Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Is Litwin a Disinformationist?


I thought I was done with Fred Litwin and his nonsense, but Jimmy D at Kennedys and King - brought me back into this fray so we can nail the lid on this coffin and the ability for any rational person to claim that one man alone killed JFK.

In his review of Litwin's chapter on Jim Garrison, Jimmy D got me interested in this whole bizarre story by calling Litwin a "disinformationist," something I at first took exception to, as that is a very specific word, as opposed to someone being merely misinformed.

The word dizinformation stems from the dizinformation branch of the Soviet KGB, much like "propaganda" comes from the Vatican's ministry of propagation of the faith.

If it isn't a part of a psychological warfare operation promoted by a government intelligence service then it just isn't 'disinformation,' but something else, though some people have been brandishing the word about to refer to anyone they tend to disagree with.

It's easy for people like Litwin to be misinformed, as he isn't a real researcher, he's just read a few books and fancies himself an expert on such matters as political assassination and homosexuality. But in retrospect, a case can be made for Litwin to be brandishing disinformation, since he has lied on Canadian TV by saying the government's JFK assassination records have been released and there's nothing there. He says this much like Gerald Posner the Plagerist said the same thing in 1992 when the JFK Act was passed, though neither Posner nor Litwin have actually spent time reading the records, and for them, it isn't necessary as they are just promoting a false fact.

But Litwin can be called a "disinforatminst" - either wittingly or unwittingly, since he quotes and promotes the work of Max Holland, a certified CIA asset whose fake article claiming Garrison's prosecution of Clay Shaw was based on a KGB disinformation ploy - an article the CIA published in their in-house magazine.

As Jimmy D also points out, Litwin and Holland are both wrong in claiming that the "Dear Mr. Hunt" letter was manufactured by the KGB to implicated E. Howard Hunt in the assassination. While handwriting experts all agree it was penned by Lee Harvey Oswald, and the first copy of the letter was found in the files of Dallas oil man H. L. Hunt. The source used by both Litwin and Holland is one Soviet KGB archivist and defector named Valary Mitrokin.

Though neither Litwin nor Holland have actually read anything by Mitrokin, when he defected to the British he had to establish his bonifides, and was who he said he was, so he had to give up something. And that something was a former National Security Agency clerk who had left the NSA years before Mitrokin defected, but was a doubleagent who almost got away. Mitrokin gave up this clerk, who was arrested by the FBI.

At his first court hearing in Philadelphia, the clerk admitted working for the NSA, where he copied documents and sold them to the KGB. Among the NSA documents that passed through his hands he said was one, "that named the real assassin of President Kennedy."

That got the attention of a Philadelphia reporter in the room who, as the clerk was being escorted out of the courtroom to jail, asked him the name of JFK's "real assassin."

"Louis Angel Castillo," - was the response, and Castillo is a suspect who was arrested for attempting to kill the president of the Philippines, and who was, like Sirhan B. Sirhan, subjected to MKULTRA hypnosis and mind control techniques. The whole Castillo saga is a rabbit's hole that can't be rationally evaluated without the relevant government records, some of which are still being withheld.

So there is some real dizinormation being thrown around here, but it isn't that the KGB fooled Jim Garrison or the origin of the "Dear Mr. Hunt" letter, it's a lot more complicated than that.

And while Litwin, probably because of his own inclinations, takes peculiar interest in the gay lifestyles of David Ferrie and Clay Shaw, they aren't the only homosexuals who are tied up in these sorad affairs.

There's also Don Norton, one of three Don Nortons involved in this case. This Don Norton is an Oswald imposter, one who says he met Oswald in Mexico, who says he was recruited by Army Intelligence when he played piano in an officer's club, informing on those officers who were gay.

Now there was a particular interest in gays at the time - for a number of reasons. For one the Cambridge spy ring of Philby, Burgiss and McLean included a few gays, and as Paul Hoch has pointed out, those who were closet gays at the time already had a secret sect going and fit well into the spy game - the Greatest Game, as they call it. Oswald's game.

Then there were Martin and Mitchell, two other NSA clerks who worked for the same agency as the guy Mitrokin dropped a dime on, an agency so secret that it's initials were even secret in the Sixties, when Martin and Mitchell defected - via the Cuban Embassy in Mexico City, Cuba and then Moscow, the same route that Oswald tried to take in the fall of 1963.

While Martin and Mitchell were thought to be homosexuals, among the recently released JFK assassination records is one document from a still secret source in Russia who reported that once they were behind the Iron Curtain, Martin and Mitchell split up, and even married Russian women, and weren't homosexuals after all.

In any case, while I don't like brandishing about descriptions like "disinformationist" without foundation, Litwin is promoting the cover story for the Dealey Plaza operation, that Oswald was responsible, that his motive was connected to Castro and Cuba, and his unabashed propagation of the real disinformation being sprouted by the likes of Max Holland, certainly classifies Litwin as in Holland's camp.

It isn't Litwin who is a threat - it is the false facts that he and Holland try to promote, and they must be called out on it, and for what it is - disinformation.

And while on the subject - there is some real disinformation being promoted - that Oswald and Castro were behind teh Dealey Plaza operation - the part of the plan to kill JFK that failed, and one that gives us some clear insight into the conspiracy.


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