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JFK Declassified - Fallback to the Original Phase One Cover Story

JFK Declassified - Fallback to the Original Phase One Cover Story

By William Kelly

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The much ballyhooed History Channel Six Part “documentary” - JFK Declassified is a slick but unconvincing piece of propaganda, a classic case of disinformation that mixes some truth with total falsehoods to promote the original Phase One cover-story for the Dealey Plaza Operation – that the Cuban Castro Communists were behind it.

The guys who put together this program, - 21 year CIA veteran Bob Baer and former LAPD lieutenant Adam Bercovici, and a US military intelligence officer who has served in Iraq and Afghanistan – can and should be able to determine the truth. But Baer isn’t interested in determining the truth, and Bercoici is no Columbo, as he worked for the same police department that refuses to investigate and identify the true assassin(s) of RFK.

It is a very distinct psychological warfare operation – promoted mainly by those with close ties to the CIA, and most of whom, as Dan Hardway points out, can be traced directly to one David Atlee Phillips, a CIA propaganda specialist, and Oswald associate.

While they promote the idea they are presenting new information and the files are declassified, I haven’t seen anything new after the first installment, and can tell you that none of what they have fielded so far is from recently declassified documents.

Some of what they say is true however, and can take the real investigation into the total truth onto another level, - such as the fact that Oswald used intelligence tradecraft and acted like he was on a mission, but first let’s dismiss the total falsehoods that are continuously repeated – beginning with the idea that one sniper alone – Lee Harvey Oswald, executed the President by himself.

The truth is that the facts at the scene indicate that Oswald was not on the Sixth Floor of the Texas School Book Depository (TSBD) at the time of the shooting, and that the third class sniper in the window with the white shirt and bald spot was not Oswald, who was what he said he was, set up as a patsy and fall guy in a much larger plot. Oswald’s role – Ozzie Rabbit, was to get the investigators to chase him and pin the tail of the donkey on Castro Communists.

Now whether Oswald was the lone gunman or a patsy, regardless of his role, his basic background and personality profile indicates he has a Covert Operative Personality profile (COP), and as JFK Declassified states – Oswald used intelligence trade craft, therefore, whatever happened at Dealey Plaza was a covert intelligence operation and should be viewed and investigated as such.

It is the military intelligence officer in the program who states positively, and I agree with him, that Oswald followed and utilized intelligence tradecraft – that are used by every intelligence agency, as Allen Dulles clearly states in his book “The Craft of Intelligence,” and not just the KGB and CIA.

Just as John Barron does when he discusses “disinformation,” they only apply it to the Soviets, when in fact the CIA and US military are more proficient in the use of disinformation and black propaganda. As Dan Hardway notes in his review of Antonio Veciana's book – former US Army and CIA officer Paul Linebarger wrote the book on propaganda and disinformation and taught covert operational procedures and intelligence trade craft to David A. Phillips, E. Howard Hunt and Edward Lansdale. Someone, one of Linebarger’s students, taught Veciana and Oswald.

But according to Baer, Oswald’s use of intelligence trade craft – “the kind of trade craft the KGB is known for,” is proof of his meeting with the Soviet intelligence officers in Mexico City - false logic. 

Oswald’s use of such trade craft is only proof that he was taught the trade craft, and was, as the program suggests, supported by an intelligence network, but not necessarily a Soviet or Cuban Communist network – more likely an anti-Communist domestic intelligence agency, such as the CIA or Office of Naval Intelligence.

Baer does go to Mexico City and visits the Hotel Commercio where Oswald stayed, and his military intelligence associate says this is an “out of the way place a tourist wouldn’t go, a place that’s off the radar, and consistent with someone on a mission.”

“I’ve run dozens of similar operations,” Baer says proudly,

Oswald was on a mission all right – but not the mission that Baer is looking for.

In Mexico City they find a CIA “LP” – Listening Post – across the street from the Soviet Embassy, but don’t bother to explain why there is no record of Oswald there – no photos no tape recording, when in fact they routinely took photos of everyone entering and leaving the premises, and had bugged the embassy, which makes Baer conclude that Oswald must have met his secret Soviet contacts elsewhere, where they could not be observed by the CIA.

But the bottom line is Oswald did visit the Soviet embassy, did talk to the Soviet officials and the lack of evidence that he met them elsewhere is not proof that he did.

Baer says he wants to “pressure test” his thesis, by proving that Oswald could have met a Soviet officer at the Bull ring by meeting someone there without his LAPD and military intelligence associate observing him, and he does. That to him shows “Oswald could have met with America’s enemies the KGB undetected by the CIA,” and this brings him “one step closer to proving the Russians KGB were involved in the assassination.”

Baer and company aren't interested in learning or detecting the truth, they are interested in proving a conspiracy theory, an already discredited theory, but one that they persist is possible if not plausible. 

The idea that Oswald had a postcard of a bull ring, and could have met a Soviet intelligence officer there is ludicrous. It has already been established that Oswald met privately with an American bull fighter at the Hotel Luna in Mexico City, and also met with Cuban officials from their embassy at a private “Twist Party,” as Phil Shenon has written a book about. Oswald's possible association with the American bull fighter at the Hotel Luna is also the subject of two books, but former CIA officer Baer fails to even mention them. Maybe he will as I have only seen the first segment of this six part fake “documentary.”

