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Covert Ops Related to the Dealey Plaza Operation

Covert Operations Related to Dealey Plaza

As Bill Simpich has suggested, we should not view the assassination of President Kennedy as a typical homicide, and look for means, motive and opportunity, collect the evidence and facts that support a particular theory and pin the tail on the selected donkey, but instead we should view what happened at Dealey Plaza as a covert intelligence operation and approach the case from that angle.

Since one of the first things covert operators do when they start a mission is to give it a code name, I call it the Dealey Plaza Operation (DPO), and consider what happened there a covert operation regardless of Lee Harvey Oswald's role as a shooter or a patsy.

The Department of Defense Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms (Joint Publication JP1-02), defines "covert operation" as "an operation that is so planned and executed as to conceal the identity of or permit plausible denial by the sponsor."

While that may be the case, that doesn't stop us from figuring out how it was conducted and who conducted it, even if they utilized black propaganda and disinformation deception to disguise themselves.

In fact the continued "active measure" use of the disinformation campaign to blame the Dealey Plaza Operation on Fidel Castro Cuban Communists (what Peter Dale Scott calls the Phase One), and its rejection and failure, provides us with a window into the "wilderness of mirrors" that allows us to see who is propagating the Castro Cuban Commie cover story. 

Defining the MO - Modus Operandi of Dealey Plaza not only tells us how it was accomplished, but gives us some clear insight into who had the capabilities of doing such a thing and who in fact was behind the curtain, masterminding the operation and pulling the strings on the puppets and pawns. 

Other similar covert operations that utilized such a "military style" attack on a motorcade can also be reviewed - the attacks on Arch Duke Ferdinand 100 years ago, on Nazi Heinrich Himmler, the July 20, 1944 failed coup attempt on Hitler that the CIA studied to be used against Castro, and the 1962 attack on French President Charles deGaul are prime examples of similar MOs that should be studied in order to better understand the Dealey Plaza Operation. 

In addition, many of the primary participants and those connected to the Dealey Plaza Operation were involved in other, similar intelligence operations that are worth reviewing to see how they operate and intertwine. 

So I've begun a list of Covert Operations that are related to the Dealey Plaza Operation and when reviewed, can give us some insight into what really happened there. 

For starters, one of the first things I recognized in reviewing the Warren Commission and related records is that whatever you believe happened at Dealey Plaza and whoever you believe was involved, it had something to do with Cuba - especially the Castro revolution and Bay of Pigs. 

1) Castro Revolution in Cuba. Removing Batista from power in Cuba was a goal of a number of covert intelligence operations, some supporting Castro. 

2) Bay of Pigs - April 17, 1961. 
In that regard, it doesn't take much research to establish that those who were behind the failed Bay of Pigs operation had previously been involved in the Guatemalan Coup of 1954 - Operation SUCCESS, and most if not all of the Bay of Pigs CIA officers had contributed to that mission, especially Frank Wisner, David Atlee Phillips, David Morales, et al. 

3) Guatemalan Coup 1954 - Operation Success. 
Of course the primary suspect and likely patsy in the Dealey Plaza Operation - Lee Harvey Oswald had been involved in a number of previous covert operations and organizations, especially the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) and United States Marine Corps (USMC) before his defection. 

4) Use of CAP and USMC in Covert Military Intelligence Operations. The CAP was founded in Texas by D. H. Byrd, owner of the Texas School Book Depository (TSBD), while Oswald was affiliated with the New Orleans branch that included Captain David Ferrie and others. The CAP's Pennsylvania chapter made newspaper headline when it considered using select CAP cadets to attend the US Army Military Intelligence school at Fort Holabird, near Baltimore, Maryland.
CAP Membership Directory listing D. H. Byrd.  

While that plan was squelched publicly by the CAP leaders, it apparently continued quietly, as Lee Harvey Oswald was put through a similar program that taught him covert operational techniques, procedures and practices. That Oswald utilized covert intelligence crafts and techniques was not only my conclusion but that of former CIA agent Bob Baer, whose JFK Declassified and Following Oswald six part TV series attempted to falsely follow the original Castro Cuban Commie cover story that was laid out before the assassination and made a psychological warfare part of the Dealey Plaza Operation as part of the deceptions laid out to protect the actual sponsors. 

