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Grand Universal Field Theory of Dealey Plaza

Grand Universal Field Theory of Dealey Plaza - Bill Kelly

It was a revelation to read Steven Hawkings “A Brief History of Time” and Bill O'Reilly's “Killing Kennedy” back-to-back as both try to make very complicated events easily understood by ordinary people by using basic English, common sense and reason.

Sort of like the early comic-current event paperback - “Cuba for Beginners,” and its subsequent off spring, Hawkings and O'Reilly try to easily explain complex subjects, and while Hawkings succeeds, O'Reilly just doesn't get it himself.

For more on O'Reilly see: Killing Bill O'Reilly

Hawking: “Some are uncomfortable with issues like these because they so vividly expose the limitations of human understanding.....It turns out to be very difficult to devise a theory to describe the universe all in one go. Instead, we break the problem up into bits and invent a number of partial theories. Each of the partial theory describes and predicts a certain limited class of observations, neglecting the effects of the other quantities...”

“Today scientists describe the universe in terms of two basic partial theories – the general theory of relativity and quantum mechanics. They are the great intellectual achievements of the first half of the century. The general theory of relatively describes the force of gravity and the larger scale structure of the universe,....while quantum with phenomena on extremely small scales....however, unfortunately, these two theories are known to be inconsistent with each other – they cannot both be correct.”

“These are questions of interest to us all. But modern science has become so technical that only a very small number of specialists are able to master the mathematics used to describe them. Yet the basic idea....can be stated in a form that people without a scientific education can understand. This is what I have attempted to do....”

And Hawkings does a splendid job of describing the evolution of man's knowledge and understanding, from a belief in a flat earth to the round earth being the center of the Universe to the earth revolving around the sun and the sun being a part of the galaxy to the understanding that there are many millions of galaxies in the known, observable universe, and that if the Big Bang theory is true, then time began at that instant and hasn't stood still since.

In the same vein our understanding of what happened at Dealey Plaza should have gone through a similar evolution in accepted knowledge, and just as the two basic theories of relativity and quantum mechanics can't both be correct, JFK was either murdered by one man alone or he was killed in a more complicated conspiracy that we are still trying to figure out.

But instead of taking in all of the important research and investigations that have been held over the past fifty years, Bill O'Reilly stands still in time as if the Warren Commission Report got it right after all.

For starters, if Oswald was the  lone assassin of JFK, wounded Governor Connally and James Tague and then killed Officer Tippit at another location, the crime is technically a spree killing, and if Oswald, the primary suspect did it all alone, he was either crazy or he was the best Lone Wolf assassin in history, and the facts of the case should indicate that. But they don't Oswald wasn't crazy, did not have a clear motive, and claimed to be a patsy, or someone framed for the crime, as some of the evidence suggests.

Just as Hawkings suggests breaking down the issues into smaller parts that can be more easily studied, and some of the problems and issues that divide the Lone Nut and Conspiracy crowds can be mutually resolved.

For instance it should be easily determined if it was possible for one man alone could have done all of the things attributed to him, or whether he was what he said he was, framed as the patsy.

If one man alone did it all then all of the evidence should support that contention and fall into place, but it doesn't.

I think it can and should be determined whether the fatal head shot originated from the front or behind, certainly something that science and physics could determine to a certainty. 

If Oswald was the lone sniper the Dealey Plaza Kill Zone would revolve around him, the center of action in which everything else reacts to, but if can be proven that Oswald was not capable of doing the shooting let alone devising the plan and successfully executing it alone, and was what he said he was, framed as the patsy, then JFK must have been shot by someone else, and suspects other than Oswald must exist – and they do. [See: Other Suspects]

If Oswald was the lone gunman and the assassination was the random act of a madman, then Oswald's personality profile would indicate that he was a paranoid skidzo with psycho tendencies, and his personality would be studied intently by psychologists, but its not. Instead, Oswald fits the Covert Operational Personality (COP) profile – one that fits very defined and unique character traits – including training in foreign language and the crafts and techniques of intelligence, the use of aliases, post office boxes and keeping an apartment separate from the family.

