Monday, February 4, 2019

Support JFK Research and JFKCountercoup

Support JFK Research and JFKCoutnercoup

I have been researching and writing about the JFK assassination since I was a seventeen year old freshman history student at the University of Dayton when I did a paper on the Bay of Pigs in 1969.

We've all come a long way since then, and this is the year - 2019 when we can wrap this case up to a legal and moral certainty, though Justice will certainly be tossed along the wayside.

When I was a regular mainstream journalist at the Jersey Shore I got paid a $100 for a column and more for a news or feature article, but now that I am blogging, I get a 1,000 hits a day but how do you turn those "hits" into $ to support the work? I haven't figured it out yet, but this may be one way.

As my mother used to say, "It isn't work if you don't get paid for it," and the only money I was paid to do JFK research was a $3,000 grant I received in 1993 from the Fund For Constitutional Government Investigative Journalism Project, that I frugally used on a round-trip AMTRACK train ticket from Atlantic City to San Diego and back, via Chicago, New Orleans, Houston and Dallas. Along the way I stayed on the couches of fellow JFK researchers and interviewed numerous witnesses and suspects.

Now I am asking my friends, associates and supporters to do the same, and I will use this money to accomplish our mutual goal of filling in the missing blanks and pieces to the Dealey Plaza mystery, as this will probably be our last chance as most of the witnesses and suspects have passed away, as well as many of those who started out on this struggle and began this fight. Now we must finish it, and I promise to do my part.

There are other requests for donations from very good causes - Mary Ferrell, JFKFacts, Assassination Archives and Research Cetner, Kennedys and King, Black Op Radio, CAPA and others who are coming along - the Truth and Reconciliation Committee for one. This one is for support of my research, writings and JFKCountercoup and JFKCountercoup2 blogs.

The glitz at GoFundMe has been corrected and it should accept donations now. 

You can also support me and my work through joining CAPA - Citizens Against Political Assassination - and donating to them, a tax-deductable non-profit organization at 

Many thanks for those who have support me alonng the way, as this journney is almost over.

Bill Kelly 


joe kapp said...

hi there appreciate your work
btw the gofund page is not working

William Kelly said...

Thanks Joe,

The Glitz is fixed. Thanks to all who donated to keep this going.