Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Dateline Dallas - The Last Hurrah at Dealey Plaza

DALLAS, TEXAS. November 14, 2018. I have the feeling that this is the last time I will visit Dallas, at least for any JFK assassination conferences or programs, although next year, November 22 falls on a Friday, so it would be easy to hold a moment of silence at the Grassy Knoll at 12:30 pm and then proceed to a few days of business.

That would include presenting a case for a Texas Court of Inquiry that could exonerate Lee Harvey Oswald for the murder, having a Congressional Briefing on the JFK Act, having official open public hearings on the JFK Act in Congress - and covered live by ESPN, and petitioning for a new Grand Jury investigation of the crimes committed related to the assassination, including destruction of evidence, obstruction of justice and other crimes that can still be prosecuted.

But continually holding annual conferences with researchers and writers promoting their books is not the way to go, though there is a need for that too.

There are some positive developments in the case however, new evidence is being revealed all the time, dozens of original witnesses are still alive to respond to questions, the Democrats have taken over the House of Representatives so the House Oversight Committee is positioned to listen to a Congressional Briefing on the JFK Act. After that they should respond with their own official public hearings on the JFK records that could determine how and why so many records have been destroyed, are missing or otherwise kept out of the JFK Collection at the National Archives.

In addition, on a local level, here in Dallas, I learned tonight that a new liberal Democrat has been elected District Attorney, a former judge who advocated treatment of drug addicts instead of incarcerating them. He  also has announced his intention to prosecute the former Dallas white female cop who killed a black man in his own apartment, mistaking the apartment for her own. In any case, the new DA seems open to persuasion when it comes to crimes that are of major national media attention - like the assassination of President Kennedy.

The DA at the time of the assassination, Henry Wade, most famous for the Roe vs. Wade case on abortion, was not a bad District Attorney. For one, he maintained the evidence against the many young, black men he prosecuted, many of whom have been exonerated by the DNA evidence Wade maintained.

I once met Henry Wade's son at the bar at the Adolophis Hotel, and invited him and his wife to my COPA conference presentation that advocated a local Dallas special grand jury be impaneled to properly and independently investigate the assassination of President Kennedy and Dallas policeman J.D. Tippit. A grand juries is where evidence in a homicide is supposed to go, according to the law. And the Wades attended my presentation and wrote me a letter saying they appreciated my talk.

Now - tomorrow - Thursday, November 15, 2018 - CAPA is holding a one-day symposium "Last Living Witnesses" to the assassination of President Kennedy, that will include some former Parkland doctors and other witnesses, that should be a significant event. It will be another step leading up to CAPA's plan to present evidence and witnesses before a Texas Court of Inquiry - a legal procedure unique to Texas that could officially exonerate Oswald and force the government to re-open the investigation into who killed the President.

There are also two other conferences, JFK Lancer - at the Lorenzo Hotel, sponsored by Debra Conway and Larry Hancock, that will feature John Newman, Bill Simpich and myself, among others. With Simpich, I will be talking about the importance of the records recently released under the JFK Act, and what is still being withheld.

Judyth Vary Baker, who worked with Oswald at the Riley Coffee Company in New Orleans in the summer of 1963, is also holding a conference at the Doubletree Hotel, that will include Dick Russell and a keynote speech Saturday by CAPA chairman Dr. Cyril Wecht.

Then there's the former COPA members who feel left out by Lancer, who competed with COPA by holding competing conferences for many years, and they don't like JVB either, so they are meeting at the Magnolia Hotel, and just enjoying food, drink and good conversation. They include T. Carter and Marty Bragg, the Batman and Robbin of serious researchers who assisted John Judge in keeping COPA together for many years after others bailed out.

I will be at CAPA at the Old Red Court House at Dealey Plaza all day and early evening on Thursday, and then I will be attending a mixer at the roof top sky line bar at the Marriott Courtyard on Houston Street - one block from the Old Red Court House.

My presentation on the new records with Bill Simpich is scheduled for early Friday morning at Lancer, and I will stay all day, looking forward especially to hear John Newman's talk and get his new book, Part 3 in a series that will be published this month - Countdown To Darkness.

On Saturday I will visit JVB's Doubletree conference to hear Dick Russell and Dr. Wecht, as well as some of the others who have books published by Trinday, whose publisher Kris Milligan will be there as well.

Trinday's new book The Inheritance follows the trail of the JFK memorabilia, records and evidence in the assassination accumulated by Evelyn Lincoln, JFK's personal secretary from the time he was a Congressman until his murder. She sold many of her accumulations to a guy who took it on a mobile museum grand tour, and when he died, what he had was sold at auction, including some top secret documents that weren't even available at the Archives. There's also two trunks of records and evidence that Mrs. Lincoln left with an attorney, who advised the Assassination Records Review Board (AARB) that he had possession of them, but we still don't know what became of them. Now there's the Inheritance, a book that claims to fill us in on what became of it all.

Then there's The Skorzeny Papers, a new book that appears to contain ground breaking information that rests on the records of Nazi commando pioneer Otto Skorzeny, that were purchased by the author at a public auction. The fact that one of the JMWAVE Cuban commandos who were paid by the CIA and trained to kill Castro, met with Skorzeny after the assassination makes this book intriguing.

So there is still a lot going on - fifty five years after the murder of the President, and while many of those involved in the continuing research of that murder are here in Dallas with me, I hope to meet with them, pick their brains and try to fill in the missing blanks.

But I have the feeling that after doing this dozens of times, this is my last visit to Dallas, my last conference in Texas, and the Last Hurrah for JFK assassination research, though I am more confident now than ever that we are close to concluding this investigation, determine exactly what happened at Dealey Plaza, who did what and why they did it - to a legal and moral certainty.

Stay tuned.

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