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Four Days in Dallas - Day Four

FOUR DAYS IN DALLAS – DAY FOUR – Sunday, November 18, 2018 

By the fourth day in Dallas I was pretty beat, and didn’t make it for the final round of either conference, but ensured I met with those who spoke, especially Major Ralph P. Ganis, (USAF, Ret.), who appeared at early in the morning of the Lancer conference. While I missed Ganis’ presentation I did have a long talk with him, along with Dr. Mantik, and got a copy of his book that I will be reviewing soon. Ganis and his subject – Otto Skorzeny are extremely important to the latest JFK research, as it coincides with what Larry Hancock is finding with the names Gene Wheaton gives us.

Ganis did his talk at Lancer after Aldo Mariotto did a presentation on “The Texas Trip – Johnson’s Agenda.”
Ken Zeliker did a presentation on “A Photo Exhibit: The Evolution of the Plaza,” and indeed it looks much like it did when I first saw it decades ago, but much has changed.

Brian Edwards did a Walking Tour, then Lancer had a Memorial Ceremony at Dealey Plaza at 12:30 followed by a Brian Edwards Bus Tour of Dallas assassination sites to wrap up the last Lancer conference, as Debra Conway has announced that she will no longer be producing conferences, although she will continue other JFK Lancer enterprises, including publishing books and maintaining the web site and social media outreach.

Meanwhile over at the Doubletree, Damon Ise talked about “The Truth Behind the Death of John F. Kennedy, Jr.,” which may have had a bearing on Cartier watch of The Inheritance. JFK,Jr. apparently purchased the watch at a New York City auction for $1 million and said he was going to donate it to the National Archives. I have an inquiry into the Archives to determine exactly what became of that watch. In light of the news reports that indicate Christopher Fulton was involved in shenanigans involving another questionable watch, a case that also went to court, I will be compiling the documented provenance of JFK’s Cartier watch apart from what Fulton has said.

After Ise’s JFK,Jr. talk, Dr. David Mantik gave a presentation on “JFK’s Head Wounds and the Harper Fragment,” which was a large 3-4 inch piece of scull bone from the back of JFK’s head, that should have been evidence of a large exit wound to the back of the head, proof of a frontal shot, but that fragment was not found by a pedestrian the day after the assassination, was examined by a doctor and identified as to what part of the scull it came from, and was photographed before it disappeared.

Larry Rivera followed Mantik with his own discussion on “The Blender Program and the Harper Fragment” and “More Secrets Revealed.” Then they had a question and answer session on “Doorway Man,” with Rivera, who has intently studied the relevant photos, and should not be confused with “Prayer Man.”
Dr. William Warrick then did a talk on “RFK’s Autopsy: Anomalies and Problems,” which must have included the fact that the pathologist who prepared RFK’s autopsy noted that the fatal shot came to the back of the head from inches away, as there were gun powder burns around the wound to the head. This shot was impossible for Siran B. Siran to take as he was five feet in front of RFK, so he did not kill Senator Kennedy.
Dr. Warwick was followed by Paul Sshrade, who I had met at the 2013 Wecht conference in Pittsburgh. Now 93, Schrade was a close personal friend of RFK and the Kennedy family and was a witness to RFK’s murder in the Ambassador Hotel pantry. He continues to maintain that SBS did not kill RFK and that there was more than one gun firing at the time.

Jason Goodman (Crowsource The Truth) interviewed former CIA agent Kevin Shipp, “CIA and the Shadow Government – Yesterday and Today,” who acknowledge CIA participation in the assassination of JFK.

In keeping with Judyth Vary Baker and her cohorts, the bizarre Professor Dr. James Fetzer then talked about the CIA’s program to control the media – “Operation Mockingbird: Alive and Well Today.” And while Mockingbird is alive and well, as can be seen in the works of Latell, Shennan, Holland and others, it is the so-called “researchers” like Fetzer who seems to embrace every conspiracy theory that comes down the pike.

