Saturday, July 14, 2012

Kelly on Corbett Report Radio

I recently appeared as a guest on the Corbett Report to talk about the state of the JFK Assassination Records. Jim Corbett is a very knowleable researcher based in Japan, but his show is worldwide andd he  has a good following. I will try to transcribe the interview and post it here ASAP.

The Corbett Report | Corbett Report Radio 173 – The JFK Records with Bill Kelly

Please sign and pass this petition on to others you know who support open records and government transparency or have a special interest in the JFK Assassination records. - BK

Petition: Office of Information Policy and Regulatory Affairs: Release the secret JFK Assassination Records |

Two years ago the National Archives promised the American public that it would release thousands of pages of still-secret JFK assassination records by the end of 2013. The National Archives, at the behest of the CIA, reneged on this promise. This is contrary to President Obama's pledge to have the most open administration in history and makes it impossible to have a full and open debate when the 50th anniversary of the assassination occurs in less than two years on November 22, 2013.
 A half-century of secrecy is enough.  Free the JFK assassination records now!
Assassination Archives and Research Center (AARC) AARC - Assassination Archives and Research Center

We have set up an account to take donations for a full page ad that will include the petition and ask for Congressional oversight of the JFK Act.
Donations - COA

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