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Secret Service Agent Clint Hill – Eyewitnesses to Conspiracy.

Secret Service Agent Clint Hill, who was assigned to protect the First Lady, will be given the Theodore Roosevelt Award by the state of North Dakota, so he is back in the news.

Clint Hill, the still living eyewitness to the assassination of President Kennedy, had a very close view of the fatal head shot, both as it was happening, and the result, both in the car and at the Bathesda autopsy, where he was asked to view the body for the First Lady. 

Hill was riding on the running board of the Secret Service car immediately behind the President’s car, and began running towards the car shortly after the first shot, but didn’t make it to prevent the fatal head shot. While Hill is often portrayed as a non-conspiracy witness, his reports and testimony actually support the idea that the head shot originated from in front of the President and exited the rear of his head. This is because Hill, and others who saw it, describe a large “grapefruit” sized hole in the back of the head, a clear indication of an exit wound.

And more than one eyewitness, a doctor at Parkland and the Gawler’s Funeral Home attendant Tom Robinson, saw a small entrance wound at the front hairline above JFK’s right eyelid, that is not mentioned in the official autopsy report.

Clint Hill’s view of the gaping hole in the back of JFK’s head.

From: “The Kennedy Detail” – Gerald Blaine (Gallery Books, 2010)

p. 215 : “…A sniper with a high-powered rifle had zeroed in on the open-top car,…Agent Jack Ready watched John Kennedy’s head explode into a grisly fountain of brains, bone, and blood….Jacqueline Kennedy was facing to her left when the first shot was fired. As she turned to the right, toward the sound, the president slumped to the left. Not knowing what was happening, she reached her arm behind him, around his shoulders, just as the second shot hit the governor. She was staring into her husband’s face just as the third and fatal shot hit the back of his head and splattered his brains in every direction….Jackie was screaming, ‘They’ve killed my husband! They’ve shot his head off!’ She held out her white-gloved hand and yelled, ‘I have his brains in my hand!.’”

p. 217 : “Clint lunged, and as the car sped toward the overpass….He sucked in his breath as he saw the horrific scene inside the limousine. Fragments of gray brain and white bone were splattered around the car like vile confetti. A pool of blood covered the floor. And slumped across the seat, President Kennedy lay unmoving, a bloody, gaping, fist-sized hole clearly visible in the back of his head.”

p. 266 : “A man in a white coat pulled the sheet down and Clint saw the wound in the throat, where the doctors at Parkland had done a tracheotomy. More hands touched the pale, lifeless president and turned him to the side so Clint could view the back…. All Clint could see was that the right rear portion of the President Kennedy’s head was completely gone.”

As all First Class trained snipers know, there is a very small chance of hitting a moving target - 4% - so in order to make their "One shot one kill" work, their targets are stationary, or in this case, moving towards them or away from them, not left to right as the sixth floor sniper would view it.

As former US Attorney John Orr and others have demonstrated, the head shot was not fired from the Sixth Floor window of the Texas School Book Depository, but rather from in front or from behind the victim, possibly both, as most ear witnesses described the last two shots as being very close together, too close to have been fired by the same gun.

The fatal head shot was fired by a First Class Sniper(s) - either US Army Reserve and Dallas Police SWAT squad types from behind the picket fence on the Grassy Knoll, or by an anti-Castro Cuban commando specially trained at the CIA's JMWAVE sniper training base at Point Mary, off Key Largo, Florida. 

Basic Forensic Pathology 101 – Entrance wounds small – Exit wounds large.

Entrance Wounds - The entrance wound is normally smaller and quite symmetrical in comparison to the exit wound, which can sometimes be ragged with skin, tissue, and muscle and bone damage.....

Exit Wounds - Exit wounds…..are usually larger than the entrance wound and this is because as the round moves through the body of the victim it slows down and explodes within the tissue and surrounding muscle. This slowing down of the projectile means that as it reaches the end of its trajectory it has to force harder to push through. This equates to the exit wound normally looking larger and considerably more destructive than its pre-cursor - the entrance wound. Exit wounds will often bleed profusely as they are larger…..

