Wednesday, October 30, 2019

garrison - the Magazine

garrison – The Magazine of History and Deep Politics 

There’s Garrison the fictional town in Colorado where the Netflix TV show The Ranch takes place, then there’s Jim Garrison the former District Attorney of New Orleans who tried to investigate the assassination of President Kennedy, and now there’s garrison – the Magazine of History and Deep Politics that is named after the man, not the town.

Founded by intrepid journalist S. T. Patrick, this slick, glossy publication is chock full of interesting articles, and is reminiscent of Evergreen – the classic New Left magazine of the Sixties, and Ramparts, which Patrick says helped inspire him to do this despite the continuing failures and decline of other such mainstream magazines.

Now in its third edition, garrison – apparently spelled without the capitol ala e.e. cummings, is a radical print political journal that is taking off – and available in both digital and versions.

And I am proud to have contributed to the third edition, providing a summary synopsis of my latest JFK assassination research – Valkyrie and Pathfinder at Dealey Plaza, which I intend to use as a basis for expanding into a full fledged book.

Proud not only to get my work out there for others to read beyond my blog, but also to have my name associated with other contributors – Jim Hougan, David Talbot, Robert Groden, Michael Chesser, M.D., Walt Brown, Edgar F, Tatro, Richard Bartholomew and even the late Carl Oglesby puts in an afterlife appearance. Other authors include David Knight, Casey Quinlan, Brian Edwards and Joe Green.

And the topics are varied and not just related to JFK and political assassinations but span the horizon of the interesting times we live in – Watergate, Jonestown, the Moon Hoax , movies and whistleblowers are all featured items.

In acknowledging his inspirations in the first issue, Patrick wrote: “This journal is an extension of Johathan Marshall’s Parapolitics, Robin Ramsay’s Lobster, Jim DiEugenio and Lisa Pease’s Probe Magazine, Kenn Thomas’ Steamshovel Press, Edward Keating’s Ramparts, Paul Krasner’s The Realist, Max Schrr’s Berkeley Barb, Bill Schaap’s CovertAction Quarterly, and Paranoia magazine.”

“The mission of garrison is to gather a talented team of writers, researchers, illustrators, photographers, and editors to produce a magazine that will challenge the mainstream media, historical establishment, and textbook conglomerates that control information today. We will ultimately tackle controversial topics in unique ways and with a variety of political and philosophical, and ideological perspectives. We are a non-partisan magazine that seeks not to disparage any race, religion, culture, creed, gender or ideology.” 

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