Friday, December 28, 2012



There are a few interesting items about the Tampa Report that was recovered from the personal files of former Secret Service Agent Gerald Blaine.

For one, it is titled: “FINAL SURVEY REPORT,” which to means there were other earlier reports that this one is based on, and it is dated December 4, 1963, after the assassination.

Under PROTECTIVE RESEARCH (page 3) it is noted “Mr. Cecil Taylor, Protective Research Section, was notified of this movement on November 9, 1963. He advised that two subjects were in the Tampa area. They were Wayne L. Gainey, 00-2-33,815. Gainey was interviewed by Jacksonville agents and remained in the custody of his parents during this movement. The other was John W. Warrington, 00-2-33,902. This subject was in jail in Tampa, Florida, for threatening the mayor of Tampa.”

“No unusual incidents occurred on the Tampa, Florida, visit.”

This is belied by the Tampa newspaper report:  

Threats On Kennedy Made Here

Tampa police and Secret Service agents scanned crowds for a man who had vowed to assassinate the President here last Monday, Chief of Police J.P. Mullins said yesterday.

In issuing notice to all participating security police prior to the President’s motorcade tour in Tampa, Mullins had said: “I would like to advise all officers that threats against the President have been made from this area in the last few days.”

A memo from the White House Secret Service dated Nov. 8 reported:

“Subject made statement of a plan to assassinate the President in October 1963. Subject stated he will use a gun, and if he couldn’t get closer he would find another way. Subject is described as: White, male, 20, slender build,” etc.

Mullins said Secret Service had been advised of three persons in the area who reportedly had made threats on the President’s life. One of the three was – and still is – in jail here under heavy bond.

Mullins said he did not know if the other two may have followed the Presidential caravan to Dallas.

Sarasota County Sheriff Ross E. Boyer also said yesterday that officers who protected Kennedy in Tampa Monday were warned about “a young man” who had threatened to kill the President during that trip.”


Vince Palamara said...

All the Florida Secret Service reports were made available via the ARRB in the late 1990's. What IS missing: almost all the pre-10/31/63 reports. They appear to have been destroyed in January 1995. Blaine submitting these documents is a smokescreen to obfuscate the agency destruction.

Unknown said...

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