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General Walker, the JFK Assassination and JFCOTT

Genearl Walker, the JFK Assassination and JFCOTT

As Mrs. Paine has requested, we are going to take a much closer look at the shooting attack on General Edwin Walker, and analysize how Lee Harvey Oswald is considered a suspect and how it relates to the Dealey Plaza Operation.

For starters, Volkmar Schmidt told me that on February 22, 1963, he had an extended conversation with Lee Harvey Oswald at a party at his home in which he said Walker should be killed much like Hitler should have been, specifically mentioning the July 20, 1944 Valkyrie plot to kill Hitler.

This was the same party that was organized by George deMohrenschildt for the expressed purpose of introducing Oswald to Michael Paine because they ostensibly shared similar ideologies. But Michael Paine didn’t show, so Schmidt talked to Oswald about Walker while Oswald’s wife Marina met Ruth Paine. They became fast friends until the day of the assassination.

Schmidt said he believed he might have encouraged Oswald to buy a rifle and try to kill Walker, and he felt guilty about it.

Now Phil Shenon can write an entire book about a Mexico City Twist Party that Oswald didn’t attend, and wasn’t encouraged to kill JFK by Castro Cuban Commies, but nobody is much interested in the party Oswald did attend and was encouraged to assassinate someone – General Walker.

While it can be convincingly shown that Oswald was not on the Sixth Floor of the Texas School Book Depository (TSBD) at the time of the shooting, and did not kill the President, those who continue to make the claim that Oswald alone killed the President say he had the means (rifle) and opportunity (TSBD), but then they stretch pretty far to attribute a believable motive to the alleged assassin.

Mrs. Paine says he wanted to kill someone – anyone – to make a name for himself in history, but this is easily discounted since he refused to take credit for it – and claimed to be a patsy, set up to take the fall for a crime he didn’t commit, as the evidence also suggests.

Then others – James Reston, Jr. for one, put forth the notion that Oswald wasn’t shooting at the President, but rather, - former Navy Secretary and Texas Governor John Connally.

The motive? His Marine discharge was changed from honorable to “undesirable” after he defected to the USSR. Oswald wrote to Navy Secretary Connally from Russia – with love, seeking to rectify the situation, but Connally had resigned to run for governor and was replaced by Fred Korth. A Fort Worth attorney, Korth knew Oswald personally, as he represented Oswald’s mother in legal proceedings. So Korth got Oswald’s letter instead of Connally. And it was Korth who would become embroiled in the TFX jet fighter scandal among various Texas defense contractors. 

The letter itself is interesting as it includes a line in which Oswald says he went to Russia for the same reason “Hemingway went to Paris.” While Hemingway lived in Paris in the 20s as an itinerant ex-patriot writer, during World War II he also participated in the liberation of Paris with OSS Colonel David Bruce. Bruce later became Hemingway’s best man at his wedding an JFK’s ambassador to the Court of St. James. In his letter to Connally was Oswald referring to Hemingway’s OSS World War II adventure?

So after Volkmar Schmidt told Oswald that “Nazi” General Walker should be killed as Hitler should have been, Oswald ordered the rifle under the alias “Alex Hidel” through his P.O. Box. He allegedly picked it up, along with the pistol (ordered COD) on the same day when his work sheet at Jaggers-Chiles-Stoval graphics arts firm shows he put in a full day from before the post office was open until after it was closed, So he must have went across town to the post office while he was on duty working at J/C/S. And one of the clients whose project he worked on that day was for the Sam Bloom Advertising agency, the same agency that handled the motorcade and later Jack Ruby’s trial.

So Oswald meets and talks to Volkmar Schmidt about killing Walker on February 22, orders the rifle and picks it up. Marina then took a photo or photos of Oswald dressed in black and holding two communist magazines - the Communist Party "Worker" and the Trotyskite Party's "Militant," with the pistol and rifle in his backyard. A copy of this photo was given to George deMohrenschildts with Marina's handwritten inscription "Hunter of Fascists, Ha! Ha!". 

Oswald then visits the Walker residence and takes photos of the area, including one of Walker's driveway with a 1957 Chevy parked, - the license plate number later obliterated when it was in the possession of the Dallas Police, ostensibly to keep anyone from learning the identity of the car owner. 

