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Jimmy Hoffa Diogenes - "The Irishman" at Dealey Plaza Part III

“The Irishman” at Dealey Plaza – Part III – Jimmy Hoffa Diogenes 

Greek Philosopher Diogenes - Air Force Code name for wet black covert ops 

There’s one aspect of Frank Sheeran’s story about killing Jimmy Hoffa that rings true and deserves special mention – the alibi.

One of the reasons I dismissed the idea that the mob or Mafia killed JFK was because it was the wrong MO – Modus Operandi – having a sniper shoot someone in the head with a high powered rifle was not the way mobsters operated. They did it the way they portrayed Sheeran doing it in the movie – shoot the guy in the head with a pistol at close range and leave the body to be found as a message to others.

The only counter-point I can come up with – and it’s a Big One – is the murder of Bugsy Siegel, on June 20, 1947, when he was shot with a .30 caliber military M1 carbine through a window and hit in the head twice as he sat on the couch of Virginia Hill’s Beverly Hills home.

While that murder remains officially unresolved, by now we should know who did it and why, but we don’t.
In any case, the Dealey Plaza Operation was a full fledged military style ambush, complete with a deception that permitted the first class sniper who shot JFK in the head – one shot one kill, and was not a mob or Mafia hit, though those guys certainly had something to do with it.

What rings true of Sheeran’s story to Charles Brandt is how he came to Detroit to do the job.

Sheeran says that he was driving Russell Bufalino to Detroit for a family wedding, along with their wives, when they left the girls off at a diner to take care of some business. They drove to a local private airport where Bufalino waited in the car while Sheeran flew to another private airport in Detroit where he drove to a suburban house and met some other connected guys who drove him to a restaurant where they picked up Hoffa, telling him they were going to a meeting – a “sit down” with Tony Pro – a North Jersey made Mafia guy who had a beef with Hoffa.

Hoffa wouldn’t have got in the car if his pal Sheeran wasn’t in it, so they go to the house in the suburbs and Hoffa and Sheeran walk in alone, and when Hoffa suspects something is up and starts to leave, Sheeran shoots him twice in the back of the head and leaves the gun – a Saturday Night Special, with the body, for someone else to take care of. 

Sheeran then goes back to the airport and flys back to Bufalino and they return to the diner to pick up the girls and go on their way to the wedding as if nothing had happened.

Not only does Sheeran have an alibi – he isn’t even in the picture, a diversionary move that protects him.

I had previously wondered - how John Rosselli could testify under oath that he was in bed in a Vegas hotel room when a Hollywood movie producer associate called him to tell him JFK was dead, when he was seen in Dallas at the same time?

And the answer is Diogenes, taking its name from the fourth century B.C. Greek philosopher and Cynic who made poverty a virtue and when asked what he was doing replied: “I am just looking for an honest man,” but found nothing but rascals and scoundrels.

While the shorter video interview with Gene Wheaton talking about his friends and the JFK assassination is better known, Wheaton also did a longer three hour interview with Matt Ehling, a documentary film maker from Public Records Media. He corresponded with and filmed an extensive interview with Wheaton. 

Although most of it concerned Wheaton’s role in the Iran-Contra scandal, he does touch on some interesting things – including the Zeta-Diogenes Program.

Wheaton:  “In Italy, in 1962, I was recruited into … I was approached to become part of an assassination network in the intelligence community. I was there (Italy) from ’61-’63 - as an (Air Force) Office of Special Investigations (OSI) agent working out of Aviano Air Base…In ’62, shortly after the Bay of Pigs fiasco, and the embarrassment of the intelligence community, they … CIA covert operators in conjunction with some people in the Pentagon wanted to set up a secret cell –(a) worldwide cell of intelligence agents that would be called on for, uh, torture, interrogations, and assassinations, if necessary…  I was approached.  A man came out from Washington, talked to me, and described it as … in the Air Force - I don’t know if it was that way in all the services and the CIA - but in the Air Force it was called the Zeta-Diogenes Program, the ‘ZD Program’ for short.  And each agent that was indoctrinated, recruited into it would be given this secret identifier on his master military record in Washington DC, and only another ZD controlling officer would recognize it.  Nobody in personnel or anybody else would know that it was there.” 

