Thursday, October 17, 2013

Report from Pittsburgh

Okay, I'm here, in Pittsburgh, at the Power Center 5th Floor, where the symposium proceedings began this morning, and I was there. Got in about 6 am and took an hour to find the place even though it was only a few blocks away.

Immediately ran into Bob Groden, Rex Bradford, Dan Alcorn, Jim Lesar, Malcom from across the Pond, Frog, Joan Mellen, Tink Thompson and Andy W. from Last Hurrah! Books, and me and Andy agreed this was a Last Hurrah. Rex and Mary Ferrell, Walt Brown, JFK LANCER and John Judge COPA/The Hidden History Museum all have tables, and COPA is right next to LANCER. Will they throw in the towel like Congress, and finally make amends or will a sword fight develop? Stay Tuned.

This is a classy joint and Cyril and Ben do it with style - plenty of coffee and buns and whatever you want, the lines to get in go down the hall and around the corner, its a sell out, no more will be admitted.

Cyril is walking around pumping fists and welcoming everybody - and then off to the Big Room, where the front podium is set up against the long wall of the rectangle room - the back wall being solid glass windows that overlook downtown Pittsburgh, a great little city that I can never get enough of.

As the introductions are being made, I notice Max Holland sitting behind me, and later meet Steve Rosen and other researchers I only know from the net and only just now met in the flesh.

The Big Shindig is set for tonight at the Heinz History Center, where a panel of giants will review the Media and the Assassination, or something like that.

Before then, after a short speech by the director of the HHC, and an official welcome from Dr. Wecht, our host, they got right down to business - with Sabato, Tink Thompson and his sidekick, Robinson have some esplinin' to do, and then, Bob Groden slideshow before a lunch break.

What they all had to say was very important and I'll get back to the substance of it later on, as lunch is calling.

More to come.
Over and Out.

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