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The Andrews AFB Log Book 11/22/63

ANDREWS AFB Log Book for November 22, 1963

Introduction by Doug Horne (Chief Analyst for Military Records ARRB)

…The ARRB received an Air Force log book literally rescued from the trash at Andrews Air Force Base by a civil servant named Chuck Holmes during an office clean-out. He had received an all-DOD message stimulated by one of the ARRB omnibus search requests sent to the DOD General Counsel, and was responding to that ‘dragnet’ military telegram.

The assassination record was an old large-format green military logbook with a cloth cover (i.e. hardbound), with the word “RECORD” printed on the cover, and “authenticated” by real coffee rings from coffee cups that had been placed on the cover and had sloshed their contents. It had the identifier “1254th ATW [Air Transport Wing] Command Post” stamped on the cover, and hand-printed on two labels were the words “JFK Assassination” and “RFK Assassination 5 June 1968.”

It really was an incredible find. The question was, did it contain anything important of an evidentiary nature, or was it just an interesting story; and yet, on the other hand, it may be a vital clue to what really happened inside the Bethesda morgue, and to the United States of America, on November 22, 1963.

The first 7 pages of the log are titled “Death of JFK, 22 Nov. 63,” and later the mostly empty logbook were 2 additional pages titled “Death of R.F.K. 05 June 68.” Presumably, someone had placed it aside after November 22nd, in the belief that it had historical significance and should not have routine entries placed alongside those of November 22, 1963 – and then someone else, who had custody of the log and was still aware of its significance in June 1968 when Robert Kennedy was assassinated, had put the logbook to use again, recording the details of official transportation associated with RFK’s assassination. (I become very sad whenever I look at my personal photocopy of this record; it is a grim reminder of the overwhelming tragedy that befell both the Kennedy family and this nation during the 1960s.)

He two logs contain the tail numbers of aircraft, and for the most part denote takeoff times, destinations, ETAs, and arrival times at destinations.

Andrews Log

RIF: 161-10002-10000

9 pages.




COMMENTS: Special Log of Events found by Air Force civilian employee, Mr. Chuck Holmes, and transferred to ARRB by USAF. Cover stamped 1254 ATW Command Post.


Special Unclassified
J.F.K. Assassination - 22 Nov. 63 & RFK Assassinations 5 June 68.
1254th ATW Command Post
Return to Chuck Holmes.
7530-222-3523 Federal Supply Service ICPO

Page 1

LOCAL Death of J.F.K.
Time 22 Nov 63 (FR.)

1400 [2 pm] Col Hornbuckle Heard News Report on the President being shot at Dallas.

Put Wing on Alert & Told Maint To Put Act T into. (C P Maintaining acft status)
Notified 98 & 99 To Alert Crews (Received Aircraft Availability Status)
Notified Air Police To Alert Flight Guards.
Notified Air Team.
D2Col Schwikert Concurs in Above Actions

1405 [2:05pm] Notified To Dispatch: 0912488 P/U Boston, Drop Dallas

1420 [2:20] 09 2488 & 2493 CANX. 4197 Set-up
To Dept To P/U Gen LemMay at Toronto, Canada. Trip #1602

{Horne Notes: The Air Transport Wing at Andrews is arranging for the Air Force Chief of Staff to return to the United States.}

1446 [2:46] 094197 Dept for Canada. ETA 1546
{Horne: LeMay’s aircraft has taken off for Toronto.}

Received word from 86972 - Returning To HIK, Min 6nd Time, Direct Dallas.
092489 inbound To Whitemn with ulsec McMillian Advised to Standby there for further instructions.