Ex-agent who tried to shield Kennedys in Dallas motorcade to receive home state's highest honor

BISMARCK, N.D. -- The Secret Service agent who used his body to shield first lady Jacqueline Kennedy the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated will receive the highest honor bestowed by his home state of North Dakota. Former agent Clint Hill will receive the Theodore Roosevelt Rough Rider Award during a future ceremony, Gov. Doug Burgum announced Friday.

Hill was in the Dallas motorcade as a member of the first lady's detail Nov. 22, 1963, when President Kennedy was shot and killed. He leaped onto the back of the presidential limousine to shield the Kennedys from any additional shots.

In 2013, Hill told then-"CBS Evening News" anchor Scott Pelley that Jacqueline Kennedy was reluctant to let go of her husband's body when they arrived at Parkland Hospital. "She had a hold of him, and she wouldn't let go," Hill said.

"So I pleaded with her again and still no response," Hill told Pelley. "And I realized the problem was she didn't want anybody to see the condition he was in because it was horrible. So I took off my suit coat. I covered up his head, his upper back. Soon as I did that, she let go."

The Treasury Department, which oversaw the Secret Service until 2003, honored Hill with its highest award for bravery a month after the attack. Hill, 86, served in the Secret Service from 1958 to 1975 - a span that covered the Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Ford administrations.

"His exemplary record of service at the highest level of national security continues to inspire pride and respect among North Dakotans, and we are deeply grateful for his lifetime of service," Burgum said in a statement. Hill was born in Larimore, in eastern North Dakota, and now splits his time between Virginia and California, according to his spokeswoman.

"It is an honor to be recognized by your home state, and North Dakota has always been my home," Hill said in a statement. "Growing up in North Dakota, the values of hard work, dedication, integrity and the importance of public service instilled in me by my family and community served me well throughout my career."

The Theodore Roosevelt Rough Rider Award is named in honor of the former U.S. president who ranched and hunted in North Dakota and credited his time in the state with preparing him for the White House. Roosevelt led a volunteer cavalry unit in the Spanish-American War called the Rough Riders.

Hill will be the 44th recipient of the award. Some others who have received it include bandleader Lawrence Welk, New York Yankees slugger Roger Maris, NBA player and coach Phil Jackson, western author Louis L'Amour, singer and actress Peggy Lee, newsman Eric Sevareid and former U.S. Secretary of State Warren Christopher.

Burgum, a former Microsoft executive, received the award in 2009, before he became governor. Portraits of award recipients hang in the North Dakota Capitol.

Bismarck, ND (KEYZ) North Dakota native and former Secret Service agent Clint Hill will receive the state’s highest honor, the Theodore Roosevelt Rough Rider Award, Governor Doug Burgum announced today. The 86 year old Hill, who hails from Larimore in eastern North Dakota, was the Secret Service agent who used his body to shield first lady Jacqueline Kennedy the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Hill, a member of the first lady’s detail on November 22, 1963, leaped onto the back of the presidential limousine to shield the Kennedys from any additional shots. Hill served in the Secret Service from 1958 to 1975 under five presidential administrations.

In his statement, Burgum expressed North Dakotans gratitude for Hill’s lifetime of service and noted that ” . . . his exemplary record of service at the highest level of national security continues to inspire pride and respect among North Dakotans.” Hill will be the 44th recipient of the award and joins such notables as bandleader Lawrence Welk, western author Louis L’Amour, singer and actress Peggy Lee, and former U.S. Secretary of State Warren Christopher among others. Hill will receive the award during a future ceremony.

Although Clint Hill claims that the Warren Report is correct, and Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK all by himself, his own eyewitness reports stand as a testament to conspiracy, as he twice saw the gaping hole in the back of President Kennedy’s head.

As every forensic scientist and armchair detective knows, a small wound round wound indicates an entrance wound, and a gaping hole is clearly an exit wound, so the gaping “fist sized” hole in the back of JFK’s head must have been an exit would, not fired from the Sixth Floor of the TSBD. 

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