Saturday, March 17, 2018

Fan Mail and Feedback

From: duane davis
Subject: CAPA Purpose?

Duane Davis writes:
My opinion is that CAPA simply lacks the resources and power necessary to develop and use ANY new JFK-case-solving evidence to an extent sufficient to dislodge the American government and high-level American corporate- financial-control, and political structure from their necessary-to-maintain Warren Commission support position.  Hence, I don't see that CAPA is accomplishing anything but representing token, yet impotent, resistance to pressures that no longer even have to be exerted.  Do you have any argument and actual evidence that my opinion is incorrect?

Lawrence Schnapf responds: -  CAPA plants and water seeds. We are an organizing *platform which allows researchers and other interested individuals to mobilize. Several projects have been started as a result of the connections and information presented at the mock trial. They are not yet publicly obvious because they are works in progress. No single organization has the power the writer seeks but CAPA is a vehicle around which those seeking the truth can combine forces, build coalitions and communicate in an organized way.

Glenda: I also believe people want to see some serious action - I know I do! The time to do something really meaningful is getting short. I'm thinking that if we told the members (and others) about our long-range plans (last living witnesses, court of inquiry, clemency petition, etc.) they would be excited and have more confidence that we are in this to make a difference. These are real actions that could move the needle. That's why I'm so anxious to send out an email to the members/interested parties laying out our future efforts before too much time goes by.

Bill Kelly: Yes, Duane, there is actual evidence your opinion is incorrect. The idea that we have no power to determine and learn the truth is untrue, as we now have the three things that give us that power – 1) The JFK Act of 1992 requires the government to release all records on the assassination to the public this year; 2) the computer and internet give us the ability to answer questions and obtain the records and knowledge immediately; 3) the small group of serious independent researchers who are actively working on the case – including Peter Dale Scott, John Newman, Paul Hoch, Bill Simpich, Rex Bradford, Larry Hancock, Jefferson Morley, Jim Lesar, Dr. Cyril Wecht, Larry Haapanen, and a dozen others whose combined work compliments each other, giving us a good overall and detailed knowledge of what really happened at Dealey Plaza.

CAPA is an extension of efforts begun decades ago and offshoot of the Committee for an Open Archives (COA), the Coalition on Political Assassinations (COPA) and other independent research organizations such as the Assassination Archives and Research Center (AARC), and the CTKA Citizens for Truth about the Kennedy Assassinations, and works closely with other groups like ROKA the Australian Reopen Kennedy Case, JFK Lancer, the Mary Ferrell Foundation and JFKFacts. COA and COPA founders were instrumental in getting the JFK Act of 1992 passed by Congress and COPA is mentioned for its work in the Final Report of the Assassinations Records Review Board (ARRB). AARB Chairman Judge John Tunheim spoke at a number of COPA press conferences and he was the featured speaker at a CAPA sponsored press conference at the National Press Club during Sunshine Week 2017, calling for the release of all of the government’s assassination by October 2017, as the law prescribes.

While that didn’t happen, CAPA’s research committee is reviewing the released records and compiling a report, and the CAPA legal committee presented a mock trial and re-evaluation of the evidence in the assassination. This was done in cooperation of a major Texas law school and featured a real judge and prosecutors as well as expert legal testimony that will be used in future legal initiatives, including a Texas Court of Inquiry that could exonerate the accused assassin and officially reopen the case. CAPA is also planning on conducting a drone video map of Dealey Plaza, conducting 3D computer graphics of x-rays, bullet fragments and shells and using the latest forensic science to test the evidence in the case, including the audio and visual graphics. CAPA is also planning on presenting a panel of the last living witnesses in Dallas this November. 

We are also intensely lobbying Congress to hold oversight hearings on the JFK Act and why it isn’t being enforced. CAPA is trying to finish the work and the fight started by serious assassination researchers many years ago when the assassination records were first locked away, and while many of them are no longer with us today, we are continuing their fight. You can mock us, or join the fray.

“Bill Kelly’s blog JFKCOUNTERCOUP provides running commentary on new evidence related to the assassination with an emphasis on what can be done about it.” – Jeff Morley

“I can validate the work of Bill Kelly, although anyone remotely familiar with him knows he is one of those few researchers who has interviewed Arthur Young, stepfather of Michael Paine, Henry Pleasants interrogator of Reinhard Gehlen and Volkmar Schmidt who knew Lee Harvey Oswald and was connected to those associated with the group which led the failed assassination attempt against Adolf Hitler during World War II. Bill is one of those persons who has proved his mettle in the wars and is now leading the effort to do what has never been done, which is to bring about a real investigation into the assassination of JFK. While some sceptics will say that is simply ‘pie in the sky;’ my response is ‘some people see things as they are and say why, I dream things that never were and say why not?’”   - Kubark12

From: Ernesto Chavez

I have a suggestion to make it EASIER for more of the public to know the facts on the assassination. Also, to help draw logical conclusions given supportive evidence/information from current and past conspiracy researchers like Jim Garrison and Mark Lane. In countering endless lies and disinformation on the subject, I ask that you please head a group of the top 10 researchers to inform us, in writing, of the most plausible case scenario regarding the murder plot from beginning to end. It may be less confusing if the public learns the combined opinions of several credible researchers who are in general agreement. To lessen bruised egos in the research community, your book or report would obviously include footnotes and endnotes allowing the public access to many books exposing the conspiracy. A united front is necessary so that the public is not distracted by infighting over peripheral research opinions. 

I decided to write this after noting that many of the public and researchers still believe that the fatal head shot came from the grassy knoll. Sherry Fiester, Senior Crime Scene Investigator, Blood Splatter Analyst, and Court Certified Forensic Investigator established it was a shot from the FRONT that struck the president's right temple and exited the low rear right of his head. Shots were fired from the grassy knoll, but they missed. Much respect for your hard work, integrity, and courage.


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