The MC Don Ratliff gave a talk on “My Journey to the Truth” before Karl Glovin talked about “Questioning HSCA’s Blakey at the Sixth Floor Museum.”  Now Glovin is a former Federal Border Guard who came out of no where to protest the continued withholding of JFK assassination records, actually picketing the JFK Center for the Performing Arts in a tux during a show. He stole the late Gene Case’s poster of a JFK Silver Dollar with a bleeding bullet hole to the head, made his own posters and buttons and continues to hold demonstrations at the JFK Center for the Performing Arts every November 22 and on JFK’s birthday in May.

While some wanna be researchers who were close to John Judge at the end of his life claim that we had a “falling out,”  we actually had a number of “falling outs” over different issues, the last being the support Judge and Rep. Cynthia McKinney expressed for Libyan dictator Quadafi, which went totally against the grain of what we supposedly believed in. John and I continued to have weekly telephone conversations up until the time of his stroke, the last one was when John called me to ask my advice on what to do about Karl Glovin. We both acknowledge that he had all the attributes of an agent provocateur and rather than attack him, I advised John to just ignore him.

While Lancer ended early, Judyth’s Doubletree conference continued well into the night.

Tyrel Ventura did a talk on “JFK and a New Generation’s Search for the Truth”

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After dinner Judyth Vary Baker read a deposition and signed copies of her book, S. T. Patrick, Jeff Worchester, Meredith Mantik, Ray Hale and Bonnie Faulkner did a panel discussion on “The Fight for Truth in Media – JFK’s Assassination a Core Issue,” and then they played some music and had a closing prayer before a “Pack Up Party” at 10 pm.

Meredith Mantik is the daughter of Dr. Mantik, and she is producing a documentary film on all of this, one that may be of value.

While all of this was going on, I slept late, and then met Michael Nurko for breakfast at what used to be the cafeteria next to the old Lawrence Hotel, which is now a New York Deli, with New York prices, though it was better than the hotel prices.

Michael then took a walk around Dealey Plaza, as I had done a few days before. We then packed our bags and met Peggy, a former COPA girl who gave us a ride to the airport instead of having to pay a $50 taxi ride. Peggy is good friends with Marty Bragg and T. Carter and the old COPA crew who used to hit the West End bars after the COPA conferences. She is now married to one of Madeline Brown’s sons, and his brother is a son of LBJ. Ah, it all comes full circle in the end.

But it’s not over yet. While COPA is caput, and Lancer will not be holding a conference next year, I’m sure Judyth will be organizing her troops together, and since November 22 falls on a Friday, as it was in 1963, it will be a good time to hold at least one more Last Hurrah, and hopefully some legitimate group will do so. As Bill Simpich said, there’s still a lot of work to be done in Texas, and some still living witnesses who should be properly questioned, and Texas is where a petition for a Texas Court of Inquiry must be introduced. So I have the feeling we will be returning to Dallas next year.

My Texas friends say I am a Good Yankee. When I ask what’s a Bad Yankee? They say its one who doesn’t go home.

Stay tuned, as I will be doing separate blog posts on Larry Hancock's report on Wheaton's names, Judge Bothello's recollections of Oswald the Marine, the provenance of JFK’s Cartier watch that he was wearing when he was killed, what became of Oval Office recordings and Cuban documents that Mrs. Lincoln kept in her personal possession, what was in the two unopened trunks that she left her Nebraska attorney, and the Otto Skorzeny Papers that Major Ralph Gainis (USAF, Ret.) purchased at auction. 

In addition, all of the programs - the CAPA "Last Surviving Witnesses," JFK Lancer and the Judyth Conference were video taped by the conference hosts and will be available to download and some on DVD in the very near future. Dr. David Mantik's daughter also filmed the CAPA doctors and Bethesda witnesses as well as parts of the Judyth conference and will be producing a documentary film based on what she filmed.

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