Just as Hawkings says theories and models are used to try to determine the true state of universal affairs, theories and models can be used to better understand what happened at Dealey Plaza.

Hawkins: “A theory is a model, or a restricted part of it, and a set of rules that relate quantities in the model to observations that we make.”

A more general definition of a theory is “the analysis of a set of facts in their relation to one another; a belief, policy or procedure proposed or followed as a basis of action; a plausible or accepted general principles offered to explain a phenomena; a hypothesis assumed for the sake of argument or investigation; an unprovable assumption.”

Just as the flat earth was eventually replaced by the model of the solar system, the Lone Nut scenario that has been used to explain what happened at Dealey Plaza has been replaced by a slew of conspiracy theories, none of which take in all of the known facts, making both models unacceptable, so a new one must be created.

Doug Horne, in his five volume series of books “Inside the Assassination Records Review Board,” calls attention to a book that I recall as a college text book, “The Nature of Scientific Revolutions,” which describes how major scientific breakthroughs occurred, and as with Hawkings, he suggests that while some happened by accident or determination, taking a new and different approach to the problem often provided the new perspective to solve it.

Since we can't really develop a total and complete theory of what happened at Dealey Plaza until all of the evidence, records and documents are in and released to the public by October 2017, we can safely say that neither the Lone Nut nor the Conspiracy Theory works because neither fits all of the known facts.

Besides the Lone Nut and Conspiracy Theory approach to Dealey Plaza, both of which only utilize the facts that supports their basic contentions, there are two other investigative approaches – the Criminal Investigative and Counter-Intelligence CI investigative approach, both vastly different in goals.

The Criminal Investigation, like those usually conducted by the police, seeks to identify forensic evidence and preserve it so it can be used in a court of law, presented to a grand jury and used to indict those suspected of crimes so they can be tried before a judge and jury.

A Counter-Intelligence Investigation CII – is an investigation commissioned to determine the truth that can be known, often operates in secret, and uses unconventional (wire taps and garbage search) and sometimes illegal (break and enter) means to learn the truth.

Both “The Day of the Jackal” and David Atlee Phillips fictional “The Carlos Contract” show how CI -  Counter-Intelligence investigations are properly conducted in attempting to track down a Lone Wolf assassin, “Carlos” being “Carlos the Jackal” who was involved in the German Olympics attack and is now in a French prison, while Frederick Forthsite's novel was made into a popular movie that depicts an attempted assassination on French President Charles deGaul by a clever OAS assassin.

In each case the suspects infiltrates the investigations as soon as they learn of them, and I'm sure the Dealey Plaza clean-up crew will be interested in what is learned about them from any CI investigation, and there have been a number of them – by the US Marine Corps, Hunt Oil and some wealthy individuals have conducted private investigations.

Just as Hawkins breaks down the complicated theories of relativity and quantum mechanics into smaller, more controlled sub models, we have studied the assassination in various parts – the Zapruder film, the acoustics, Oswald's movements, defection to USSR, summer in New Orleans, Mexico City, etc. and concentrate on just one aspect of the case.

The MO – Modus Operandi of Dealey Plaza – the sniper ambush – is a telling sign in itself.

On September 21, 1962 an American security agent interviewed M. Andre Ducret, a high ranking French detective and security officer about an assassination attempt on French President deGaul. “.....Investigation of the August 22 attempt disclosed that the ambush had been organized and directed by a person with military experience and this was immediately noted. The tactics employed were similar to those used by the infantry in attacking convoys....Jean-Marie Bastien-Thiry, the aeronautical military engineer who was...apprehended and who admitted having organized the attempt revealed during the course of his interrogation that if the itinerary followed by the President had been known earlier and more important the line-up of the vehicles, his tactics would have been different and more effective.”

And I believe that it was the same MO – Modus Operatndi that was used at Dealey Plaza – “a military style ambush” that was “organized and directed by a person with military experience,” and the primary suspect, as former US Marine defector to the Soviet Union certainly supports that contention.

