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"Grandmother's on the Roof!" - Head's Up!


“Grandmother’s on the roof!” is the way David Atlee Phillips would put it if he wanted to alert his network of contacts that something BIG was in the works.

“All hands on deck!” and “Man your battle stations,” would be how the Navy would sound the alert, while covert operatives would just automatically go into an “operational mode,” and begin utilizing standard covert operational procedures because the great game was on.

Those who took psychological warfare tutorials from CIA spymaster David Atlee Phillips know the lesson in the joke he told about an immigrant in America who receives a letter from his brother at home saying his beloved cat had climbed up on the roof, fell off and died.

In response the immigrant said not to give him so much bad news at one time and break it down into parts so it is more easily accepted, like first say the cat went up on the roof, and fill in the details in later correspondence.

The next letter the immigrant got from his brother simply said, “Grandmother’s on the roof.”

The lesson being that you know what’s coming.

And that’s what I’m saying, “Grandmother’s on the roof,” – get ready for action because it’s coming, the ball is already rolling, and it’s a snow ball that’ll become a snowman and avalanche as all the dominoes and ducks are lined up in order and ready to go down, one at a time.

First off, be on the lookout for the first duck on Monday – MLK Day, for a major announcement that is just the beginning of an grass roots offensive to garner public, media and Congressional support for wrapping up the unresolved political assassinations of the Sixties – JFK, RFK, MLK and Malcolm X, bringing them to a legal and moral resolution, and do it this year – 2019.

As David Talbot, who organized the drafting of the Ten Points of Agreement, has said,“We’ve been dead in the water for years. There are a lot of things going our way that are giving us an opportunity to act. There’s a new spirit in Washington - we have a new Congress, this is not an election year, and the time is right for us to take advantage of these things – this is our year! We have some ambitious projects on the table so we can make waves, and make a year-long commitment to try to move the needle.”

After weeks of backstage maneuvering and hammering out the Ten Points of Agreement - with over a dozen of the finest researchers and writers fine tuning the wording, David came out and posted: 
"You might be wondering where the hell I've been for the past couple of weeks. I've been working hard with a group of prominent Americans on a major joint statement that is aimed at reopening the assassination cases of President Kennedy, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy -- those four titanic acts of political violence in the 1960s that disastrously changed the course of American history. Over 60 leading citizens have signed the statement so far -- it's a very impressive list and you'll be surprised by some of the names. You too will have a chance to add your name to this historic petition. The joint statement will be released on Sunday, the day before Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Please come back to my FB page that day for the full story." 

While I didn't contribute to the working of the Ten Points of Agreement, I was part of the negotiations and backchannel maneuverings, and I assure you it was not an easy process but only accomplished by David Talbot's determination and persistence.

From what I gather, we are going to go on the attack on many fronts, with different weapons, setting wild fires up and down the line, so many they can’t put them all out, and you can be a part of it, on the right and winning side. 

As I said in my Dallas presentation in November, there are many reasons to be optimistic we can resolve the JFK case to a legal and moral certainty this year, if only the effort is taken.

The first in the line of fire is the Ten Points of Agreement – a solid manifesto that is historically reminiscent of Martin Luther King nailing his manifest to the church door


-          10 Points of Agreement – w/ 5-part Media Package
-          Source Notes for each Point of Agreement
-          Essay by Adam Walinsky on the damage done to American life by the four major assassinations, and how these leaders continue to create “ripples of hope.”
-          Push for reopening of RFK assassination investigation.
-          Summary of CIA and Government resistance to opening of JFK assassination files in full.
-          Get Congressional Oversight hearings of JFK Act.
-          Dan Hardway on JFK Act oversight and Lesar’s statement on focus on Congress.
Among the other things going our way are:


-          Rob Reiner has a major TV documentary series coming out;

-          A PBS Documentary is in the works on the four major assassinations;

-          Lisa Pease has a new book on the RFK assassination – “A Lie Too Big To Fail;”

-          There’s a serious request for the reopening of the RFK murder – possibly working with the Innocence Project to free Siran because of the flawed forensic evidence and unreliable eyewitnesses;

-          As RFK, Jr. has put it, there’s a need for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission – ala South Africa, to deal publicly with the assassinations;

-          There’s a new Congress – and there’s a call for Congressional Oversight of JFK Act – with a new sympathetic chairman Elijah Cummings (D. Maryland) capable of scheduling oversight hearings;

-          There’s a new Democratic District Attorney of Dallas County, who may be sympathetic to reviewing such cold cases as the murders of President Kennedy, JD Tippit and other unresolved cases of that era;

-          Congress passed and President Trump signed the Cold Case Records Review Act, based on the JFK Act that requires the release of investigative records on unsolved civil rights cold case homicides of the 50s-70s, which could include MLK and Malcolm X;

s     Sunshine Week - March 2019 can be focused on the still secret records in the assassinations; 

       November 22, 2019 is a Friday, just as it was in 1963, and the Moment of Silence should be especially significant, and the November in Dallas conference a good time to take in all of what was accomplished as an After Action Report and plan for continued action in the next year. 
-          And a number of other programs and projects are in the works but we are not going public with yet, as we don’t want them to be sidetracked or hijacked.

The bottom line is we have a crack in the door we can shine a light through, and if we gather enough power we can kick the door open and see what’s inside.

The thing about Truth and Reconciliation is the reconciliation part – that says nothing about justice, only coming to a realization of the truth, acknowledging it, and deciding how to move on.

The Press Release and Ten Points of Agreement will be posted in advance on some Social Media later tonight or early tomorrow,  so Stay Tuned. 

All the best, 

Bill Kelly 

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