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Discovering and Recovering Missing JFK Assassination Records

The Great JFK Scavenger Hunt is On!

What gems of the missing and secret Family Jewels are still out there, in a basement file, in a box in a garage or attic or suitcase under a bed or in a closet?

Maybe its owner has died and it has been passed on to unknowing relatives who don’t even know its there?

Not real gems, but historical documents, records and artifacts related to the assassination of President Kennedy.

It is quite apparent that with the discovery of the previously unknown Clifton copy of the Air Force One transmission tapes and the acknowledgement by former Secret Service agent Gerald Blaine that he had copies of the Tampa advance reports that were said to have been destroyed, some historical records have escaped destruction and there are still significant government records related to the assassination of President Kennedy that are still “out there.” 

- List of Missing Records and Artifacts

Top Ten Missing Items 

1)      The original, unedited reel to reel audio tape recording of Air Force One radio transmissions on November 22, 1963. An edited cassette version was released by the LBJ Library in the late 1970s and a longer, but still edited version was recently recovered from among the effects of US Gen. Clifton, the President’s military aide.
2)      Complete transcript of the unedited audio recordings of AF1 radio communications on November 22, 1963. This document was known to exist because a number of journalists, including T. White and William Manchester, were permitted to read it while visiting the LBJ White House and former JFK cabinet member Pierre Salinger was permitted a copy while writing his memoirs.
3)      The ONI records related to the assassination of ONI Director Rufus Taylor, who is known to have exchanged extensive memos and letters regarding Lee Harvey Oswald, his navy career and activities in Texas and Louisiana previous to the assassination. Although samples of documents of Taylor’s assassination files have been located and released from the files of other agencies, the Navy maintains that they could not locate any of Taylor’s records related to the assassination. This might take a WikiLeaks type of insider cooperation or someone who maintained them or some of them.
4)      RFK’s datebook diary for the year 1963 is missing from the records of RFK’s secretary at the JFK Presidential Library. This had to take someone very connected to purloin and for good reason – most likely to conceal RFK’s meetings and phone conversations with anti-Castro Cubans in the months and days leading up to JFK’s murder. The suspects are limited as to who took this and has it today, if it wasn’t destroyed.
5)      George DeMohrenschildt’s film and report to the government of his 1961 walking tour of central America where he stumbled across the anti-Castro Cuban commando training camp of those destined for the Bay of Pigs. DeMohrenschildt says he filed a report to a US government agency about this trip, and even asked President Kennedy to write the forward to the book version of the report, but it is not among the government’s assassination, and neither is the home movie type film of the trip.
6)      The film clip of the anti-Castro Cuban commandos training at a Louisiana camp, which former House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) investigator Tannenbaum viewed after it was retrieved from the library at Georgetown University. Tannenbaum believes that Oswald and David A. Phillips can be seen in the film, which is not among the government’s records today.
7)      The “Wink” photo negative of LBJ aboard AF1 moments after his swearing in. While hard copies of this photo have survived, the negative is missing from the vaulted records at the LBJ Library.
8)      JFK’s missal. LBJ was not sworn in on a bible, but JFK’s Catholic Missal book of prayers, after which the Judge handed to someone next to her, the last it has been seen. But it must have been taken by someone who was on the plane, probably one of those local Texans who got off the plane after the swearing in, a very short list of suspects.
9)      Autopsy x-rays, photos and possible film of the autopsy. Those military technicians and official photographers who took the photos at the autopsy claim that the photos now in evidence at the JFK Collection at the National Archives (NARA) are not the ones they took. Where are the originals? And did a Bethesda film and video technician record the autopsy as it occurred?
10)  JFK’s brain. While most of those who saw the president’s head say that half the brain was blown away, autopsy records show there were two, post autopsy brain exams, the brain wasn’t buried with the body and at least one vile labeled JFK’s brain was passed on through administrators and flushed through a food processor. It is possible that portions of JFK’s brain were placed in the casket by RFK during the secret 1968 exhumation, a military operation conducted at night.
11)  Some LBJ telephone and oval office audio recordings of conversations were said to have been destroyed, and some are missing, and we know because the transcripts have survived but not the tapes, which someone in the LBJ administration may have privately saved, as one of his secretaries was known to have saved everything.
12)  OTHER ITEMS – to add to this list please notify me of the record or artifact and I will add it to the list – 

If you think that these items will never be found or don’t exist anymore, then consider the following examples of items that were ordered destroyed or were headed for destruction and were saved by good and honest people who recognized their historical significance.


1) New Orleans Grand Jury records and transcript of testimony, which DA Harry Connick had ordered destroyed but were instead saved and passed on to the Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB) after the passage of the JFK Act.

2) Andrews Air Force Base Log book for 11/22.63 and the day RFK was shot. A special book keeping track of all related incoming and outgoing plane traffic was kept for both days, in the same book, which was saved from being disposed in a dumpster by a base civilian employee and turned over to the ARRB for inclusion in the JFK Collection.

3) Clifton Air Force One Tapes. Despite the assertions of the LBJ Library and the White House Communications Agency (WHCA) that no such tapes exist, two reels of the AF1 radio communications of 11/22/63 were discovered among the effects of the late Gen. Clifton, the President’s military aide. The discovery of these tapes give rise to hope that the original tape still exists and will be found.

4) Secret Service advance reports for Tampa and Chicago, said to have been intentionally destroyed by the Secret Service after the passage of the JFK Act, were found among the private papers of former SS agent Gerald Blaine, who wrote about them in his book. These records were turned over to the NARA for inclusion in the JFK Collection but are not yet available to the public.

5) When Richard Sprague was fired as the first chief counsel to the HSCA, he took his office files with him and didn’t turn them over to his replacement, G. Robert Blakey, and good he didn’t because Blakey had all of the HSCA records locked away and they were sealed until the JFK Act was passed. Although the ARRB was notified of this, they never sought to reclaim Sprague’s HSCA records and he ostensibly still has them.

6) If you know of an historical records, document or artifact related to the JFK assassination that has been saved, I’d like to hear about it –

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