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The US Air Force at Dealey Plaza

The US Air Force at Dealey Plaza

As I had previously done with the Navy and ONI, my purpose here is to examine the US Air Force connections to the Dealey Plaza Operation and look closely at Air Force Chief of Staff General Curtis LeMay. 

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As far as the Air Force goes, I compiled a list of Air Force connections to the assassination and came up with:

1)      The accused assassin’s half-brother John Pic had previously enlisted in the USMC Reserves, as both his brothers had, and had served in the US Coast Guard in New York City when his mother and Oswald stayed with him for a few months. At the time of the assassination John Pic was in basic training in the Air Force at Lackland AFB in Fort Worth.

2)      Ed Lansdale, the CIA’s proponent of unconventional warfare, and head of the anti-Castro Mongoose program, was officially a General in the US Air Force.

3)      Watergate burglar Frank Forini Sturgis was not a CIA agent, as they denied after Watergate, but was run by Air Force Intelligence out of the US Embassy in Havana because his close associate Diaz Lanz was head of the Cuban Air Force.

4)      Air Force One and Executive flights were all under the command of the US Air Force.

5)      Air Force General Charles Cabal, the brother of the mayor of Dallas, was responsible for the air support at the Bay of Pigs, and was relieved of his command upon the failure of that operation.

6)      LBJ’s chief military aide, Colonel Howard B. Burris, Jr. was Air Force Colonel. 

7)      USAF Colonel Lowry, who associated with Guy Bannister and David Ferrie’s New Orleans crew, was the pilot of the "Looking Glass" Command and Control plane that was over Dallas at the time of the assassination.

8)      Air Force Chief of Staff General Curtis LeMay is on the short list of those who hated the President and had the power to kill him and get away with it.

9)      The sling on the rifle found on the Sixth Floor of the TSBD, said to have been used to kill the President, no was from a USAF sidearm holster specifically designed and used by SAC bomber crews on orders of General LeMay. 

10)  LeMay, unlike most of those who serve on the Joint Chiefs of Staff, did not graduate from a service academy but rather became an Army Air Corps officer after graduating from the Ohio State ROTC program.

11)  LeMay was the temporary chairman of the Joint Chiefs on September 24, 1963 when they were briefed by CIA’s Desmond FitzGerald on covert operations against Cuba and the CIA’s “detailed study” of the German military’s Valkyrie plot to kill Hitler the CIA was adapting for use against Castro. 

12)   Another Ohio State Air Force ROTC program student, folk singer and protest song writer Phil Ochs, was told to go to Dallas and Dealey Plaza to witness the assassination as a “national security observer.”

Arthur Young, the inventor of the Bell Helicopter, referred me to a book on UFOs by Lt. Col. Wendell Stevens USAF (Retired), who told me his interest in the subject began when he was assigned by the Air Force to Project Blue Book at Wright-Patterson Air Force base in Dayton, Ohio. When I asked him who was his commanding officer, he said, Well - that would be General Charles Cabell.

Air Force Captain Ralph Ganis purchased from an on line auction the private papers of former Nazi commando Otto Skorzeny, and from them recognized the extent of Skorzeny's intelligence network that extended into Dallas and was entwined with the Dealey Plaza Operation.

The Downtown Ford-Mercury car dealership was owned by and included a sales manager who were both retired Air Force Colonels.

Air Force Colonel Lowry, commander of the "Looking Glass" Command and Control unit, associated with the Banister-Ferrie crew in New Orleans, and gave a base pass to US Army Reservist Thomas Beckman.

The Air Force gave Collins Radio a contract to study the effects of "Parallax," a visual condition that often confuses pilots.

Witnesses say that Lee Harvey Oswald, in a USMC uniform, flew out of McGuire Air Force Base, NJ to Europe on the first leg of his defection. 

And, oh, yea, the Warren Report narrative was written by official Air Force and Pentagon historian Alfred Goldberg, who also wrote the chapter on debunking conspiracy theories.

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Idon't blog, just read said...

Excellent Bill.Prof. John Newman came to our college on the West Coast in '92. Someone asked him about LBJ being involved and he said" If you accuse someone of murder you better damn well have the evidence". Boy those are wise words.Personally, I start getting highly suspicious when you get to about 5 things on someone, and in your post here there are a few too many coincidences for my liking. I can think of a couple more that are very intriguing,but don't want to speculate on AF. Interesting that most of the AF connections are at a high level. You are the only one I've seen that has also mentioned ONI, and most of those are at a lower level. Would be very nice if someone could tie those ONI connections to high level Navy potential involvement.That's the most important thing is solving the case, or at least getting hard evidence on a couple key/top people. It seems to go around and around like was Crisman involved? Maybe maybe not. What the hell did he know? Same for Loran Hall,Thornley, and all the mystery men with a different answer depending on who you ask. Facebook Discussions and chat boards have become very tiresome. we need The Great Leap Forward.

William Kelly said...

Yes IDB - I'm trying my best to take that GLF.