{H: 86972 is the tail number of the aircraft that Secretary of State Dean Rusk and Press Secretary Pierre Salinger were aboard, enroute Japan, when they heard about the JFK assassination This entry indicates the flight has turned around and is headed for Hickam AFB in Hawaii, will spend minimal time on the ground there (for refueling - & notes BK – to make secure land line phone calls to DC) and proceed directly to Dallas.}

1450 Set up MSN #1617 12490 To Take Sen Kennedy to Otis.

{H: Senator Ted Kennedy was being flown to Otis AFB in Massachusetts so that he could notify his father of his brother’s assassination in person.}

Crossed out one line. Undecipherable

Change Gen Lemays P/U from Toronto To Wawirton Canada 44.45 N 09 81.06W
{H: The pick up point for LeMay has changed from Toronto to Wairton, Canada.}


Page 2


1500 [3pm] (C.F.) - WashARTC called with Flight Plan on AF1. ETD Dallas 22
1515 Hi. ALT to ADW, 2 + 10 ENROUTE

{H: The flight plan for Air Force One (tail number 26000) calls for the aircraft to leave Dallas at 1515 (2:15 Dallas Time), fly high altitude to Andrews AFB, and that the flight time would be 2 hours, 10 minutes.}

1505 [3:05] Contacted 24197 (UHF) to change Destination to Wairton.

1510 [3:10] Patch w/86972 EST ADW 23/0100

1515 [3:15] Change 12490 Destination Otis to Barnstable.

{H: Senator Kennedy’s flight will no longer land at Ottis AFB but at Barnstable instead.}

1525 [3:25] 912492 & 12493 Patrick to Ramey (Cong Group) Returning To ADW ETAs 1650 & 1700

1530 [3:30] 09 12490 (Sen Kennedy Departed For Barnstable. Crew ABD ACFT
when He arrived Sgt Pshney AFLP stated that the S.S. will Take Care of Body At ADW

{H: The Air Force Command Post has informed the 1254th ATW at Andrews that the Secret Service wil take custody of President Kennedy’s body upon arrival.}

1535 [3:35] =09=0912499 u/sec MsMillian Returning ADW

1540 [3:40]=09=0924200 OUT of Commission For TOC=D5s To FAR into PE.

Missions 1572/27 & 1573/01 CANX.

1545 [3:45] 9 6000 Returning ADW, Mr. Johnson ABD ETA 1725 (Returning as AF-1) Body & Mrs. Kennedy ABD

{H: Tail number 26000 (the brand new, permanent Presidential Boeing 707 jet), delivered in 1962, has “Mr. Johnson” aboard, along with Mrs. Kennedy and the body of the deceased Commander-in-Chief. No one yet considers LBJ as their President, even though by law he is.}

1547 [3:47] =09=09 AF 1 Dept DAL, ETA ADW 1805

{H: The actual takeoff time of Air Force Onewas 3:47 PM EST, or 2:47 CST (Dallas Time) The ETA at Andrews is 6:05 PM}

1600 [4:00pm] = 09 Quiet Hour 1745 To 1830.

1609 [4:09] = 096972 Dept AIK ETA 00240

{H: The Dean Rusk/Pierre Salinger flight took off from Hickam AFB in Hawaii at 4:09 PM EST, and its ETA at Andrews AFB (now its next destination) is 24 minutes after midnight, EST.}

Page 3


1625 [4:25pm] 24197 Gen Lemay Dept Wairton 1604 ETA DCA 1715, Driver & Aide at DCA ETA charged 1710, Secy Zuckert Will Meet Lemay at ADW. (notified AC f t )

{H: General LeMay is going to land at Washington National Airport (DCA), adjacent to downtown Washington D.C., not at Andrews AFB, which is well south of the nation’s Capitol. The Secretary of the Air Force (nominally his superior) wants to meet him at Andrews AFB instead. The Air Transport Wing has notified the aircraft that Secretary Zuckert wants LeMay to land at Andrews AFB, not National Airport.}

1650 [4:50] =09=09 Call From 26000, need steps FWD Door, FWD Gally Door & Lift Truck AfT Pax Door, Body in Rear.

{H: Air Force One has called via radio and requested passenger steps at the forward passenger door on the left side of the aircraft; additional steps at the forward galley door on the right hand side of the aircraft; and a fork lift truck (for the Dallas casket) at the aft passenger door on the left-hand side of the aircraft, near the tail.}

1700 [5:00pm] =09 Gen Lemay Will land DCA not ADW. [emphasis is in original]
{H: LeMay has just disobeyed the wishes of the civilian who is supposed to be his boss, and has decided to land at DCA, Washington National Airport, anyway. (This speaks volumes.)}

1700 Alert Posture From Burleson: Immediate Alert till 1830 HR Alert till 1830 - 200 HR Alert 2000 - Till Advised Left Jetstar on 1 HQ

96000 Requested Ramps & Press Fence

1710 [5:10] =09=09Call From Duty Off @ Torrejon C.P. Requesting info on Sam
P/U of =09=09=09=09=09V.P. of Spain - None Sked By 1254th.

