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The Relevancy of the CIA-Mafia Plots to Kill Castro



 By William Kelly (

“…. the connection between these records and President Kennedy’s assassination are tenuous at best, resting on the Plaintiff’s theory that the Kennedy assassination was motivated by U.S. efforts to assassinate Fidel Castro, efforts that prompted the CIA to study assassination attempts on Adolf Hitler. So this case is two assassinations removed from the assassination of President Kennedy.” – U.S. District Judge Trevor N. McFadden – July 17, 2018

After reading Judge McFadden’s ruling that the CIA completed a lawful search of its records and could not find any trace or references to the “detailed study” they conducted of the German military plot to kill Hitler, I found it hard to believe. Besides the incredulity of the CIA having lost such a study, I was taken aback by two clearly false statements the Judge makes in his ruling.

I don’t know about any of the legal points the D.C. District Court Judge McFadden made in his July 17, 2018 ruling but he is clearly wrong on two key points. He ruled that the CIA fulfilled its legal obligations in response to the Assassination Archives and Research Center (AARC) request for any CIA records on the July 20, 1944 assassination attempt on Adolph Hitler that the CIA was studying in detail in order to use against Fidel Castro.

In that ruling, Judge McFadden was absolutely wrong when he said the assassination of President Kennedy was “two assassinations removed” from the plot to kill Hitler and the plots to kill Castro since neither Hitler nor Castro were assassinated. Only President Kennedy was killed and the Judge was wrong in his assertion that links between the Hitler plot and the murder of the president “were tenuous, at best.”


Before dealing with the less than tenuous ties between the Valkyrie plot and what happened at Dealey Plaza, it is a certifiable fact that the failed CIA-Mafia plots to kill Fidel Castro are intricately linked directly to the assassination of President Kennedy. 

Only Warren Commissioner and former CIA director Allen Dulles knew of the CIA-Mafia plots to kill Castro, but he didn’t share that information with the rest of the Commission and the facts didn’t become public knowledge until the 1970s.


Even Warren Commission staff recognized the serious implications of the CIA-Mafia plots and said so to the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA), as reported in this memo that reads:

Former Warren Commission counsel Sam Stern was interviewed in his Washington Law office on Auguest 22, 1978. Mr. Stern stated that his duties on the Commission involved handling the investigation into Lee Oswald’s background, specifically, the intelligence agencies awareness of Oswald prior to the assassination. Secondly, Stern stated that he had been in charge of evaluating “the efficacy of Presidential protection,” as well as preparing a history of American political assassinations.

Stern stated that had the Commission learned of the CIA-Mafia conspiracies to assassinate Fidel Castro, “we would have gone much more into Cuba, the CIA, and the Mafia. We would have had a whole host of new avenues calling for investigation. And we would have obviously had to develop some new sources of information – other than the agency.”

"I am less certain now than at the time we wrote the Report. Less certain that Oswald acted alone. Actually, I wasn't all that certain at the time. I thought the best evidence supported the final findings, and I agreed with them, but I wasn't tremendously firm or immovable in that, in my own mind. I just thought there were a lot of straws left.....I have become more skeptical about the Warren Commission findings and everything else that is a part of official life, I suppose. Everything has become discredited over the years since 1963. You don’t really believe in things the way you did back then.

Mr. Stern stated that “at the outset we realized that there was no possible way to penetrate any official involvement in a cover-up or conspiracy if there was such complicity.” Stern stated that he and several of his Commission colleagues discussed what they regarded as “the fact that the agencies – the FBI and CIA – could formulate and maintain a cover-up which no one would ever penetrate. We of course did not believe that was so. And I still don’t. But we realized what we were dealing with, in the power of these agencies. Fortunately, we believed they were on our side.”

As Sam Stern has said, if the Warren Commission knew about the CIA-Mafia plots to kill Castro, “…we would have gone much more into Cuba, the CIA, and the Mafia. We would have had a whole host of new avenues calling for investigation. And we would have obviously had to develop some new sources of information – other than the agency.”

Even Warren Commission apologist Vincent Bugliosi, in his book “Reclaiming History,” leaves himself some wiggle room for conspiracy in saying that if there was one, it involved the Cubans.

The first conspiracy theory advanced by the anti-Castro Cuban DRE – Student Directorate – claimed that Fidel Castro was behind Oswald and the “international communist conspiracy,” which was the original Phase One cover-story designed to protect the operation’s actual sponsors.

When LBJ ordered that Oswald not be charged with being part of a conspiracy, the Phase Two – deranged lone nut scenario was adopted as the official version of events. But the Phase One Castro Cuban Commie story was revived when the CIA-Mafia plots to kill Castro became public knowledge.

The revival of the Phase One cover story centered on the idea that Castro knew of the CIA-Mafia plots to kill him, as he certainly did, and retaliated, killing JFK before JFK and the CIA could kill him. 

While that motive seems plausible, it is only promoted by assets of CIA officer David Atlee Phillips. More recently the same debunked theory has been revised by former CIA intelligence officers Brian Lettel and Bob Baer, and their media assets like Gus Russo (Brothers in Arms) and most recently by Phil Shenon (A Cruel and Horrible Act).

But that Castro, Oswald and Cuban intelligence were behind the Dealey Plaza operation has been shown to be false, in fact it can be clearly demonstrated that it is a pre-designed and highly orchestrated black propaganda psychological warfare disinformation campaign.

That is not the way the Dealey Plaza operation went down.

The way it really happened, as former FBI agent William Turner, CIA Cuban commando case officer Carl Jenkins and CIA intelligence officer David Atlee Phillips all explained, President Kennedy was killed by a team of anti-Castro Cubans who were paid and trained by the CIA to kill Castro, but changed their target to JFK at Dealey Plaza.

As former intelligence analyst and security specialist Gene Wheaton put it, “it was convoluted but not complicated.”

In a videotaped interview Wheaton said: “The straight story is that there was a CIA fronted program to assassinate Castro, and Carl (Jenkin's) was in charge of training the Cubans in Miami to assassinate Castro and it was paid for by the CIA. They would go fromTexas down to Mexico  to shoot at convertables, set up watermelons up in the back seat – they called it - triangulation shooting team –  in their own words.”

“According to them (Jenkins and Cubans). They were the ones that diverted the Castro funds and training for their own agenda to snuff Kennedy. It was a paid element – and they were CIA people, but they were training to assassinate Castro, but if you are trained to assassinate one man you can assassinate anybody with that same training..  They were using the paid training program – to divert to get Castro – because of his – Cubans, because of imprisonment of those guys, and the failed Bay of Pigs things, and JFK backing off at the last moment on supporting the Bay of Pigs invasion, they were furious, and still are today – those who are still alive.”

In his unpublished novel The AMLASH Legacy, David Atlee Phillips wrote: "I was one of those officers who handled Lee Harvey Oswald... We gave him the mission of killing Fidel Castro in Cuba... I don't know why he killed Kennedy. But I do know he used precisely the plan we had devised against Castro. Thus the CIA did not anticipate the president's assassination, but it was responsible for it. I share that guilt."

According to Larry Hancock, the author of Someone Would Have Talked, just before his death Phillips told Kevin Walsh, an investigator with the House Select Committee on Assassinations: "My final take on the assassination is there was a conspiracy, likely including American intelligence officers."

So it has been firmly established that the failed CIA-Mafia plots to kill Hitler are intimately entwined with the successful assassination of President Kennedy.

And the murder of the President isn’t “two assassinations removed” from the July 20, 1944 plot to kill Hitler, because neither Hitler nor Castro were assassinated, and all three plots actually merge into one, the one that succeeded at Dealey Plaza.


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