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Air Force One Codes & Passenger List

Air Force One Radio Call Sign Code Identification Keys

SAM 26000 - The Presidential aircraft, when the President is not aboard.

Air Force One – AF1 - [aka “Angel”] - The Presidential aircraft, when the President is aboard. (Capt. James Swindal, pilot aka Tiger; Master Sgt. John C. Trimble and Joseph Ayres, radio operators.)

SAM 86972 – The State Department aircraft carrying the Press Secretary Salinger (Wayside), Secretary of State Dean Rusk, Agriculture Orville Freeman and other Cabinet members and Administration officials. When the assassination occurred, this aircraft was enroute from Hawaii to Japan; subsequent to the assassination, the aircraft returned to Hawaii to refuel, and then flew directly from Hickam AFB in Hawaii to Andrews AFB near Washington DC.


Andrews - Andrews Air Force Base (DC). An Airman Gilmore
Crown – White House (aka Front Office)
Situation Room (Basement at Crown) – Oliver Hallett, USN/McGeorge Bundy
Liberty – Radio Relay Station – Collins Radio, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
Air Force Command Post – aka SAM Command Post. Sgt. Phillips. Major Benson
SAM Command Post - Special Air Mission Offut, AFB, Omaha, Neb. Col. Hornbuckle.
National Military Command Post – Pentagon, Washington DC
Carswell – Carswell Air Force Base, Fort Worth, Texas.
Dallas – (Love Field, Dallas, Texas)
Hic Cup – Hickam Field, Hawaii.
CINCPAC – Commander in Chief, U.S. Pacific Command HQ.
Tokyo – Original Destination of Cabinet Plane (86972)
Valley – The Elms, LBJ DC Residence.


Wayside – Pierre Salinger, aboard 86970
Dagger – Rufus Youngblood, USSS
Digest – Roy Kellerman, USSS (Aboard AF1)
Duplex – Jerry Behn
Grandson - AF Gen. Curtis LeMay
Slugger – Capt. Cecil Stoughton
Stranger – Major H. R. Patterson (White House Communications Agency WHCA)
Tanker - Major Michael Cook - Andrews AFB.
Tiger – Col. Swindal, pilot, AF1.
Wing - Gen. McHugh. President's personal physician.
Watchman – Gen. Chester Clifton (Aboard AF1)
Warrior – Malcolm Kilduff
Winner – Andrew Hatcher. Aka Andy. At Crown.
Witness – Capt. Tazewell Shepard (USN)

Lancer - JFK
Charcoal - Present location of the President
Lace – Mrs. Jackie Kennedy
Lyric - Caroline -
Lark - John Jr.
Volunteer – LBJ
Victoria – Lady Bird

Dean Rusk – Secretary of State (aboard 86972)
George Ball – Undersecretry of State
McGeorge Bundy – National Security Advisor to the President (Situation Room/Crown)
Bromley Smith – Executive Secretary, National Security Council (State Dept.)
Murray Jackson – State Department
Malcolm Kilduff – Assistant Press Secretary (Dallas)
Dr. John Walsh - Jackie Kennedy’s physician. (D.C.)
Walter Jenkins – LBJ’s Deputy. (DC)
Admiral Burkley – JFK’s private physician.
General Leonard Dudley Heaton – Surgeon General of the Army (in DC)
Mrs. Rose Kennedy (Massachusetts)
Mrs. J. B. Connally (Dallas)
Governor John Connally – Parkland Hospital

Vice President -Volunteer
Mrs. Johnson -Victoria
Lynda Johnson -Velvet
Lucy Johnson -Venus

Kenneth O’Donnell -Wand
Pierre Salinger -Wayside
Andrew Hacker -Winner
Malcolm Kilduff -Warrior
Evelyn Lincoln -Willow
Dr. George Burkley -Market
Secretary Dean Rusk -Freedom
General Chester Clifton -Watchman
Capt. Tazewell Shepard -Witness
Gen. Godfrey McHugh -Wing
Walter Jenkins -Vigilant

Colonel Toomey – AF1
Col. Holland - AF1
Scott - Radio Operator
Airman Stanz - Radio Operator
Newport Jerry – Radio Operator
Roy - Radio Operator
Weather Officer (at AF Command Post)

