Saturday, December 29, 2018

The Dealey Plaza Counter-Intelligence Operation - Phase One

Covert Operation is defined as: “An operation that is so planned and executed as to conceal the identity or permit plausible denial by the sponsor. A covert operation differs from a clandestine operation in that emphasis is placed on concealment of the identity of the sponsor rather than on concealment of the operation.”

Since the murder of the president in broad daylight could not be a concealed clandestine operation, it was a successfully planned and executed covert operation as it did conceal the identity of the sponsors, at least until now, as we figure it out.

President Kennedy once said that “problems created by men can be solved by men,” and since his murder was perpetrated by men, even though it was meant to deceive, it is a crime that can be solved by men. In disregarding the naysayers who claim that we will never know the truth, resolving this crime is what we have set out to do and can do.

When the assassination of President Kennedy became news, mainly through radio and wire services,  intelligence agency file clerks from around the world began to search their files for any trace of OSWALD, LEE HARVEY, and most of them quickly  realized that whatever happened in Dallas, if Oswald had anything to do with it – whatever happened there was a covert intelligence operation.

Now, to uncover a covert intelligence operation you can’t use normal criminal investigative procedures, as the Dallas police, FBI, Warren Commission, Church Committee, House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA), all lone nut advocates and most conspiracy theorists have tried to do.

Rather than a standard homicide investigation, what is needed is a counter-intelligence operation, one that employs unorthodox and unique investigative techniques that create results that will not necessarily end up in court of law, but one that can determine the truth.  

One of the primary differences between a standard homicide investigation, that assembles evidence of crimes that can be presented in a court of law, a counter-intelligence investigation, by its very nature, assembles evidence by various unorthodox means to obtain information – including wire taps, ostensibly illegal black-bag break ins, mail openings, garbage inspections and undercover agents, and usually this evidence is kept out of a court of law in order to protect confidential and clandestine sources.

Others have already conducted counter-intelligence investigations of the assassination of President Kennedy, including the U.S. Marine Corps, the Office of Naval Intelligence, the CIA and foreign governments, including French Intelligence and the Soviet intelligence services. All of them, while their results were officially suppressed, concluded that one man alone could not have carried out the assassination. Therefore, it must have been a conspiracy.

Since the total truthful story of the assassination must include all of the evidence and information available, normal criminal investigations usually pick a suitable suspect, compile all of the evidence that supports that theory, and inevitably runs down dead end alleys, goes up against brick walls and is side tracked by intentionally deceptive and distracted diversions.

But everything begins to fall into place once you accept the hypothetical assumption that the assassination of President Kennedy was the result of a covert intelligence operation, and standard counter-intelligence procedures are employed to understand it.

The logical question is of course, which intelligence network was responsible for the Dealey Plaza operation?

And why weren’t they pursued like the Watergate and 9/11 perpetrators were?

And now, as we are closing in on those actually responsible for the assassination, and what intelligence network they were affiliated with, we are discovering why no one ever pursued them to the hilt before.


To begin with, there were nearly two dozen Federal Intelligence Agencies in existence at the time of the assassination, and many of them had a presence in Dallas and at Dealey Plaza.

Just looking at those who entered the Texas School Book Depository (TSBD) in the minutes and hour after the last shots were fired, you come up with nearly a dozen different intelligence agencies, federal, state and local.

Among them we can name the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office, the most prolific and pretty much the first agents into the building because they were standing on the sidewalk across the street with their hands in their pockets, ordered to “stand down” in providing security for the President.

The Tampa, Florida Secret Service advance report notes that as part of JFK’s motorcade security there, a week before the assassination, the local Sheriff’s office provided deputies with shot guns and snipers with high powered rifles to stand guard at every overpass along the parade route, and on the rooftops of major buildings, since the only practical counter-sniper weapon is another sniper.

Then there’s the Dallas Police, the FBI, Secret Service, Army Intelligence (ASCI),  Texas Rangers and even the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife, who were apparently meeting nearby at the time, and just happened to witness the assassination and be first responders at the scene of the crime.

Each of those individuals who entered the TSBD in the minutes and hours after the assassination who worked for an official security intelligence agency should have wrote a report on what they experienced, but most didn’t.

One of the attributes of a covert intelligence operation is the intelligence aspect – of knowing everything that can be known about the target and control of the field of the operation – which limits the intelligence networks at the scene, because few of them had complete control over the area at the time, except one – the one responsible for the crime.

While each of these intelligence agencies deserves equal attention, I want to focus first off on those individuals affiliated with the Assistant Chief of Staff of Intelligence (ACSI), who are, among other things, responsible for the Pentagon’s U.S. Army Reserve Intelligence operations, who did have control over the motorcade, Dealey Plaza, the Texas School Book Depository and the communications.

ASCI may not be as familiar an acronym as the FBI and CIA, it’s agents and operatives were all over Dallas and Dealey Plaza and they had the intelligence net that would have given them control of the scene and execution of the crime they called an operation.

It was an operation – a successful surgical strike to the head that killed President Kennedy, conducted by a domestic intelligence network that we can now describe in some detail, as I will do soon.

Stay Tuned. 


mazor said...

Can't wait

Brandon said...

Bill, I'm assuming that this is a continuation and fleshing out of your "Colonels at Dealey Plaza" work. Either way, I look forward to it. I have always wondered if the Joint Chiefs of Staff initiated the coup, along with Allen Dulles. The Joint Chiefs and Dulles decide to act, and they use Angelton and Harvey to successfully redirect elements of AMWORLD, specifically PATHFINDER. This closely mirrors the VALKYRIE plot/plan. I'm not claiming any unique insight, as most of this is information I've gleaned from you, Larry Hancock, Bill Simpich and others. Is this the direction we're heading in, with ACSI moving CIA pieces around the board?

William Kelly said...

Hi Brandon, yes, this is an expansion of my lists of Colonels at DP, but I don't think ASCI is moving CIA pieces around the board, they are all working together, just as Larry, Bill and I are trying to figure all this out. I think we are getting close.