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The Tenuous Links

"The records at issue are only tenuously related to the assassination." - Judge McFadden

The tenuous relationship is not so tenuous if you look at these details more closely and recognize the patterns that develop, as well as the repeated references to the Valkyrie plot throughout the JFK assassination narrative.

This tenuous link is the thread that when pulled unravels the strands of an intelligence network - what Sun Tzu called "the Divine Skein," or Godly Net that is only now coming apart at the seams, allowing us to see how it is connected, recognize it for what it is, and study it like the CIA studied the Valkyrie plot.

After establishing the relevance of the failed CIA-Mafia plans to kill Castro to the assassination of President Kennedy, the CIA's 1963 "detailed study" of the Valkyrie operation to use against Castro comes into more clear focus.

Judge McFadden said the assassination of President Kennedy was two assassinations removed from the July 20, 1944 attept to assassinate Hitler, but in fact, he mispoke, as neither Hitler nor Castro were assassinated, only Kennedy was. So the three assassinations blend together as one.

While we still don't have the CIA records of their study, we can and have conducted our own study of the Valkyrie operation to see how it relates to both the failed CIA-Mafia plots to kill Castro and the successful assassination of President Kennedy.

In making such a comparative study we can see at least five strategic aspects of the Valkyrie plan that were adopted by the CIA in their contingency planning for operations against Castro, and were an integrel part of the plan to kill President Kennedy, integrel aspects not devised by Lee Harvey Oswald.

They are:

1) The utilization of standard covert operational procedures beginning with the issuing of a code word used to refer to the project. Valkyrie was chosen by Colonel Claus von Staufenberg as the code name for the assassination and coup plan to be used against Hitler, as the Valkyries in Nordic myth are the fairies who fly around the battlefield deciding who lives and who dies. The CIA plots to kill Castro had different names - Project Alfa was one, Pathfinder was another. They also operated on a need to know basis, didn't commit anything to paper so there is no paper trail, and only communicated verbally, as demonstrated in the Higgins Memo.

2) The strategic plan is outlined by the Generals and Colonels, but carried out by "boots on the ground" Home Guard soldiers in Germany, disenchanted Cuban army officers (Lanz, Almedia, Cubella) and the Army National Guard security and Army Reserve intelligence officers in Texas.

3) The operation has two phases, the first phase is actually approved by the intended victim - as the first phase of the Valkyrie plan as approved by Hitler called for the use of the Home Guard troops to seize and protect key buildings and facilities in case of a riot or revolt of the foreign slave laborers in Berlin. The second phase was the assassination of Hitler and putting the Valkyrie plan into action.

In the case of President Kennedy, he was asked to approve the plans to remove Castro from power by any means, including assassination, but some of those specific plans, such as Pathfinder, were "disapproved by higher authority," and then turned on that same higher authority. The "Four Leaves" project involving a secret military communications system, was approved by JFK in a NSAM on October 25, the same day Des Fitzgerald briefed General LeMay and the Joint Chiefs on covert operations against Cuba.

4) Control of communications and news reports is an essential aspect of any coup, as outlined in Edward Lutwak's "Coup d'etat - A Practical Handbook," and as von Staufenberg put it so "only the conspiracy speaks." As for control of the news and communications during the assassination of President Kennedy, the CIA controlled most of the major news organizations under the Mockingbird program, especially the AP and UPI wire services, from which most media organizations, radio and TV received the news reports. The strategic military and Air Force One radio communications were controlled completelly by the Collins Radio relay "Liberty" station in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, owned by General LeMay's good friend Arthur Collins.

5) And finally, a key aspect of the plan designed to protect the actual sponsors was to cast blame for the crime on Communists, always convienient in Germany, as well as Oswald and Castro at Dealey Plaza. Even the single reference to the July 20, 1944 plot found among CIA files - the Propaganda Guide on an anniversary of the attack on Hitler, blames Communists for betraying the plan. Even today the CIA's psychological warfare officers and assets like Brien Letell, Bob Bair and Phil Shenon continue to promote the idea that Castro was behind the Dealey Plaza operation.

So there you have five aspects of the Valkyrie plan to kill Hitler that were adapted for use against Castro but diverted to kill JFK in Dallas.

Not so tenuous after all.

Of the five strategic aspects of the Valkyrie plan that were adapted for use against Castro, and redirected to JFK in Dallas, the only part of the plan that wasn't used was the mechanism of death - a bomb. Instead, they  would use snipers with high powered rifles and scopes.

Both Allen Dulles and Hans B. Gisivious were leary about the use of a bomb and were uncertain it would work against Hitler, and they were right.

As an English reader suggested, if the CIA studied the Valkyrie plot to use against Castro, they would also study other historical models of a similar nature - such as the assassination of Archduke Ferdenand in 1917 that sparked World War I, and other WW II assassinations and plans for assassination. Specifically, the assassination of Heidrich and the British plans for assassinating Hitler - Operation Foxley, which they would have shared with the Americans.

In 1944 British SOE (Special Operations Executive) drew up plans to kill Hitler - Operation Foxley, documents kept secret until 1998.

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Like the CIA-Mafia plots to kill Hitler that evolved over different phases, Operation Foxley considered using poison in Hitler's coffee or tea before settling on a sniper shooting him from a distance as he walked through a park on the way to a tea house, something he did on a routine, daily basis.

Detailed maps were drawn up of the area, a team of two operatives, dressed in regular German army uniforms, would carry out the mission, with one serving as a decoy and deception while the first class sniper shot and killed Hitler - "One shot, one kill," is the first class sniper's motto.

Operation Foxley was never carried out, as the documents dated 1944 bear out, because strategic planners decided that Hitler was making disasterous decisions and they wanted him to continue doing so.

The British records also note that the assassination of Nazi official Heidrich in Prague by two British SOE trained partisans, was an a military style ambush on a moving motorcade that was set at a tight turn requiring the vehicles to slow down, much like Dealey Plaza. But because the assassination of Heidrich led to the executions of over 5,000 innocent civilians in retaliation, the blowback was too high a price to pay.

A similar number of Germans were executed in the aftermath of the failed Valkyrie attack, including Colonel von Staufenberg, who deposited the bomb, and a number of Generals, including Rommel, who was permitted to kill himself.

No one has been held responsible for the murder of President Kennedy.

Two German generals involved in the conspiracy escaped retaliation, and were in the Pentagon meeting with the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the time of the assassination of President Kennedy.

Gisivious, with a fake passport sent to him by Allen Dulles and Mary Bancroft, escaped to testify at Nurenberg. When he came to America, as Bancroft translated his manuscript, Gisivioius lived with Tom Braden, then head of the CIA's International Organizations Division. As with other former Nazis who entered the USA under Operation Paperclip, Gisivious moved to Texas to work for a major defense contractor.

On July 20, 1954, Allen Dulles and Gisivioius celebrated the tenth anniversary of the Valkyrie plot over a dinner at a restaurnat in Washington D.C.

It was an anniversary of the Valkyrie plot when the CIA published the Propagandist Guide, that blames Communists for the failure of the plot to kill Hitler, a guide that is redacted in part because they continue to use those techniques today and they must be protected.

While you would think that the CIA would have dozens if not hundreds of records that mention the July 20, 1944 Valkyrie Plot, especially in light of their "detailed study," the total lack of any significant document clearly indicates their files have been purged. 

All matters relted to these issues are missing, records with  only a tenuous link to the assassination of President Kennedy, but it is that tenuous link that is coming unraveled, and books by company assets that blame Castro for killing JFK, and misstatements, wrong rulings and pronouncements by judges in court are not going to stop those disclosures.

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