Oswald then writes and leaves a note for Marina as to what to do if he is arrested (or killed), a letter Ruth Paine passes on to Marina in a book shortly after the assassination. . 

On April 10, 1963 someone took a pot shot at Walker that missed, and two people are seen leaving the scene of the crime. 

According to the official version of events Oswald hid the rifle under a rain coat, took a bus to Walker’s Turtle Creek residence, took the shot that missed, buried the rifle nearby and retrieved it a few days later. When he returned home Marina said he was excited, breathing heavy and hyper-venelating hours after the incident.

APRIL 10, 1963

When you look at the master chronology of April 10, 1963, one news report jumps out at you, and  it isn't the Walker shooting. Early that morning the nuclear submarine USS Thresher went down with all hands while on deep sea trials in the North Atlantic.

Those who were responsible for locating the sunken sub on the Ocean floor were stationed at the Woods Hole research institute, which later worked closely with the acoustical scientists who the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) hired to perform the echo analysis on the Dallas Police dictabelt tape recording, which concluded there was a 95% probability of a gun shot from the Grassy Knoll.

The Woods Hole institute is adjacent to – right next door to Naushon Island, the Forbes family retreat where Ruth Paine visited Michael Paine’s mother – Ruth Forbes Paine Young, shortly before she picked up Marina and the rifle in New Orleans and took them to Texas while Oswald reportedly went to Mexico.

Naushon Island is an interesting place, not only because it is owned by the Forbes family and is where Ruth Paine visited on her summer vacations, but because it is also frequented by sailor Walter Cronkite, who occasionally anchored his boat there at the invitation of the Forbes. Cronkite was the CBS TV News anchor and public advocate of the World Federalists, an organization that was also supported by Ruth Forbes Paine Young and Priscilla Johnson (McMillan), another player in this drama.

The World Federalists was a United Nations support organization founded by Cord Meyer, Jr., a World War II veteran who became one of Allen Dulles’ top deputies and head of the CIA’s International Organizations Division. He was also married to but separated from Mary Pinchot Meyer, a JFK paramour who, at the same time Ruth Paine left Naushon Island to pick up Marina in New Orleans – Mary Meyer accompanied the President to her mother’s home in northeast Pennsylvania by helicopter on the first leg of his Conservation Tour.

It is also worth noting that Cord Meyer, Jr.’s father – Cord Meyer, Sr. was an early aviation pioneer and a co-founder of the Civil Air Patrol with D.H. Byrd, the owner of the Texas School Book Depository (TSBD) at the time of the assassination.  The CAP was an organization that Oswald joined before enlisting in the Marines.

What does all this have to do with General Walker and the Thresher?

Well from what I understand, the Thresher went down because of a catastrophic failure of key components – specifically the O-ring seals for pipes, which were attributed to the manufacturer – Bendix, a major defense contractor based in the state of Washington.

That’s where a trail is said to have taken place – Bray vs. Bendix, Bray being a Bendix employee and whistleblower who, according to trial records read by researchers, tried to introduced into the court record a film of the JFK assassination – not the Zapruder film but another previously unknown film.

Bray is reported to have testified that he was visited by three men in suits and ties who claimed to represent an organization called JFCOTT – Justice For the Crew Of The Thresher. They are said to have threatened to kill the Secretary of the Navy – John Connally, who they held responsible for the catastrophe.

Now this reminds me a lot of the two Cubans – and Oswald – who visited the Dallas apartment of Sylvia Odio, whose father ran an anti-Castro group JURE and was in a Cuban prison for his role in an attempt to kill Castro that also included Antonio Veciana. The Cubans said Oswald was crazy and could kill anyone – including the Secretary of the Navy.

I don’t know what this all means, but it seems to me that Oswald was being set up as the Patsy for the impending assassination of the President and multiple possible motives were being set in place – including the anti-Castro Cuban Commie one as well as the idea that he wanted to kill the former Navy Secretary John Connally, if the Cuban angle didn’t work.

And there’s more.