1712 [5:12] =09=094192 Gen Lemay ARR DCA.
{H: The Air Force Chief of Staff lands at a crowded civilian aviation airport in a military aircraft, in spite of being asked by the Secretary of the Air Force t land at Andrews AFB.}

1715 [5:15] =0912491 w/Cong Price at Burbank Alerted For Possible P/U of Lawford Family to Return ADW.

1730 [5:30] 096972 ETB A ADW 0030 . 32 PAX. Notified Mr Jackson – Home 9929-1298 For Transport Etc.

1735 12491 Possible P/U of Lawford Family CANX. Notified Alc @ Burbank. Maj Chappelle Advised thaat He is Returning ADW via FFUTT with Cong Cohelan.


Page 4.


1740 [5:40 pm] AF1 Reg Four A.P. Cars, 2 FWD & 2 ft of AcFt on Ramp Confirmed.

{H: Air Force One has requested four Air Police cars on the taxi ramp after the aircraft rolls to a stop: 2 forward of the aircraft, and 2 aft of the aircraft.}

1800 [6:00pm] AF1 ARR ADW, 12489 Slowing Down To ARR After ADW Opens, 42816 Still Holding

{H: Air Force One landed at Andrews AFB at 6:00 PM on November 22, 1963.}

1830 [6:30]=09=0986970 ARR ADW

{Air Force Two (which had been LBJ’s airplane for the Texas trip) landed at 6:30 PM)

1841 [6:41] =0942816 ARR ADW

1852 [6:52] =09=0912489 ARR ADW

2108 [9:08pm]=0912490 ARR ADW

2145 [9:45] From Col Burleson - AT 39 #493 will Dept Love Field arond 2345 ETA ADW 0230 W/ A CAPT & 2 PRESS. Arrange a car To Take Them To The White House immed - Confirmed w/TFC.

2324 09T39 ETA ADW 0136 - given To TFC.

0923 NOV 63 (Saturday)

0037L [12:37am] =0986972 ARRIVED ADW with Sec Rusk, etc.

{H: Various cabinet members who had been enroute Japan when the President was assassinated land at Andrews AFB after a very long flight from Hickham AFB in Hawaii.}

0950 [9:50am] = 09 Per Sgt Geiser - Gen Eisenhower to arrive at DCA at 1030L on a CBS Gulfstream.

Crossed out Line
1400 [10:00am] Per LCOL Burleson - Set up #1618 C131 42815 Drop Father Cavanaugh Barnstable. 09TRAF - RS 091299 - Johnson - Dec_____CAMRON – BECK SSC – RBC T/OPS - Hornbuckle W.H. - Pole


Page 5

23 NOV 63


1200 [Noon] = 09Per LCol Burleson SET UP MSN 1619
=09=09=09 VC140 12490 PU VICE PRES SPAIN

Johnson – Deceasre
W.H. -

1248 [12:48pm] =09SGT LARSON CONFIRMED GATE #21 (1AB Terminal) will be available for arrived MSN 1619.

1700 [7:00pm] = 09 MSN 1619 DELAYED ARRIVAL at Idlewild Due to Weather at Destination 2490 Landed. IDL 1645L Departure 10L 1756 L RTA ADW 1834 2490 Blocked in 1842

Notified Col Burleson
Col Hornbuckle
MX Beck
DET 3 Larson
Spanish Embassy

1710 [7:10] Sgt. Griser - Cx Mission # 1585
Baggage P/U at Patrick Henry
Wg Ops Col Hornbuckle
Maj. Hefner
MX Harding
T/C Wade

1825 [8:25] = 09 = 09 Per Sgt Griser Set up Mission #1621 VC - 140
P/U Prince Bernhard at IDL Drop ADW
Set up Mission #1620 C-131 42815
Drop Gen Fol__sc_ IDL wgOps. Col Hornbuckle
99th Maj Hefn
Mx. Beck
TFC Wade
Det. 3 - Sgt Larson


Beginning of Page 6


0900 [9:00am]=09Per Col Burleson - Mission # 1604 A/C 80608 will divert To Nellis AFB To P/U Mr Conlon after DV Drop at Hamilton. - 98th
Maj. Tul_ Wg Ops. -

2300 Per Col Burleson - Mission #1604 will also wait at Hamilton no longer than 24/1800- for P/U of Congressman Shelly and Return ADW via Nellis.

