Friday, March 30, 2018

NARA "No comment." Stormy Daniels "Fake News"

NARA: “No Comment”

The National Archives in Washington D.C. 

National Archives has “no comment” on what agencies requested continual withholding of still secret JFK assassination records, will not issue a statement or hold a press conference on the subject.

On Monday, March 26, David Ferriero – the Archivist of the United States, whose public legacy is open government and transparency, gave his recommendations to the President as to what government records on the assassination of President Kennedy should still be continually withheld past the April 26, 2018 deadline set by Trump himself.

Ferriero’s recommendations would be based on the requests from federal agencies as to what records they requested be continually withheld two weeks earlier, another deadline set by Trump that has gone by.

The National Archive and Records Administration (NARA), the agency of government that Ferriero runs, despite acknowledging that the public response to the late November release of records was so great it took their computer servers down, yet they make no mention of these deadlines or the assassination records on their web site.

When the NARA spokesman was asked how many records did agencies request be continually withheld, they said that it would take two weeks to process them, which tells me that there’s more than a few.

When asked what agencies of government requested JFK assassination records be continually withheld, how many records are involved, when will the others be released, and what the Ambassador recommend, they responded:

“The NARA has no comment. We will not be issuing a statement or holding a press conference.”

The White House held televised sessions with the White House press corps every day all week, but not one of them asked a question about what the Archivist of the United States recommended to the President as to what JFK Assassination Records should be withheld. Instead, very session was dominated by questions about Stormy Daniels and talk about describing Donald Trump’s genitalia. How disgusting, when there are real questions that the White House and NARA should be required to answer about the JFK Assassination records.

Is President Trump’s sex life a diversion to take attention away from more serious news? Like what did Ferriero recommend to the President? What agencies of government have requested records be continually withheld? How many documents we talking about?

And when will the NARA release the rest of the still withheld records that are not being requested withheld?

Well someday we will know the answers to those questions.

And now, Trump’s meeting with the Rocket Boy of North Korea is scheduled for April 27, the day AFTER he must decide if he will continually withhold any JFK assassination records, and if so which ones. 

Do you think that story will take the JFK records off the front page and maybe off the news all together?

Well if its sex that the news makers want, here's the X-rated Harlequin Romance version of the assassination.


Whose Sleeping With Whom at the Dealey Plaza Motel 

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