5) Castro Cuban Commie Cover story  

Reporter Joseph Goulden, one of the first to promote the Phase One Castro Cuban Commie cover story by egging Assistant Dallas DA William Alexander to charge Oswald with committing the assassination to "further of a communist conspiracy," did attend the Army Intelligence School at Fort Holibird, and became a close and trusted media asset of David Atlee Phillips, who was responsible for the psychological radio aspects of Operation SUCCESS. 

As we can see from the work of Peter Dale Scott, John Newman and Jefferson Morley, among others, Lee Harvey Oswald's defection was itself a covert intelligence operation planned in advance, as the military and government records reveal, and the CIA's Counter-Intelligence (CI) staff and Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) kept a close watch on Oswald when he returned from the USSR, went to Mexico City and returned to Dallas in order to be put into position be be the patsy in the Dealey Plaza Operation.

6) Oswald's Defection was a covert intelligence operation designed to flush out a suspected double-agent spy.  

While Oswald was away there were two covert ops related to him that occurred, one was the attempted purchase of jeeps, using his name, and the other was the Houma Bunker raid, involving some of those who Oswald would hook up with when he relocated to New Orelans, including David Ferrie, Gordon Novel and others. In this operation, guns and munitions were removed, either legally or illegally, from a bunker in Houma and transported to New Orleans. 

Bottlefed by Oswald's NANA:  JFKCountercoup2: Bottlefed by Oswald's NANA

7) Houma Bunker Raid.  For more on the Houma Bunker Raid see:  JFKcountercoup: The Houma Bunker Raid Revisted

8) Among the still secret JFK Assassination records is the ONI Defector File, that the ONI has fought to keep from being released, which may have a bearing on Oswald's defection and return to the USA. 

9) The Hale Twins black bag - break into the apartment of President's mistress. Back in Dallas Oswald obtained a job at a sheet metal shop from the Texas Employment Commission (TEC). Like the employment agency in England run by the spies in The Spy Who Came in From the Cold, the TEC included a Mrs. Hale, who assisted Oswald in obtaining work. Mrs. Hale's husband was a former FBI agent who worked for security at the major defense contractor General Dynamics and they had two twin sons who attended Arlington Texas high school with Oswald. Under the watchful eyes of an FBI stakeout team, the twin sons broke into the apartment of Judyth Cambell Extner, who was having affairs with President Kennedy and Chicago Mob boss Sam Giancana at the same time, and passing messages and documents between them. 

10) Many people believe that when Oswald returned from USSR to Texas, George deMohrenschildt took him under his wing, and then before leaving for Haiti on business, passed Oswald on to the Paines as his intelligence baby sitter. In February 1963 deMohrenschildt arranged for a house party for Lee Oswald to meet Michael Paine, but Marina met Michael's wife Ruth instead, and Oswald had an extended conversation with Volkmar Schmidt, who encouraged Oswald to kill Gen. Walker. 

Volkmar Schmidt interview: JFKcountercoup: Volkmar Schmidt Interview

11) Besides killing the President and a Dallas cop and wounding Governor Connolly, Oswald is also accused of taking a shot at former Gen. Walker on April 10, 1963, the night of the day the USS Thresher sank with all hands. The Walker shooting is a key element in the Dealey Plaza Operation, and because Oswald had written to then Navy Secretary John Connally from Russia seeking assistance in returning home, and a group calling itself JFCOTT - Justice for Crew of the Thresher visited employees of the defense contractor (Bendix) that made the malfunctioning part in the Thresher, threatening to kill the Secretary of the Navy, as Oswald was alleged to have also done, it appears that multiple motives were being laid out before the Dealey Plaza Operation, as part of the deceptions. 

