Thursday, December 20, 2018

First Reports from the San Fran Summit


While I wasn’t there, I did get a half dozen reports from people who were, and this is what I learned.
The highlight of the day for everyone were the two presentations made by Professor John Newman, who updated the report he gave last March on Antonio Veciana, the anti-Castro Cuban terrorist who was seen with Oswald and David Atlee Phillips (aka Maurice Bishop). Veciana was involved in a plot to kill Castro with a bazooka that also implicated the parents of Silvia Odio, who were imprisoned in Cuba when Oswald and two Cubans visited Odio when Oswald was supposed to be on his way to Mexico City.

It should be pointed out that the most recently released government documents indicate that Veciana and Alpha 66 was run, not by the CIA, but by Army Intelligence.

John Newman also repeated a presentation he made in Dallas that definitively portrays Samuel Halpern as the liar he was in implicating the Kennedys  in the assassinations plots to kill Castro. This was the basic background of the aspect of the Dealey Plaza Operation that effectively checkmated RFK as attorney general and kept him from investigating and prosecuting those actually responsible for his brother’s murder.
Both Veciana and Halpern are given chapters and numerous references in Newman’s new book “Into the Storm” – Volume 3 of his multi-part series on the assassination of President Kennedy that should be available now or will be very soon.

According to Lisa Pease: “David Talbot talked briefly about the problems with the media and the need for a venue better than Facebook at protecting our privacy to communicate in. Living as he does in the heart of the high tech industry, he’s talking to people looking for a replacement.”

Lisa spoke about the RFK case, as her book on the subject should be released soon. She showed six seconds of a film slice that’s never been released to the public before that shows one of the long-since-destroyed pantry doorframes – because, as she says, “it’s super clear when you see it that two bullets – and nothing other than two bullets – passed through that wood paneling into the post that we see in the FBI photos (that are labeled ‘bullet holes’).”

Jim DiEugenio talked about how bad Halberstam’s book The Best and the Brightest was, how dishonest he was, etc.

Gary Aguilar got a few jabs at Paul Hoch, which brought him a rebuke from Jonathan Marshall, who is part of the anybody-but-the-CIA-did-it crowd (PDS commented from the sidelines).

Jonathan Marshall put down Kennedy and tried to show he was a Cold Warrior and talked about the contract for an air force plane that he thought proved the Kennedys’ corruption, which Jimmy D took exception to.

Paul Hoch got up to defend himself (for working with yet another lone nut author – (Fred Litwin) with acknowledgements to him and John McAdams) – Litwin acknowledged Hoch and McAdams for instructing him on how to evaluate evidence – excuse me while I puke here.

There were also some reports and presentations on Oswald in Mexico (Not), and Permindex, as well as Jack Ruby’s gun running activities involving Nancy Perin Rich and Eli Davis, who comes into play in the Skorzeny Papers – aspects of which I will be writing about soon.

The more responsible parties involved in the San Fran Summit – led by David Talbot – went out of their way to compose Ten Points of Agreement that they all should have signed on to but I doubt Paul Hoch and Johnathan Marshall will, but most of the others have.

I am posting these Ten Points one every day for the next week at

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