Monday, April 8, 2019

Case Study No. 5 - Volkmar Schmidt


Volkmar Schmidt was a German oil geologist who was working in Canada when I talked with him at length over the phone and with his permission, recorded the conversation. 

I got his phone number from Betty McDonald, a Magnolia Oil company secretary who attended the party at Schmidt's home that George deMohrenschildt had set up specifically for Michael Paine to meet Lee Harvey Oswald. 

While Schmidt was one of the hosts of a Dallas house party set up for Oswald to meet Michael Paine, Paine was a no-show and didn’t make the party, but Oswald talked for hours with Schmidt, and Oswald's wife Marina met Ruth Hyde Paine, Michael's estranged wife, and they became fast friends until the day of the assassination. When asked why she refused to see Ruth Paine Marina said because the Secret Service warned her not to, as she was connected to the CIA, as her sister worked for them. 

In his two hour long conversation with Oswald Schmidt acknowledge to me that he used a “reverse psychology” technique on Oswald taught to him by a German psychologist from Heidelberg who knew some of those who were involved in the German military plot to kill Hitler.

 Schmidt said he talked to Oswald about General Walker, and suggested that Walker was a fascist who should be assassinated before he got too powerful, much like Hitler should have been killed, specifically mentioning the July 20, 1944 failed attempt to kill Hilter. Schmidt said he felt guilty for planting the seed in Oswald to shoot Walker, and he felt bad every time he drove through Dealey Plaza.

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