Wednesday, July 4, 2018

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 "The very first conspiracy theory, that Castro and the communists killed JFK – the one expressed by President Johnson 20 minutes after the assassination, and first seeing print in the DRE’s CIA funded newspaper, Trinchera, on November 23, 1963 – still has followers and proponents, the latest being Phil Shenon. None of the proponents, it seems, have ever really considered whether they may be the victims – or a part – of a very good, deliberate disinformation operation – possibly the best Phillips and Joannides ever ran."  - Former House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) investigator and attorney Dan Hardway.

That Fidel Castro was behind the Dealey Plaza Operation was the first conspiracy theory, as Dan Hardway has observed, and on close examination, it is a theory that not only fails to stand up scrutiny, it becomes clear that theory was a black propaganda disinformation ploy built in to the original assassination plan. The part of the plan that was rejected by President Johnson because it would lead to WWIII. 

When he appeared on National Public Radio's Fresh Air program, Phil Shenon continues to promotes the bogus and debunked conspiracy theory that Castro or Castro Cuban Commies encouraged Oswald to kill Castro. 

Dave Davies Host. 

DAVIES: You know, when people consider whether Castro might have ordered the assassination of Kennedy, there's a big debate about it...I have to ask you, bottom line, do you believe or do you think it's likely that Oswald acted at the direction or encouragement of the Cubans or the Soviets? Based on what you know.

SHENON: I think we'll never really have the answer to that because those questions should've been asked 49 years ago but they weren't. I do think there is a real question as to who else knew about Oswald's plans in the week before, weeks before the assassination and whether or not anybody knowing of Oswald's open boasts about killing President Kennedy encouraged him to do that and perhaps even offered the suggestion that they would help if he could ever get out of the United States again. And this is not my crazy conspiracy theory. This is a theory offered by one of the staff investigators on the Warren Commission....

SHENON: Well, it is astonishing to discover that President Johnson at the end of his life did not accept the findings of the Warren Commission. Johnson thought that Castro killed President Kennedy. 

DAVIES: Yeah, I'm sure there are plenty of citizens that would love to just spend their late hours looking at this stuff. I suspect that there's a community of serious Kennedy assassination researchers, and you probably know each other. Do you communicate about this stuff?

SHENON: Sure. And there is indeed this army of researchers and just private citizens who have become knowledgeable if not obsessed with this subject for years and years, and they're poring over the documents. I will say that they all fall into camps. There are people who fall into the Mafia camp. There are people in the Castro camp. There are people who fall into, you know, rogue CIA agent camp. And I think if there's really a bombshell hidden in these documents, that army of investigators and researchers will find it eventually.

DAVIES: And so you wait for them to pop it up on social media or - they don't give you a call and say, oh, my god, Philip, did you see this?

SHENON: Well, unfortunately I have sort of a difficult relationship with so many of them because I've not embraced their conspiracy theories. But I - you know, whatever information they find, I welcome it. And I try to be as open-minded as I can about what they're finding and what the implications of it may be.....

KELLY NOTES: Wait a minute. We have a "sort of difficult relationship" with Shenon not because he doesn't embrace our conspiracy theories, it's because WE don't embrace HIS conspiracy theory that Castro Cuban Commies were behind the Dealey Plaza Operation, that we recognize as a deliberate black propaganda disinformation campaign designed to shield those actually responsible for JFK's murder. 

The small but efficient serious Army of Researchers - truly independent real researchers without an agenda other than determining the total truth, includes, but is not limited to Professors Peter Dale Scott and John Newman, attorneys Bill Simpich, Dan Hardway, Jim Lesar, Dr. Cyril Wecht, Russ Baker and researchers Malcolm Blunt, Larry Hancock and Rex Bradford, among others. 

And they do share their research and do communicate with each other, and they are all in agreement that the official story that one man alone committed the crime is untrue, and that Castro was involved was part of the original cover story. 

These are the top researchers and writers and the most knowledgeable scholars on the assassination of President Kennedy, but you won't hear them on National Public Radio, who routinely call on Phil Shenon to promote his silly and completely debunked conspiracy theory. 

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Unknown said...

Hi, I came upon your blog when I was researching my Golitsyn/Nosenko project and I wanted more information than William Hood offered in "Mole." Hood uses pseudonyms for most of the CIA officers in the book, but I'm looking for the real names. Of course, I know some of them, such as that Domnin is George Kisevalter. I'm wondering if you know of any source that reveals the rest of the names in the book? I'm intrigued by your work and I'd appreciate any help you could offer.
Thanks in advance,
Jorge Busot

Mike said...

How come DiEugenio is not listed as part of the army of researchers? Genuinely curious.

William Kelly said...

Hi Mike,

There is no reason whatsoever why Jim is not listed, as I just listed the top 10 who are active today and communicate among each other - Jim has done his share of the hard work and deserves recognition and support - and I have contributed to his web site - see: The Real Disinformation Agents at Dealey Plaza - for instance. We co-founded COPA together and have worked closely over the years. I also neglected to mention a dozen other researchers of Jim's caliber who are still active and working daily on new research, and my short list should not be misinterpreted as a slight.