Race - Unidentified
Tillerman - Unidentified
Sing Sing – Unidentified
Newport Jerry – Unidentified

On the block – Time of plane arrival at destination.
ETA – Estimated Time of Arrival.
Zulu – Greenwich Mean Time – (Military 24 hour time)
AP - Associated Press (aka “the ticker”)
Zulu – Greenwich Mean Time – (Military 24 hour time)
AP - Associated Press (aka “the ticker”)

Chief Rowley -Domino
Deputy Chief Paterni - Diamond
Asst. Chief Wildy - Debate

SAIC Jerry Behn -Duplex
ASAIC Boring -Deacon
ASAIC Kellerman -Digest
ATSAIC Stout -Dipole
ATSAIC Roberts -Dusty
ATSAIC Godfrey -Dangle
ATSAIC Rodham -Dogwood
SA Clint Hill -Dazzle
SA Paul Landis -Debut
SA Lynn Meredith -Drummer
SA Mugsy O’Leary -Dapper

SAIC Stuart Knight -Dividend
ASAIC Rufus Youngblood -Dagger
SA Paul Rundle -Dixie
SA Jerry Kivett -Daylight
SA Lemuel Johns -Dandy
SA Glen Weaver -Derby

Pres. Follow-up -Halfback
VP Follow-up -Varsity
Bomb Disposal -Hammer
Bomb Patrol -Halo

Army-Davidson Field - Pat
Army-Anacostia - Alpha
Marine-Anacostia - Nighthawk
Air Force - Botany

Crashboat PT 109 -Novice
Honey Fitz -Nomad
Patrick J -Neptune
Marlin -Marlin
Presidential chase -Horsewhip
Jet boats -Guardian 1 & 2
86’ Coat Guard -Waterwagon
33’ Navy -Rockfish
Vice President -Vanguard
VP Chase -Village

AP - Associated Press (aka “the ticker”)
AFAUSSS -Association of Former Agents of the USSS
ASAIC -Assistant Special Agent in Charge
ATSAIC -Assistant to the SAIC
BOSSI -Bureau of Special Services and Investigations
EOB -Executive Office Building
ETA – Estimated Time of Arrival.
SAIC -Special Agent in Charge
PRS -Protective Research Section

