Thursday, October 3, 2013

Other Suspects

Vincent Bugliosi and others have made the claim that there were no other suspects than Lee Harvey Oswald.

Well that's certainly not true, as there were and are a number of other suspects in the assassination of President Kennedy.

Just off the top of my head I can come up with a half quick half-dozen:

1) John Martin. Not "Jack Martin" of New Orleans, or the Martin who took the film, this John Martin was from Northern Louisiana, a young guy who was part of a religious cult and was wanted by Secret Service agents at the Trade Mart in the immediate aftermath of the assassination. The SS at the Trade Mart contacted the Special Agent in Charge of the New Orleans SS office - John W. Rice, who was in the office of special investigations at the Air Force base near Schrieveport at the time of the assassination. Rice was ordered to do a quick background check in the hometown of John Martin, which effectively sent him on a wild goose chase for the rest of the afternoon. When Rice got back to New Orleans, they didn't need his info on Martin any more but wanted to know all about Lee Harvey Oswald. Who was and what happened to this John Martin?

2) Joe Molina - Worked in the credit department - a white collar job at the TSBD. Dallas Police Special Service Unit - Jack Revel, Ganaway, et al., raided his home at 2 o'clock in the morning to question him about his membership in subversive leftist organizations and take any literature and correspondence he had. Molina was the only TSBD worker fired because of the assassination.

3) The three or four North Texas State college students who were identified by news photos of them attacking UN Ambassador Adlai Stevenson when he was in Dallas for UN Day a few weeks before the assassination. An undercover Denton, Texas policeman tried to "infiltrate" this group who were also associated with Gen. Walker, their photos were circulated to all SS agents at the Trade Mart and they may have been arrested if they planned a demonstration. One or two of these radical right wing students was belatedly arrested for attacking Stevenson and was in court over it.

4) James Parrott. On the afternoon of the assassination, George H.W. Bush dropped a dime on one James Parrott, saying that Parrott threatened the president and he considered him suspect. Parrott is still a Republican party official in Texas.

5) Ed Lansdale, the former CIA - USAF PsyOps General, one time head of Mongoose, possibly registered at the Fort Worth hotel and photographed with the Tramps at Dealey Plaza a few hours after the assassination.

6) William Harvey, CIA official, America's James Bond, former head of Task Force W and Johnny Rosselli's CIA case officer, CIA COS Rome and legal counsel to Bobbs-Merrell publishers (who maintained an office in the TSBD), Harvey packed a .38, suspected Kim Philby a KGB agent and hated RFK.

7) James Jesus Angleton, CIA counter-intelligence official, office of Security, manned the Israel/MOSSAD desk, friend and mentor of Kim Philby, maintained separate files on Oswald since 1950s and was privy to Oswald's Shennagans in Mexico City, which effectively blackballed if not blackmailed all of the intelligence agencies when the assassination went down and Oswald associated with it, regardless of his role. 


Unknown said...

Boris Pash (white Russian} a associate of JJ Angleton
Bill do you see any connection as suspect?

Terry Hildebrand said...

How about James Files, a mafia hit man currently incarcerated, who has apparently come forward to admit his role as one of the snipers firing from the front.

Unknown said...

Puppet master David Rockefeller as the conductor

JonathanToth said...

Frank Sturgis, Mac Wallace, Lucian Sarti, Roscoe White, Charles Harrelson and I gotta admit, that interview from prison with James Files is wonderfully transparent if he's telling the truth.

Lyndon Johnson and his connections in Dallas, George H. W. Bush, E. Howard Hunt and their friends in the CIA, J.E. Hoover and the FBI, Carlos Marcello/Santo Traficante/Salvatore Giancana and the mob, Dan Rather and CBS, Governor Connally and the drivers of the presidential limo.

Allen Dulles, David Rockefeller, Richard Nixon

Terry Hildebrand said...

I agree with the Rockefellers, but I think Nelson probably much more so than David, and also perhaps as the force behind the Watergate scandal that managed to put Nelson in the VP office, and almost the White House with the suspicious attempts on Gerald Ford in 1975. Interestingly, Ford dumps Rockefeller as his running mate in 1976. Too close for comfort? According to what I heard, Winthrop Rockefeller's ex-wife disclosed that the Rockefeller Bros. met twice a year to try to come up with a scheme to put Nelson in the White House. Everyone knows that is what he lusted for.

Don't forget Henry Luce and Claire Booth Luce as probable funders.

Unknown said...

I like to add Rockefeller cousin C Tracy Barnes CIA man incharge of US operations when LHO returned from Russia. Barnes and Pash both responsable for LHO

Unknown said...

Unknown said...

JFK GOT HIS NAME ON hit list when his brother, Joe Jr died or earlier when Kathleen Kennedy married a protestant