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John Newman on Hypothesis One and Two


Hypothesis One: At some point in 1962, regardless of how much earlier one might have wanted President Kennedy to be assassinated, the contours of the plot that eventually emerged began to fall into place: an American Marxist, Lee Harvey Oswald would appear to have assassinated JFK and to have done so for Fidel Castro with the assistance of the KGB.

Hypothesis Two: The plot was designed to make it appear that the Kennedy brothers’ plan to overthrow Castro had been successfully turned by Fidel, resulting in the assassination of President Kennedy.....

John Newman posted this on Facebook.: 

In Volume III (“Into the Storm”) I deconstructed CIA officer Samuel Halpern’s four-decades long campaign to convince the world that Attorney General Robert Kennedy ran a super-secret operation (unknown to Harvey and the rest of the CIA leadership) to use the Mafia to murder Fidel Castro—and that RFK used another CIA officer, Charles Ford, as his liaison to the mob to achieve that nefarious objective.

Halpern’s RFK-Mafia myth has played a significant role in the continuing use of the old canard that Castro (with a KGB assist) was responsible for the Kennedy assassination. That canard lies at the heart at the successful cover-up of the murder of JFK. For these reasons, Chapter Seven of Volume III opens with an essay addressing the strategy and tactics of the cover-up.


The cover-up of the president’s murder was carefully prepared well before the event itself. In the days immediately following the shooting in Dealey Plaza, both overt and covert components of the cover-up were put into play.

Overt is what the public sees; covert is what people with appropriate security clearances see. The overt component created a calming public spectacle by framing Oswald as a crazy lone nut with communist sympathies but no direct connection to a larger conspiracy. The covert component created a threatening top-secret crisis by framing Oswald as a witting agent of an international communist conspiracy. 

The overt component was a messy but straight-forward public exhibition of fabricated evidence in Dealey Plaza. The covert component was an intricate secret “need-to-know” exhibition of fabricated evidence in Oswald’s top-secret government files. The fabricated top-secret evidence was weaponized to create a frightening impression of an impending crisis: The U.S. was facing a possible nuclear war with the USSR because the FBI and CIA had failed to connect the dots in their secret files on Oswald. In this manner, our national security institutions were incentivized to cooperate in the unfolding cover-up. 

The symbiotic relationship of these false conspiracies in the overt and covert components of the cover-up was an ingenious fit. The calming effect of the lone nut non-conspiratorial overt scenario  —itself part of the true conspiracy — was the antidote for the false conspiratorial crisis scenario unfolding inside of the government. The key to the long-term success of the cover-up was the continuing survival of the covert component of the plan. As long as the covert communist conspiratorial scenario remained viable, the feasibility of the overt lone nut (apparently) non-conspiratorial component became less important over time. 

The importance of the role that these discrete conspiracies played in the hierarchy of false conspiracies cannot be overemphasized. In the long run, it didn’t matter how many holes were poked in the Dealey Plaza scenario. The cover-up of the true conspiracy—the Wizard of Oz cabal behind the curtain—was dependent on a continuing staunch defense of the covertly engineered false conspiracy: especially the RFK-Mafia myth. The permanence of that covert false conspiracy permitted the dismissal of the less important fabricated evidence in Dealey Plaza as a benign conspiracy to save America. 

How that plan was accomplished is the subject of this chapter and Chapters Nine, Ten, and Fifteen. In a nutshell, this was the plan: An international communist conspiracy to assassinate President Kennedy was the result of the Kennedy brothers’ collusion in a plan to assassinate Fidel Castro. The key element in the plan was this ominous false scenario: Robert Kennedy got his brother killed and almost started World War III. A secret RFK-Mafia plot to assassinate Castro was turned around by Fidel and—with an assist by the KGB—used to assassinate President Kennedy instead. 

The alleged involvement of the Kennedy brothers’ collusion in Castro assassination plotting is the indispensable and inseparable foundation for the false international communist conspiracy scenario. To prevent the deaths of forty million Americans in a thermonuclear war, the apparent Castro-Kremlin role in the Kennedy assassination had to be suppressed by Chief Justice Earl Warren at the secret level. Today, this permits the CIA to characterize that suppression by the Warren Commission as a benign but necessary conspiracy to save us all. 

Therefore, as these complicated components of the hierarchy of false conspiracies evolved over the last fifty years, it is not at all surprising that the Kennedy brothers’ alleged participation in Castro assassination plotting has become even more important than the issue of whether the manufactured evidence in Dealey Plaza points to a conspiracy. 

So, in recent years, a peculiar new paradigm of benign conspiracy has emerged. That paradigm goes something like this: If the Kennedy assassination was a conspiracy, then the Kennedy brothers were themselves to blame. And so, today, many mainstream observers, researchers, and authors have become inescapably attracted to the view that a Kennedy involvement in Castro assassination plots is the reason that President Kennedy was assassinated. 

However, the Kennedy collusion subterfuge brought an element of risk with it. Baking Kennedy collusion into Castro assassination plotting left this otherwise cunning cover-up with an Achilles heel: The demonstrably false RFK narrative had to be left in the open.

Take it away and the role of both brothers vanishes with it, the nakedness of the emperor is exposed, and the light of truth illuminates one of the worst disasters ever to befall the American republic.

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