Air Force One Radio Transmission Tapes – Identities & Characters Persona

In the order of their appearance of the Air Force One Radio Tapes

86972 – Eight, Six, Nine, Seven Two is the tail number for the 707 used by the Cabinet on its flight to Japan.
Andrews – Andrews Air Force Base – Maryland, a few miles SE of Washington DC
26000 – Two, Six Thousand – Air Force One – the Presidential Aircraft when the President is not aboard.
Air Force One – Presidential aircraft when the President is aboard, aka “Angel”
Frequency – the frequency number that they agree to use in order to communicate by radio.
One-Five – 15 – is the frequency number they use to communicate with Andrews.
Honolulu – Hawaii, Hickam AFB, where 86972 stops to refuel on way to Japan.
Command Post – SAC Command Post – (probably Ofutt AFB, Nebraska)
Zulu – Military time – G. Mean Time – 24 hour time rather than 12 hour AM/PM
ETA – Estimated Time of Arrival
Weather Officer – Location unknown but they frequently interrupt patches to obtain weather conditions
Airman Gilmore – Radio operator at Andrews, coordinates many of the patches.
Patch – Radio operators acting as middle-men for two people at two different locations who need to have a conversation, sometimes a radio to ground land line telephone or radio to radio. I have broken the radio transmission tapes into groups of conversations that I have numbered and labeled “Patches.”
On the block – Upon arrival at destination, blocks are placed at the base of the wheels of the airplane when it comes to a stop to keep it from moving, and that time is registered and regarded as the official time of arrival.
Dallas – Texas, Love Field, destination of Air Force One from Carswell AFB, Fort Worth.
Larry – Radio operator, possibly at Liberty relay station.
Situation Rom – White House basement crisis nerve center.
Liberty – Liberty Radio Relay Station – at Collins Radio HQ, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
CINPAC – (“Sing Sing”?) – Pacific Command, Hawaii
Traffic – Messages, radio communications, telephone calls, etc.
White House – aka Crown
Wayside – Code name for Pierre Salinger, the President’s Press Secretary aboard the Cabinet Plane over the Pacific.
Crown – White House
Oliver Hallett – Situation Room radio operator
Connally – Texas governor John Connally, wounded at Dealey Plaza
Bromley Smith – State Department officer in the Situation Room at the White House.
Tickers – AP Associated Press and UPI United Press International wire service news teletypes.
Secretary of State – Dean Rusk, senior passenter aboard 86972 Cabinet Plane
Parkland Hospital – Dallas, where JFK and Connally as well as LBJ taken from Dealey Plaza.
Dallas Trade Mart – Original destination where JFK was to deliver speech.
Andy – Hatcher?
Cedar Rapids – Collins Radio Liberty Radio Relay Station – Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Mr. Ball – Undersecretary of State George Ball
Murray Jackson – State Dept. Washington DC
Colonel Toomy – Pilot of AF1 26000.
Colonel Holland/Ireland?
LBJ Tape Reel 1 Side One – Patch 8
Kilduff – Andrew Kilduff, Asst. Press Secretary in Dallas, Delayed the announcement the President was dead until LBJ aboard AF1.
Stranger – Major Harold R. Patterson US Signal Corp, WHCA
McGeorge Bundy – National Security Advisor – at Situation Room in White House
SAM Command – Strategic Air Mission Command Post –
Hic Cup – Hickam AFB Hawaii
Duplex – Secret Service Agent Jerry Behn
Volunteer – Vice President/President LBJ
Jerry – Newport Jerry? Radio operator.
Lace –Mrs. Kennedy – First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy.
Col. Hornbuckel – Andrews Opeations officer – (See: Andrews Log)
Congressman Thomas
Congressman Thornbury
Congressman Brooks –
General Heaton – Surgeon General of the Army
Airman Stanz – Radio Operator
Walter Reed Hosptial – US Army hospital in Washington DC
Dr. Burkley – JFK’s personal physician aboard AF1
Bethesda Medical Center – Naval hospital where autopsy is performed.
Captain Shephard – President’s Naval Aide in Washington DC
Jerry Behn – Secret Serivice Chief at White House
General Clifton – President’s Military Aide.
Watchman – Gen. Clifton
Tillerman – Unidentified
Secretary of Defense – Robert MacNamara in Washington DC
Sorrensen – JFK Cabinet Member Ted Sorrensen on AF1
Kellerman – Secret Service Agent responsible for security for Texas trip.
Bob Burke – (Secret Service?)
Dr, John Walsh – Mrs. Kennedy’s personal physician in DC
Colonel Dorman – Col. George S. Dorman, Gen. LeMay’s aide in DC.
General LeMay – Chief of Staff of the Air Force (aka Grandson)
C-140 – Type of Plane LeMay is in.
Dagger – Secret Service Agent Rufus Youngblood
Victoria – Mrs. LBJ
Valley – LBJ’s DC home.
Venus – LBJ’s daughter
Wing – Gen. McHugh
Slugger – Capt. Cecil Stoughton, photographer
Warrior – Malcolm Kilduff
Winner – Andrew Hatcher
Witness – Capt. Tazewell Shepard USN
Speaker of the House – John McKormick
Carl Albert
Hal Boggs
Charles Halleck
Leslie Arends
Fish Room – White House Conference Room
Mrs. Rose Kennedy – JFK’s mother in Massachusetts.
Walter Jenkins – LBJ’s aide in Washington DC.
Mrs. Connally – Governor Connally’s wife at Parkland Hospital in Dallas.
Tanker – Maj. Michael Cook (Andrews)
Tiger – Col. Swindel (AF1 Pilot)
Congressman Thomas –
Captain Benson – SAM Command Post
C-130 – Plane with vehicles

Commission Document 387 – SS Rowley Mamo of 18 Feb 1964 re: Presidential Aircraft

2. The following is a list of people who were aboard the Presidential plane from Dallas, Texas, to Washington, D.C., on November 22, 1963.