Wheaton: “They went looking for young, super-patriotic, guys … flag-wavers … with military and police background …, above-average intelligence … who could work on their own.  Who would do anything for their country. I was approached - because I fit that mold. Conservative. Oklahoma, Big family, Flag wavers, Patriotic.  I had been in the Marine Corps before the Air Force, and I’d been a police officer before that.  And I fit the mold.  Because of the compartmentalization, and so forth, I never knew anybody else in that program, except I knew that General Joe Cappucci had been…for the Air Force portion of this thing. In ’65, I transferred from the Air Force to the Army … I don’t know if I was recruited in or rejected … they just came out and interviewed me, and told me what it was about, and if they needed me, the idea was that you’d be sent on temporary duty someplace, and then you’d disappear and you’d go where you were really supposed to go.  And then come back and your temporary duty would continue, and you’d go back to your regular base.  And they could call these individuals out from all over the world.  They wouldn’t be a team - they’d be individuals. The next time I was specifically approached by this - the next generation of these people - was during 1985, when I was being recruited into Ollie North’s network.”

“…The idea was that you’d be sent on temporary duty someplace, and then you’d disappear and you’d go where you were really supposed to go. And then come back and your temporary duty would continue, and you’d go back to your regular base…”

General Joseph J. Cappucci, head of Air Force Counter-Intelligence, and close friend of J. E. Hoover, at a party at the Rome Hilton in 1969, told his assistant Col. William Henry Amos that LBJ had JFK killed. 

For more on this see: 

While that doesn’t sound too far fetched, it is confirmed by at least one other military man - Sgt. Daniel Brad MacBolan III, who informs us that he too was recruited into Diogenes: “So basically they built this platform which was built on Zeta Diogenes Clear-Eyes. There are five levels with that. I’m a level five. Able to handle other elements within the five membered cell. Its unacknowledged special access programs deep coordinates cell. We are pretty much I guess you would say the darker part of the CIA’s non official cover-type, where you got CIA agents which have a different name. Nonofficial cover are employed somewhere and that’s their day job. And then you turn a key and they become someone else. And go about doing their spooking so to speak. They’re a spook and some may know it and some may not. Most know it because they have to have special training to make sure they’re, they’re extremely careful not to compromise themselves….”

“Non-official cover are employed somewhere and that’s their day job. And then you turn a key and they become someone else. And go about doing their spooking…..”

One of the weak links in this type of covert intelligence operation is the transportation – as Eugne Hasenfras demonstrated when he was shot down in Nicaragua while delivering supplies to the Contras, and Tosh Plumley says he flew Johnny Rosselli from Florida to Dallas when he was supposed to be in bed in Vegas.

And this is why the CIA Operational Files for William Harvey, John Rosselli, Carl Jenkins, Felix Rodriguez, Chi Chi Quentero and others are not available, as they document both the cover jobs as well as the black wet ops that they were involved in, especially in November 1963.

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Brandon said...

do the Wheaton names figure into Zeta-Diogenes? Are you suggesting that the Wheaton names could be elements of a team that get activated to complete a task in Dealey Plaza that ultimately is directed by Air Force Intelligence?

It seems to fit the Military Intelligence ACSI template you've established... a Carl E. Jenkins plan, some of Rip Robertson's contract soldiers, sponsored by Rosselli at least for their time at Point Mary, trained/refined by Jenkins, Harper, Roderick, and redirected to Dallas under a plan run by the military.

French Viking said...

Jack Dragna's driver made a death bed confession that he shot Ben Seigel

William Kelly said...

Brandon, that's where I am going. Follow me to the total truth. And French Viking - did your mother name you that? I will look into that - do you have a name for Dragna's driver or source you can site?