In the same vein, I would like to take just one part of the Dealey Plaza puzzle to study, as I think that it cuts to the chase and leads directly to those actually responsible for whatever you believe happened at Dealey Plaza.

Foget for a moment the details of the crime, and look at the case studies we've received that attempt to  blame the assassination on Fidel Castro and Castro Cuban Communists.

The whole idea that there was a planned, coordinated and orchestrated effort to blame Castro is part of what Sen. Richard Schweiker (R. Pa.) called “the fingerprints of intelligence,” and belies that fact that one man alone could not have committed the crime and manipulated the media to consider such an allegation without foundation.

The whole idea that a psych-war black propaganda operation was conducted at the same time as the assassination, many including the alleged assassin, is evidence itself that the assassination was a well planned and successfully executed plot, and one that can be understood even though it was designed with built in covert deceptions to shield the real sponsors of the assassination.

For beginners, such psych war, black propaganda and covert operational techniques are not generally known or utilized except by those who have been properly trained, and therefore the suspects are automatically limited to a small number of potential masterminds who could have pulled off such a feat, men like Ed Lansdale, David Atlee Phillips, E. Howard Hunt, James Jesus Angleton, David Morales, Jake Esterline and maybe a few others who have successfully kept their roles secret, as planned.

We know most about such operations when they fail – such as the Bay of Pigs and Watergate, while the successes – like Dealey Plaza, go without proper investigation.

Grand Universal Field Theory of DP

Stephen Hawking in "A Brief History of Time," says that because the universe is so big the problems associated with understanding it are broken into smaller more manageable issues. "We break up problems into bits and invent a number of partial theories," Hawking says, an approach I want to apply to Dealey Plaza.

Just as the two basic theoretical enigmas - the general theory of relativity and quantum mechanics are incompatible and both can't be correct, the conclusions of the Warren Report or the HSCA Final Report are incompatible and one must be wrong.

Rather than taking either side of an uncompromising debate I suggest a different approach be taken and like scientists answering questions about the cosmos, we break up the Dealey Plaza issues - not only into more easily managed areas - acoustics, ballistics, graphics, medical, etc., but also try to answer more reasonable questions - such as:

1) The direction of the head shot
2) The number of gunman
3) Oswald's role - Sniper or Patsy?
4) Was Oswald on missions to Moscow and Mexico City?
5) Dealey Plaza Modus Operandi - Military style ambush
6) What evidence and records have been destroyed? By who?
7) What evidence and records are missing?
8) How many documents are still being with held?
9) Are there any more records or witnesses out there?
10) Were Psych-War Black Propaganda Programs used at Dealey Plaza?

These are questions that can and should be answered.

And I get into the Psychwar Black Propaganda aspect in the next few blog posts 
 Until relatively recently the earth was the only known planet capable of supporting life, but then scientists detected a means of discovering such planets circling Suns in other solar systems by observing the blinking shadow created as the planet passes through the light of the sun  and voila! - now such planets are  routinely discovered.

Just as astronomers figured out a way to find other planets in the galaxy, I think it's possible to detect and positively identify covert intelligence operations at work even though they are designed to be deceptive and conceal their true sponsors.

We can do this by recognizing and following the deception and cover-story or in the case of Dealy Plaza - the cover stories that continue today to falsely blame the assassination on Castro Cuban Communists.

While those who killed JFK are all probably dead, the intelligence they were affiliated with continues to function and the Castro Cuban Commie cover-story for the Dealey Plaza hit is still being used as an off-the-shelf ready-to-go program that is used whenever such a distraction or deception is needed.

John Hinkley for instance, is now asking the  court to let him go home, the mental illness that led him to shoot President Reagan cured - but was the attack a planned covert intelligence operation?

I don't know, but I submit the evidence that the March 30, 1981 attack at the D.C Hilton was preceded by 18 days by a March 12 Scrips-Howard News Service (SHNS) report "leaked" by the NSA that Castro would try to kill Reagan "like he killed Kennedy."

While this report may be relevant to the Hinkley attack on Reagan it is even more significant in regards to the very detailed and elaborate black propaganda campaign to blame Castro for what happened at Dealey Plaza.