President Johnson
Mrs. Johnson
Mrs. John F. Kennedy
Mr. K. O’Donnell
Mr. L. O’Brien
Mr. Moyers
Cong. Thornberry
Cong. Al Thomas
Cong. J. Brooks
Mr. M. Kilduff
Gen. C.V. Clifton
Gen. G. T. McHugh
Dr. Burkley
Mrs. E. Lincoln
Mrs. M. Gallagher
Miss P. Turnue
Sgt. J. Giordano
SSget. P.J. Glynn
CWO I. Gearhart
Mrs. E. Carpente
Mr. D. Powers
Mr. Jack Valenti
Miss Marie Fehmer
Mr. Cliff Carter
Mr. George Thomas
Mr. R. Kellerman
Mr. Clint Hill
Mr. John O’Leary
Mr. Warren Taylor
mr. Henry Rybka
Mr. W. Greer
Mr. Stuart Stout
Mr. Sam Sulliman
Mr. Richard Johnson
Mr. Ernest Olson
Mr. Rufus Youngblood
Mr. Lem Johns
Mr. Jerry Kivett

Meriman Smith – Press
Charles Roberts – Press
Captain Cecil Stoughton

[BK Note: photographer Cecil Stoughton left the plane in Dallas after taking photos of swearing in. Stoughton is also credited with a photo of AF1 at Andrews, that he could not have taken if he was in Dallas.]

The names of the Presidential airplane crew fort the entire trip to Texas are as follows:

Colonel James B. Swindel
Lt. Col. Lewis G. Hanson
Major David D. Oder
CWO John R. McLane
SMSget. William J. Chappell
MSgt. J.C. Trimble (radioman)
SMSgt. Joseph C. Ayres (radioman?)
MSgt. Vernon J. Shell
TSgt. R. M. McMillan
SSgt. John T. Hames
MSgt. Wyatt A. Broom
SSgt. Eulogio Gomez
TSgt. Charles R. Ruberg

3. The following persons are the names of the persons who were in the cabin during the swearing in ceremony:

President Johnson
Mrs. Johnson
Federal Judge Sarah Hughes
Mrs. Kennedy
Jack Valenti
Cong. Homer Thornberry
Cong. Albert Thomas
Cong. Jack Brooks
Mrs. Evelyn Lincoln
Mrs. Marie Fehmer

Miss Pamela Turnure
Police Chief Curry
William Moyers
Malcolm Kilduff
Rufus Youngblood
Roy H. Kellerman
Thomas L. Johns
Paul E. Landis
Richard Johnson
Capt. Cecil Stoughton – Photographer

[BK Notes: One of those persons who was aboard the plane during the swearing in left the plane with JFK's missle, that was used by LBJ to take the oath of office. This book is still missing.]


Dennis Bartholomew said...

General Clifton says "we do not want a helicopter for Bethesda" and "post-mortem" is to be performed at Walter Reed. Later, during the flight, autopsy changed to Bethesda.
So someone arranged helicopet to Bethesda early on, then Clifton says no, Walter Reed, then it becomes Bethesda again. Would be good to know where Bethesda helicopter came from, surely not from a Jackie Kennedy request.

Dennis Bartholomew said...

There have been reports that the Situation Room relayed a message to Air Force One that the lone assassin had been apprehended. That message does not appear to be on this transcript. This tape is longer than prior public versions but still not complete, so the possibily exists that the messages still exists but still not in the public domain.

Suz Q said...

Joseph Ayres is also standing in the back of the photograph. He is the tall one with the wavy hair. Joseph Ayres is the one who found the missile aboard Air Force One so that the ceremony could take place. He knew where JFK kept it during flight. It disappeared after the ceremony.

Unknown said...

JFK's missle, that was used by LBJ to take the oath of office is not still missing. It is on display at the LBJ Library and belongs at the JFK Library as it was his property and not Johnson's.

Unknown said...

Wasn't meaning to put anyone on the spot, I read "Death of A President" in 1967 or 1968, was just stating that JFK's missile is now in LBJ's Library and in my opinion it doesn't belong there. Both libraries fall under National Archives control so I guess they made the decision.