At some point in the proceedings George deMohrenschildt took Oswald’s wife Marina to the home of a friend of his – retired Admiral Chester Bruton, where they sat around the pool and prepared a barbeque lunch when Oswald unexpectedly showed up. Bruton was a former nuclear submarine commander who was then a top executive at Collins Radio who was working on research involving radio communications with nuke subs at sea.

Oswald was invited to joint them for lunch, and deMohrenschildt said that because Oswald had previously worked at a radio factory (in Minsk, USSR), he encouraged Bruton to give Oswald a job at Collins Radio. But Bruton picked up on Oswald’s distaste for military top brass and “lifers” like him and declined to give Oswald a job.

When I read about this in deMohrenschildt’s manuscript “I’m a Patsy!” in the HSCA volumes, I looked up Bruton and found him living in Washington D.C. and called him on the phone. His daughter answered and said that her father had just died and she was there to take care of his last effects.

Looking at the situation more closely, I learned that during World War II, while working for French Intelligence, deMohrenschildt lived for awhile in Washington D.C. and shared an apartment with a Navy man who later became a nuclear submarine captain of the Thresher, but not when it went down.

Then I read where Clay Shaw, who became entangled in the New Orleans aspects of the JFK assassination drama, wrote a play about a submarine crew who were stranded at the bottom of the ocean.

Many have noticed the similarities between the JFK assassination and the movie The Parallax View, staring Warren Beaty as a reporter framed for the murder of a politician, a movie based on a book written by a former OSS officer. While the movie ends at the Dallas Trade Mart, the book ends with the killing of the protagonist in the Jersey Shore salt marshes between Cape May and Wildwood, New Jersey, where I just happened to live.

So I drove there to check it out and found a high security base with a sign: “US Navy Engineering Center.” At a nearby bar – the Crest Tavern, I stopped to have a beer and asked the bartender what the base did – and he said it was a secret US Navy base used to communicate with subs at sea.

Now if you still think this line of reasoning is just pure speculation, coincidences and conjecture, consider the following - After resigning from the Navy after developing the Polaris missile and the Navy's nuclear submarine program in 1963, in April 1965 Admiral William Raborn, "despite having no intelligence experience, President Lyndon B. Johnson appointed Raborn as the seventh Director of Central Intelligence...." 

The bottom line is that there are more questions about the Walker shooting than there are answers.

We need to know whose 57 Chevy was parked in his drive way in the photo Oswald had in his possession and probably took.

We need to know why James Reston, Jr. and others who promote the idea Oswald was shooting at Connally, - why don't they use the JFKCOTT story - that supports their false but possible contention?

We need to know how it was that a small neo-Nazi newspaper in Germany got the scoop that Oswald was a suspect in the Walker shooting while the entire Mainstream News Media in the USA missed it?

We need to know why the Secret Service told Marina not to re-connect with Ruth H. Paine because she was somehow affiliated with the CIA - what was that affiliation?

We need to know how Walker could say that he knew Oswald was a suspect in his shooting before the assassination?

We need to know how it was possible for people to believe or promote the idea that Oswald was arrested fr the Walker shooting before the JFK assassination but was released on orders of RFK?

We need to know if the bullet fired at Walker can be re-tested to confirm or refute whether it was fired from the MC?

We need to know how it was possible for FBI Agent Hosty to be assigned to investigate the Walker shooting AND the Oswald case and not put two and two together?




Colin said...

Thanks for the interesting read. I stumbled across this peace when trying to find information on the JFCOTT evidence I found on the JFK assassination records in the National Archives. I was very surprised I'd not heard about it any where before given its explosive nature. Personally I'm not a conspiracy believer but I never close my mind to any possibility and would be happy to be proved wrong If I am.

Does anyone know of any investigation reports that were carried out by the authorities at the time either in August 1963 or in the following years? also, Does anyone have any proof that the letter claiming Gov. J Kelly would be assassinated in Dallas by a high powered riffle during a parade was actually sent, or if this was just some nut-job taking advantage of the assassination claiming responsibility post-event? It seems odd that if someone went to court claiming the had evidence in the manner of a recording of the assassination of the President of the US that the court would not want to see it

William Kelly said...

Colin, can you share what you found at the NARA on JFCOTT? I would like to see it and post it.