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List of Psychwar Black Prop Ops

                 The Twist Party - just one of dozens of similar Psychwar Black Ops

The Twist Party story, as related by Shenon, Russo and others, is just one of dozens of similar type stories floated like a balloon to see if they would fly, and none of them did, as every single one has been shown and proven false, and its real origin can be actually determined, and most of them trace back to the CIA or some US intelligence source.

As Peter Dale Scott writes:

"In the days after the murders in Dallas, the U.S. Was flooded with dubious stories, most of them swiftly discredited, linking Oswald to either a Cuban or Soviet conspiracy. Those which most preoccupied the FBI and CIA all came out of Mexico. These stories exhibited certain common characteristics."

"1.    They all came from either directly from an intelligence source, or from someone in the hands of an intelligence agency. Nearly always the agency involved was the Mexican DFS or secret police. The DFS, along with the Nicaraguan intelligence service, which was also a source, were under CIA tutelage."

"2.    The Stories changed over time, to support either a pro-conspiratorial hypothesis (“Phase One”) or a rebuttal of this (“Phase Two”)."

"3.    The Warren Commission was led to believe that the “Phase One” stories were without basis. In fact a number of unresolved anomalies suggest that behind them was some deeper truth, still not revealed."

"4.    As just noted, the two main sources, Silvia Duran and Gilberto Alvarado, gave varying stories while detained by the DFS. Of the two, Duran was actually tortured, and Alvarado reportedly threatened with torture... In retrospect, these stories should not have been taken seriously. In fact the CIA was able to rely on them, not as a source of truth, but as a source of coercive influence over the rest of the government. It will help us to understand what was going on if we refer to the stories, not as 'information' or even as 'allegations,' but as MANAGED STORIES. To say this leaves open the question of who were the ultimate managers – the DFS, U.S. Officers in Mexico, or higher authorities in Washington."

"The full history is complex and confused, with many unanswered questions. But nearly all of these managed stories, along with others outside Mexico.....resolve into this simple pattern of a Phase One/Phase Two evolution."

"I do wish to argue that these managed stories, fleeting and insubstantial though they are, were of central importance in determining the outcome of the Kennedy assassination investigation. In succeeding years, furthermore, the discredited 'Phase-One' stories have been revived to manipulate public opinion, even after the CIA and FBI had agreed on a 'Phase-Two' interpretation of Oswald's movements in Mexico City. In 2013, for example, the discredited Garro story of the twist party was revived in a mainstream book by Philip Shenon."

"To this day both 'Phase-One' and 'Phase-Two' versions are trotted out from time to time. These control public perceptions of the Kennedy assassination seize the debate from genuine critics who have less access to the media."


List of Psychwar Black Propaganda Stories Affiliated with the Assassination of JFK

This is not a complete list – merely the top 25 incidents that are capable of being studied closer -

1)    Photographs of Oswald with rifle and pistol and communist magazines that contained articles on anti-Castro Cuban terrorist raids.
2)    Oswald's activities with DRE Cubans in New Orleans in the summer of 1963.
3)    Oswald's visit to Sylvia Odio.
4)    Oswald's visit to the Cuban and Soviet embassies in Mexico City.
5)    Oswald's alleged attendance at a Twist Party in Mexico City.
6)    A pamphlet distributed in the Florida Cuban community in early November 1963  that predicted that “An Act of God” would put a “Texan in the White House.”
7)    Cuban's visit to Parrot Jungle in Miami. [See: Parrot Jungle Incident ]
8)    Two of the last issues President Kennedy delt with before leaving for Texas were the backchannel UN negotiations with Fidel Castro and the discovery of a weapons cache on a Venezuelan beach that appeared to be Cuban support for terrorists in South America.
9)    Seth Kantor, a Scripps-Howard News Service (SHNS) reporter in Dallas during the assassination couldn't understand why his telephone calls from Parkland hospital were being ssealed by the government because “disclosure would reveal confidential source of information.” The source, it turned out, was Hal Hendrix, aka “the Spook,” who fed information on the alleged assassin from Miami.
10)    Joe Goulden egged Dallas Assistent DA Bill Alexander to say that he was going to charge Oswsald with murder “in furtherance of a Communist Conspiracy.”
11)     Dallas PD Special Services Bureau officer Stringfellow sent repot to USAF Strike Command that Cuba may be behind the assassination and “Mary's Box” disappears from DPD.
12)    On the night of the assassination Clare Booth Luce received a telephone call from Julio Fernandez, one of the anti-Castro Cuban commandos she financially supported, who reported to her of Oswald's contacts with the DRE in New Orleans.
13)    In Miami, Dr. Jose Ignorzio, the chief of clinical psychology for the Catholic Welfare Service, contacted the White House to inform the new administration that Oswald had met directlly with Cuban ambassador Armas in Mexico.
14)     In Florida Frank Sturgis is interviewed for the Pamparo Beach Sun Sentinel saying that Oswald had talked with Cuban G2 agents and had been with Cubans in Miami. Donald Freed and Jeff Cohen (in Liberation Magazine) later reported that “Back in Miami a high powered propaganda machine was cranking out stories that Oswald was a Cuban agent.”
15)    Over the years Sturgis would revise this story to include Oswald and Jack Ruby and Castro
In 1976 Gaeton Fonzi interviewed Sturgis who then said he was reminded of a meeting in Havana two months before the assassination that included Raul Castro, Ramiro Valdez, chief of Cuban Intelligence, Che Guevara and his secretary Tanya, another Cuban officer, an American they called “El Mexicano,” and oh, yea, Jack Ruby.”
16)    In Mexico City David Atlee Phillips promoted to CIA HQ the story of a Nicaraguan intelligence agent code named “D” who claimed to have seen Oswald take money from a red haired Cuban.
17)    After “D” discredited a Mexican journalist reported the same things – having seen Oswald take money from a red haired negro Cuban outside the Cuban embassy.
18)    The first time David Atlee Phillips met with Antonio Veciana after the assassination he tried to get Veciana to contact his brother, a pro-Castro Cuban government official, and try to bribe him into saying that Oswald was affiliated with the Castro Cubans.
19)   According to Shenon, Gerald Ford was the only member of the Warren Commission to express the idea that Castro was behind the assassination.
20)    LBJ privately expresses belief JFK after Castro but Castro got him first.
21)    Former Assistant to Army Secretary Joe Califano expresses belief Castro killed JFK.
22)    Sam Halpern expresses belief that Castro had JFK killed and adds the additional twist that RFK personally ran the CIA ops to kill Castro and Castro retaliated.
23)    1980 Scrips-Howard News Service report that Castro trying to kill Reagan as he did JFK. This is the most detailed and easily traced example of a black prop op. [See: SHNS Report ]
24)    Gus Russo wrote two books “Live By the Sword” and “Brothers in Arms” trying to blame the assassination on Castro and contributed to the documentary film by German producer who makes “documentary” that blames Castro for the assassination.
25)    Former CIA officer Brian Lettrel writes a book that attempts to blame Castro for the assassination based on the reports of a defector who claimed Castro had him listen for Air Force One radio transmissions from Texas that day.

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