These guys are not even trying to be deceptive – they come right out and tell you that their goal is to establish the false fact that Oswald – the accused assassin – they call him the lone assassin, met secretly with Soviet intelligence officers and had the support of an intelligence network in the course of carrying out the Dealy Plaza operation.

So now, we have established two facts – Oswald used intelligence trade craft and that whatever happened at Dealey Plaza – regardless of Oswald’s role as sniper or patsy, the assassination was a covert intelligence operation designed to shield and protect the actual sponsors.

While Baer and company attempt to blame the assassination on a Communist intelligence network, it is quite clear that they themselves are distorting the truth and falling back on the original Phase One cover story designed as part of the plan to kill JFK at Dealey Plaza.

The Phase One cover story – as Peter Dale Scott has shown, was intended to acknowledge the fact the ambush was a conspiracy, that Oswald was involved and that Castro Cuban Commies were behind the plot. It was a patently transparent cover story that was quickly rejected by LBJ on the night of the assassination – while he was holed up in his Executive Office Building (EOB) vice president’s office. Instead, they adopted the Phase Two – cover story that JFK was assassinated by a deranged lone nut case – Lee Harvey Oswald – the former US Marine defector to the Soviet Union and visitor to the Cuban and Soviet embassies in Mexico City a few weeks before the murder.

Baer says that Oswald knew that he was going to assassinate JFK when he was in Mexico City – but I’m not so sure he knew anything of the sort. So far it has not even been mentioned that Oswald visited the Cuban embassy first before going to the Soviet embassy, so there’s five more installments to go, but we can sense where this is going.

Baer calls Oswald a “Walk in,” as someone who comes in out of the blue and offers information, he mentions “sleeper cells,” and the fact that Oswald had “accomplices.” But he doesn’t bother mentioning the real accomplices we know associated with Oswald – George deMohrenschildt, Ruth and Michael Paine – who transported and kept the alleged rifle used in the assassination, Volkmar Schmidt, who encouraged Oswald to shoot at Walker, Guy Bannister and David Ferrie in New Orleans or any of the White Russians Oswald associated with in Dallas, like Jean deMenil, George Bouhe, et al.

Baer mentions that over 2 million assassination related records have been released so far, but falsely states that “no one has analyzed them – no one has taken the time to look at them,” when in fact they have been read and analyzed by dozens of serious researchers – John Newman, Bill Simpich, Malcolm Blunt, Jerry Shinley, Rex Bradford, Larry Hancock, and none of these people have been consulted or mentioned in this fake “documentary” so far.

How come CIA guys like this get hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce shows that advance fake conspiracy theories, when there's a dozen real, hard working, independent researchers that are digging deep into the records and learning the total truth, can't get a dime in finding or any interest whatsoever in making a documentary that explains what really happened at Dealey Plaza?

Baer says that while he was a CIA officer for over two decades, he obtained the permission of then CIA director George H. W. Bush [ Bush as Director of Central Intelligence — Central Intelligence Agency]  to review certain CIA assassination files, but when he tried to obtain them he was told they were “lost,” and no longer exist, probably a true fact.

“Nothing the CIA does is random,” Baer says correctly. “It’s either a colossal incompetence or an original cover-up.”

“All though the declassified files there is smoke,” Baer says, “I want to find the fire.”

“Oswald had network support,” Baer also says correctly, “and the declassified files will prove it,” but that network isn’t the one he is looking for – it is not a Soviet or Cuban network but a domestic anti-communist network, probably a US military intelligence network, one that Baer does not look for and will certainly not find.

JFK Declassified and the Baer project is very clearly a Phase One cover story – the Castro Cuban Commie fallback position now that the Phase Two – JFK killed by a lone nut has been clearly shown to be false and rejected by the vast majority of people.


W. Green said...

It would be nice if Julian Assange could work his magic on the still classified files. It's remarkable and laughable that the "original cover story" is still being touted.I guess the "limited hangouts" went as far as they could and now the pendulum of truth must swing backward.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Bill, for the nice round-up of subterfuge in this show.

I saw it as well and I was actually encouraged by it. For the first time, a major "mainstream" documentary on the assassination admits the Mexico City affair was never really investigated, Oswald was practicing tradecraft, and that he had all sorts of dangerous liaisons that were never fully investigated either.

They'be been trying to put the clamps down on this case forever and a day, ever since Cronkite and Rather. But this documentary just opens more windows instead.

Obviously a disingenuous effort. But I don't think they realize what they've started.

preferfactstofantasy said...

Once again the History channel has shown that they use a different definition of history than people who want an objective factual view. The History channel is pure propaganda for the alt-right to cover their willingness to commit crimes against governments and their citizens for the profits of the already wealthy. Anyone interested in continuity of cover up since the 1950's need only research the people who started the CIA, the people appointed to "investigate" national crimes where the results always match the story before the investigation starts. International banking and Oil corps.Oswald did not have the authority to change the route of JFK. Oswald did not have control of secret service agents not following protocols for protection. Oswald did not have control of physical evidence such as the limousine which was taken and completely renovated long before Warren Commission started. That car was crucial to number and direction of bullets fired into vehicle. It took place in Texas, there are prominent Texans who gained from the assassination for decades. Names like Johnson, Bush Sr and Jr. How about Ford on the Warren Commission or Clinton who facilitated the CIAS drug/weapons depot in Arkansas for Bush Sr. That is 5 Presidents involved, investigated or benefited from illegal CIA activity.