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George deMohrenschildt and the Walker Shooting


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                 George deMohrenschildt and General Edwin Walker 

The shooting of General Walker has been a significant but unexplored aspect of the Kennedy assassination. 

The first mention of Lee Harvey Oswald being a suspect in the Walker shooting appeared in an obscure German newspaper, and had somehow escaped the attention of the entire American press corps. 

Former New York Times reporter Phil Shenon wrote a book – A Cruel and  Shocking Act – about a house party in Mexico City where Oswald was supposed to have been encouraged to kill JFK by Cuban embassy employees. But the historic Oswald wasn’t there at the time, and the idea that Castro was behind the Dealey Plaza Operation was a pre-planned disinformation campaign that failed. Yet, it remains a CIA “active measure” with CIA assets like Shenon and Gus Russo writing books and former CIA agents Brian Latell and Bob Baer writing books and making multi-part TV series on it, even though it isn’t true.

And here we have a house party where Oswald most certainly was encouraged to kill General Edwin A. Walker, and he is accused of attempting to shoot Walker and of killing the President, yet no one seems interested.

Volkmar Schmidt, in a lengthy conversation with Oswald at a Feb. 22, 1963 houseparty, told me he suggested to Oswald that Walker should be killed as Hitler should have been, and specifically mentioned the July 20, 1944 attempt to kill Hitler.

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Oswald gave deMohrenschildt a copy of the backyard photo that Marina had inscribed: "Hunter of Fascits, Ha, Ha!" 

Former CIA official Rolf Mowatt-Larssen is not your typical former CIA officer.

Larssen, in his November 2019 CAPA presentation in Dallas and in the recently released Japanese documentary film, breaks from the traditional CIA response to conspiracy allegations by blaming Castro. Instead he postulates Oswald could have been recruited as a covert intelligence operative by a rouge element in the CIA. Larssen says that the Walker shooting was the type of thing that the CIA would look for to blackmail a person to do their bidding, and he thinks that was possible with Oswald after the Walker shooting, IF the CIA were aware of Oswald’s role. And not so big an IF after all.

After leaving Dallas, and on his way to Haiti to work for a year for Papa Doc, George deMohrenschildt met with some CIA agents in New York City in the offices of John Train, an official responsible for running CIA propriety companies, like airlines (Air America) and publications (Paris Review).

Among those he met  CIA officer Thomas Devine (WUBRINY/1), a former partner in Zapata Oil with George H. W. Bush, a partner in the investment firm of Train, Cabot and Associates.

Did deMohrenschildt tell them the most significant piece of intelligence he possessed? –Tthat Oswald had a rifle and took the shot at Walker.

After meeting with the CIA in New York City deMohrenschildt went to Washington D.C. where he met with Dorothie Matlack and Colonel Sam Kail of military intelligence, specifically ACSI – Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence. Kail was the Army liasion officer at the American embassy in Cuba when Batista fled and Castro assumed power. Kail worked closely with David Atlee Phillips and “Maurice Bishop” told Anthony Veciana to contact Kail. John Newman says that the recently released records indicate Veciana was operated, not by the CIA but by Army Intelligence. And Colonel Frank  “Brandy” Brandstetter, the manger of the then brand new Havana Hilton, was a US Army Reserve officer officially in Col. Jack Crichton’s 488th USAR Intelligence unit in Dallas, but he acknowledged that he reported directly to ACSI in DC, specifically to Dorothie Matlack. 

After Batista fled on New Year’s Eve 1959, Dr. Rolando Cubella of the DRE took over Batista’s office but Castro, when he got to Havana, accepted Col. Brandy’s officer to stay in the Penthouse of the Havana Hilton.

Did deMohrenschilt tell the CIA's Devine or ACSI officers Col. Kail and Dorothie Matlack that Oswald had a rifle and took a shot at Walker?

Matlack said that deMohrenschildt discussed "hemp," and wanted to overthrow Papa Doc and help install a friend in power in Haiti. 

When Marina testified before the Warren Commission she was asked about the Walker shooting she said he admitted as much, and said that he did it because Hitler should have been killed too, specifically mentioning Hitler. 

She also wrote “Hunter of Fascists!, Ha, Ha,” on the backyard photo given to deMohrenschildt.

And Colonel Dr. Jose Rivera (USA Reserves), who was stationed at Fort Detrick, Maryland, knew Oswald was involved in the Walker shooting and knew Oswald’s address in New Orleans before Oswald himself knew where he was going to live. (See: Adele Edisen for details). 


Sletten Mienskip said...

There is an earlier suggestion that Oswald could be connected to the Walker shooting. On the 23rd of November 1963, a reporter ask Jesse Curry "Is there any connection yet between this and the firing at Major General Walker?". According to the LaFontaines (quoting Dick Russell, but I don't have a copy of that book), DeMohrenschildt visited Igor and Natasha Voshinin after Easter in '63 and told them that Lee took a potshot at Walker. And there is ofcourse J. Walton Moore, who must have known. Didn't DeMohrenschildt tell Epstein as much in '77? Then there is the Martin film that you are aware of. So people around Walker knew who was going to get the blame, or who was supposed to get the blame.

William Kelly said...

Thank you Sletten Mienskip, I did not know deMohrenschildt had told Voshinin or J. Walton Moore.

Unknown said...

What’s more Mrs Voshinin said she called the FBI and told them,