Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mary Ferrell's Files on Collins Radio

Mary Ferrell had the most comprehensive index of government records on the assassination, including name and subject files that include the following information on records related to Collins Radio. Many thanks to Rex Bradford for scanning Mary's records and making them available on line.


Miami, FL
CD 59 (5); CIA 1227-512 (1) The Fish Is Red, Hinckle & Turner (361)
Re: “No Name Key” people; dropped “N” from last name and wrote “CIA-Mafia Link.” Miami attorney who has radio program. Hemming, Collins, Davis, et al, appeared on his radio program 11/22/65 (?)

300 East Greenbriar (Trailer Court), Dallas, TX
CD 1085 (1-2)
Pro-Castro (?); member of Cuban groups; worked at Collins Radio. (Note: The Rex, one of the CIA boats used in raids on Cuba, was leased to Belcher Oil and then to Collins Radio.

Miami, FL
New York Times, 11/1/63 (1); NY Times, 11/3/63 (40); The Dallas Conspiracy (Unpubli. Mss.) P. Scott (VIII, 16-8, 24; IX 30); Crime & Coverup, Scott (30); The Fish Is Red, Hinckle & Turner (146); They’ve Killed the President, R. Anson (268); Government by Gunplay, Blumenthal & Yazijian (164-5)
NY Times, 11/1/63 (1) printed a picture of a 174-foot vessel, The Rex, a CIA ship in the Caribbean, registered out of Bluefields, Nicaragua, but operating out of West Palm Beach, FL. NY Times learned that the Rex had been bought by J.A. Belcher of Belcher Oil Co. in Miami, from the Somoza-owned Paragon, Co. (related to Paragon Air Svs., a CIA dummy corp.). Belcher leased the Rex to Collins Radio International of Dallas.

Miami , FL
The Dallas Conspiracy (Unpub. Mss.) P. Scott (VIII, 16-8, 24; IX 30); Crime & Cover-up, Scott (30); The Fish is Red, Hinckle & Turner (138). Owner of The Rex, a CIA ship in the Caribbean. Belcher’s books showed they acquired it from the Somoza-owned Paragon Co. (related to Paragon Air Svs., a CIA dummy corp.) Belcher leased the Rex to Collins Radio International of Dallas.

Farmers Branch, TX (Suburb of Dallas)
WC Vol. 9, p. 253; HSCA Vol. II, p. 314; HSCA Vol. XII, pp.62, 188-194); Legend, Epstein, pp. 175, 177, 183.
Retired Admiral; when he retired from Navy, he became Vice President of Collins Radio; friend of George DeMohrenschildt who urged the Brutons to provide a home for Marina Oswald; Bruton’s wife, Frannie, was ex-school teacher and wa a talented artist. They had a son whose friend, Philip Weinert, also met the Oswalds.

1200 N. Alma Road, Dallas, TX (214) 295-9511
The Fish Is Red, Hinckle & Turner (138); CD 205 (369-75) The Rex, CIA ship, was leased to Collins Radio in October 1963; Carl Mather, Tippit’s neighbor on Glenfield, was employed at Collins Radio. Mather was questioned re his auto’s strange movements in Oak Cliff as reported by Wes Wise; when police arrived at Tippit’s home 11/22/63, Mather’s car was in Tippit’s driveway.


Miami, FL
CD 59 (5)
In Dec. 1962, Jerry Patrick Hemming, Steve Wilson, LeRoy Collins & Chas. R. Ashmann appeared on his radio program; interviewed re: Cuban activities at No Name Key, FL; it was believed Oswald called in near end of show.

3382 Southern Oaks Blvd., Apt. D, Dallas, TX
CD 206, p. 124
Formerly worked in the Graphic Arts Department, Texas Employment Commission. By January 2, 1964, he was working for Collins Radio, Dallas.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa
CD 7 (722-24)
Employee of Collins Radio Corp. Questioned re David M. Whitney

3622 Binkley, Apt. C., Dallas, TX
CD 913, pp. 139-140
Engineer, Collins Radio; made “remarks” about JFK at Maria Morrison’s home.

1963: 2012 Glenfield, Dallas, TX; 12/3/63; 4309 Colgate Lane, Garland, TX; 1994: Rt. 1, Box 40-3, Overton, TX 75684
1963: (214) BR 6-8214; 1994: (903) 834-7281
CD 205, pp. 369-375
DOB: 10/22/27. Former neighbor of J.D. Tippit; employed at Collins Radio Co. in Richardson, TX; questioned re his auto (1957 Plymouth license PP4537) at El Chico, (re Wes Wise) then same car at Tippit’s home 11/22/63.

Dallas, TX
Dallas Times Hearld, Wed., June 1, 1983, p. 4-D
DOB: 1917; he won a number of awards for his filming of events related to assassination of JFK. Came to Dallas in 1959 and went to work for Collins Radio Co. Joined WFAA in 1961 as a cameraman. Filmed capture of LHO and also killing of LHO. Died Mon. May 30, 1983. Survivors: wife: Sheena Gordon Reiland and daughter: Rahnee Reiland of Dallas; a son: Robin Reiland of Houson.


corkpuller said...

Oswald called in on the radio show?
That would be interesting to listen to...

William Kelly said...

Yes, and he called in on the radio show out of Florida on the Cuban situation, and he also called in on a New York AM radio talk show hosted by Long John Nebel, who later became the husband of Candy Jones, the model who became a CIA MKULTRA victim.

corkpuller said...

I have the candy jones book,The Control of Candy Jones, an important tangent in the world of MK ULTRA, since it's a successful mind control operation.
Does a recording of the Florida call in show exist?
I am sure others would Ike to hear it.

William Kelly said...

I don't know if the show was taped but if you find it let me know. The South Florida Research Group should know the answer to that one.

Linda Minor said... --- "There are now at least 6 generations of Belchers living in the South Florida area, all stemming from Samuel Anthony Belcher. They are all scattered from Miami to Ft. Myers and on up into Central Florida.
The name is still carried on by Samuel Anthony Belcher IV.
Edwin Newton Belcher, Sam Jr's brother has also carried his name to Edwin Newton Belcher III.
Margaret Belcher was a sister to Edwin Newton Belcher, Jr. and John Anthony Belcher, daughter of Edwin Newton Belcher.
Harold Louden Belcher served in WW II and died without any children.
All the Belchers were avid hunters and fishermen and they all had boats and were to be found, anywhere from the Bahamas to the Florida Keys where they also had a house on Islamorado as a base.
They worked hard and they played hard and they are still going strong.
Jane Watson Belcher"
E-Mail link at above url. Maybe she knows something.

William Kelly said...

Linda, do you know if the Florida Belcher Oil company family are related to Mae Belcher, who owned Belcher Oil in Dallas, possibly a service station, who David Ferrie made telephone calls to?