months later, Lee Harvey Oswald gunned down President Kennedy in Dallas. Oswald had been active in the pro-Castro movement. Shortly before that dreadful day in Dallas, Oswald had made a mysterious trip to Mexico where he visited the Cuban embassy. The Warren Commission found no evidence, however, that Oswald was in the hire of Havana.”

“Yesterday, Roselli made no apology for his CIA role. U.S. authorities call him a mobster. He regards himself as a patriot.”


1955 - Meets Maheu at insurance friend’s home.

1960 – Late July / early August. Maheu calls. Working for government. Recruit Rosselli only. Meet Brown Derby, L.A. for lunch. Long talk about project in Cuba. Rosselli wants verification……

Early 1961 – Attempts to kill Castro before Bay of Pigs landing by Rosselli team.

April 1961 – Bay of Pigs Landing

Rest of 1961 and 1962 – Possibly ongoing efforts to Kill Castro by Rosselli team.  Last attempt by Rosselli team in 1963, infra.

Early 1963 – Rosselli training a team in Miami area. Wash. Post Greider/Lardener story, supra., states Army Ranger Capt. Ayres saw him.

March 1963 – Rosselli’s last effort to kill Castro.

Sometime in 1963 – RFK stopped further efforts.

August 9 1976 -  Rosselli’s body discovered in oil drum in Dumfounding Bay, Florida.

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