24 NOV 63 (Sunday)

1330L [1:30pm] ACFT 80608 MSN # 1604 DIV To TRAVIS Due Hamilton WX will P/U MR/CONLON At Nellis Per Col Tueful, Mr Conlon ARR Commercial

1436 [2:36pm] Per Col. Burleson - Set up Mission # 1622 VC-140 ADW To
IDL =09=09=09=09=09 drop Prince Philip - To connect with BOAC Flight #500 For
London Det 3 - Larson
MX. – Beck
99th - Bartels
SSC - Henry
WH - Chance

1645 [4:45] 80610 Mission # 1367 Enroute From Naples To Lajes diverted To Lisbon Due to shorted plugs on Rt x Lt side of #2 cyl #4 Eng. Possible Cyl. or Eng change - will advise after inspection
ETA Lisbond 24/17102 Per Col Burleson set up Mission # 1623
VC - 09137 86902 To Lisbon To P/U Gen. Hamlet on 80610 ETA AD
998th Mangold
Wg. Ops.
Col. Hornbuckle
SSC – Green
MX Harding
TFC Lynn


Begin Page 7


1827 [8:27pm] Per Col Burleson CX. Mission #1623
986972- Wg.Ops Col Hornbuckle
998. - Mangold
MX. Harding
TFC Lynn

2000 [10:00pm]Per Col Burleson - Set up Mission # 1624 VC-140 Pick up President Truman at DCA and drop at Kansas City.
Wg Ops Col Hornebuckle
MX. Harding
TFC Wade
SSC Grlla
99th Parker

1750 [7:50pm] 24197 called UHF and advised DV request 4197 make additionaltrip to Boston after Drop at Otis - Request approved - Sgt.Geiser

1845 [8:45] Chg OF ACFT ON MSN 1622 INST PANEL LIGHTS OUT D4ACFT 92490 Chg To 2493 approved - Col Hornbuckle

25 NOV 63 (Monday)

0930 [9:30am] Per Col HornBuckle Set Up MSN #1433 C140 To Take MRS Rose Kennedy To Cape Cod ETD 25/1500L
WG - Cesarid
99 - Bartels



Page 8 Re: DEATH OF R.F.K. 05 JUNE 68 = 20


Unknown said...

Why would someone place the record that records the flight of Air Force One with JFK's body aside and then find it almost five years later to record what flights concern Robert Kennedy ?

You are transfered every 3 years if not sooner in the Air Force so whomever kept the Log Book was no longer in charge of it. So why would a new person even know it existed and if they did - allow it to end up in the trash to be found ?

When was it found, who found it and by what right did they take government property ?

The Timing for the flight by Le May back to Washington, D.C. seems off.

I am inclined to think it is a forgery.

William Kelly said...

A janitor found it.

Unknown said...

Well let us think about this.

a) In the Air Force you were transferred about every 30 months.

So whomever was in charge of the Andrews AFB Log Book either left it behind, or stopped recording information a few days after JFK was returned to Andrews ?

b) Why would nothing be recorded in it for 4 1/2 years and then Robert Kennedy's body be flown to Andrews ?

c) Why was it thrown in the trash, by whom would it have been thrown into the trash - given it had JFK and RK flight information - in other words why was it hung onto for so long and then tossed aside ?

d) If that log could have been thrown in the trash then why didn't the person who wrote in the information about JFK's flight not take it with them when he was transferred from Andrews ?

e) The log book entries are very peculiar:
It has no where near the number of flights that would have been going in and out of Andrews day in and day out and it does not have accurate times for Le May flying back from Canada.

g) When was it found, where was it found and where is it now ?

h) At this point in time it seems like it is a fake.