See ONI and the Assassination: JFKcountercoup: ONI & the Assassination of JFK

12) Similar to the visit the JFCOTT men in suits played to the Bendix employees, two anti-Castro Cubans and someone identified as Oswald visited Sylvia Odio and her sister, mentioning Oswald's marine background and his ability to kill the President and/or Secretary of the Navy. Odio wrote to her father, then in a Cuban prison for his assistance to a group that was planning on shooting Castro with a bazooka, as it was planned by Antonio Veciana and David Atlee Phillips. 

The Odio Incident: The Odio Incident

13) Oswald's summer of 1963 in New Orleans was an event filled time where he engaged in Fair Play for Cuba Committee (FPCC) activities at time when the CIA's David Phillips was monitoring the group and starting active covert measures against it. Besides getting into a fist fight and arrested with DRE Cubans, Oswald also passed out leaflets on the New Orleans warf where US Navy ships were docked and his leaflets became part of his ONI file. 

Oswald in New Orleans: Oswald in New Orleans

14) Oswald's visit to Mexico City and visits to the Cuban and Soviet embassies there provides a number of significant leads, including those to the Cuban and Soviet spies and agents at the embassies and so-called "Twist Party," but also to a number of others - including visits to the Quaker Hostel and Sanbourns restaurant where he was reportedly seen leaving on the back of a motorcycle headed for the Cuban embassy to get a visa. 

Oswald in Mexico City - Bill Simpich's State Secret Featured State Secret Preface

15)  Project Paperclip - Bell Helicopter, where Michael Paine worked, General Dynamics, Collins Radio, LTV and other connected Dallas Defense contractors participted in Project Paperclip, that ensured Nazi German scientists were gainfully employed in the USA.

16) Mongoose - The post-Bay of Pigs covert ops coonducted by Gen. Lansdale, William Harvey et al.

17) After the October 1962 Missile Crisis, and the replacement of Harvey with Desmond Fitzgerald, CIA Cuban covert ops continued out of JMWABE, including a number of planned attacks on Castro while he road in an open jeep (such as Pathfinder).

18) Parrott Jungle - In the months and weeks leading up to the assassination Oswald was inentionally impersonated at a number of locations - including the Nuclear power museum in Tennessee and the Parrott Jungle in Florida, neither of which were adequately investigted.

19) Alpha 66 in Dallas. Shenon says the Castro Cuban Commies in Mexico City may have offered Oswald help in escaping, and former CIA agent Bob Baer says that Castro so infiltrated Alpha 66 they could have provided the Hallendle Street safe-house as a refuge, and it could have been Oswald's destination.

20) The CIA conduit Catherwood Fund financed the Catholic Welfare and their Cuban refuge medical clinnics in Florida, Louisiana and Texas, as well as providing spiritual guidence, such as that given by Father Walter Machann, patron of the Dallas Cuban community. As Sylvia Odio's confessor, he knew of the visit by Oswald and two Cubans. The Catholic Welfare in New Orleans also loaned the laundry truck to those who burglarized the munitions from the Houma bunker.

21) Oswald at TSBD. If the assassination of the President at Dealey Plaza was indeed a covert intelligence operation and not the lone act of a deranged mad man, then it was a controlled situation, where everything was under control of the operation, especially Dealey Plaza, the Grassy Knoll and the TSBD and was timed to the minute. Indeed, the assassination could only have taken place as it did within a short - time span, when the workers were on lunch - from 12 pm to 1 pm, a small window of opportunity for the Sixth Floor Sniper. How Oswald obtained his job there, who ran the TSBD company and who owned the building are all points that come into play in that short space of time, and were an integral part of the Dealey Plaza operation.

22) Watergate - E. Howard Hunt, G. Gordon Liddy, Frank Forini Sturgis, anti-Castro Cubans, Eugenio Martinez, et. al. 

23) Iran-Contra - Ruth Paine in Nicaragua and Costa Rica keeping tabs on Quakers supporting the Contras. 

24) Hinkley assassination attempt on President Reagan. - JFKcountercoup: CASTRO PLOT TO MURDER REAGAN

25) Chile coup - Plan Centaur MORE TO COME - Stay Tuned. 

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