Sunday, November 24, 2019

Dallas CAPA Day 2


Day two of the Dallas CAPA Conference began with an hour long presentation by San Fran attorney Bill Simpich, who was the guy to first discover the existence of the Texas Court of Inquiry and was one of the lead attorneys who had presented the Mock TCI yesterday, with much success.

On this day Simpich did an in-depth report on the Dallas Police - focusing on the Special Services Unit - and the roles in the assassination drama played by its officers - Capt. George Lumpkin, Pat Gannaway, Jack Revill and others, especially noting their duel hats of also being U.S. Army Reserve Intelligence officers. This conforms with my own working hypothesis that overlaps with the Valkyie plot to kill Hitler that the CIA "studied in detail" to use against Castro that I believe was redirected to JFK in Dallas. Of the five aspects of the Valkyrie plan was the part to use the Home Guard - the National Guard-Army Reserves as the "boots on the ground" doing the operational work of the coup.

After Simpich, there was a panel of a number of forensic specialists who discussed various ballistic evidence - with special emphasis on the rifle and bullet fragments, and included NYC attorney Lawrence Schnapf, Cl;iff Spiegleman and David Josephs.

Then James Wagenvoord, former Life Magazine editor, give a deep background report on how Life Magazine obtained and promoted the Zapruder Film and backyard photos, a presentation that led to much discussion and many questions afterwards.

Following lunch were the two longest - hour and a half each presentations by the heavy hitters - former CIA officer Rolf Mowatt Larsen, whose presentation, "Marked for Assassination - Who Killed JFK?" was a very detailed report on CIA operational procedures and what an intelligence officer would have had to do in order to put Oswald in position, frame him for the assassination, and insert and arrange for the escape of a first class, professional assassination team.

While some - Jim DiEugenio - complained about CAPA bringing in a CIA man to make a presentation, I told Jim I would explain it all to him - and will in a more detailed special report when I get home.

Larsen worked for the CIA for 25 years and rose to the position of Division Chief, one of the top positions in the agency, and he now works at the Kennedy Library in Boston. Larsen, Dick Russell and Jefferson Morley continued their discussion in the hall for another hour after his presentation and Larsen said he is still learning about the assassination.

Larsen's presentation was a good prequil to John Newman's "Turning Antonio Veciana's Misdirection into a Roadmap," that went into great detail of how anti-Castro Cuban terrorist used journalist and Congressional investigator Gaeton Fonzi to get out of federal prison and redirect his investigation to the CIA rather than the U.S. Army intelligence unit - Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence (ACSI), who he really worked for - according to the recently released records.

Newman's documentation and detailed analysis seems unarguable, and also fits in with my Valkyrie theory that it was not the CIA but U.S. Army Reserve Intelligence who were involved in the details of the Dealey Plaza operation.

I took ten pages of notes from Larsen and Newman presentations and will do separate reports on each as soon as I get home.

After a break in the action, Andrew Kiel gave a fine report on "J. Edgar Hover, LBJ and the Secret Service" in which I learned a lot of new tidbits, and I enjoyed talking with him between presentations. Andrew fit in for former Warren Commission counsel Burt Griffin, who was originally scheduled to talk, but backed out when he learned that Dr. Cyril Wecht was our chairman and Oliver Stone was to be the featured speaker at the banquet.

Following Kiel, Judge Brandon Birmingham, when he was a young assistant District Attorney in Dallas, discovered boxes of records from the Jack Ruby trial in a basement closet, saved them and arranged for them to be digitalized and put on line. He is a real Judge and is sympathetic to our Texas Court of Inquiry project and may be the Judge we will present the real TCI to sometime in the near future, creating a real TCI that could legally exonerate Oswald in the eyes of the law. That would kick in a number of new legal venues including a possible Grand Jury investigation of the unsolved murders of JFK, J.D. Tippit and possible conspiracy in the murder of Oswald. And the new black Democratic D.A. is considering convening a special Dallas County Grand Jury to attempt to resolve such outstanding cold cases.

After another break, the room was broken down from a conference to a weeding-banquet setting and a really fine dinner - this Marriott is a first class joint and Dr. Wecht arranged for a first class meal for a sell out crowd.

I sat at the table with Dr. Wecht and the CAPA board and Oliver Stone, who Wecht presented with CAPA's "Profile in Courage" Award for his movie "JFK," which led to the passage of the JFK Act of 1992 and the release of the government's records on the assassination.

I was especially honored when Stone made special reference to me when he said, "You can ask Bill Kelly what's in the records - and how they were stripped like the bones of a fish or a Mercedes left in Harlem for 20 years," which was the metaphor he himself used twenty years ago when he testified before a Congressional Hearing on the JFK Act and a Congressman asked him what he - Stone expected to find in the records? Stone replied that the records would be like a Mercedes left in Harlem for 20 years - stripped of tires, crome, radio, battery, but you would still recognize it as a Mercedes. And the records left indicate that it was a "Coup."

We had a very good video team tape the entire conference and will be posting it on line at ASAP.

CAPA is a non-profit organization that you can donate to and receive tax deduction for it.

You can also support my JFK research and work by donating to my GoFundMe Support JFKCountercoup.

I will give further details of the conference as soon as I have the time.


JYL said...

Bill - continuing great work by you, CAPA and the other researchers.

Speaking of continuing work, check out this Washington Post podcast, "retropolis", where they revisit history for their current (and younger) readers. This one from 11/19/2019.

Carolyn Roses 🌹 Goyda said...

Fabulous recap
Thank you for your continued efforts and brilliant insight
Jealous- Would have loved to have been at that table and able to ask questions

Will anybody be able to look at the video online or is there a purchase requirements etc.?

S r. Dusty Rohde said...

Food for thought, how could the original Texas court of inquiry be considered legitimate without an autopsy? Or without even as much as autopsy photographs? There is no record of autopsy photographs being sent to the Dallas police, to Henry Wade or to anyone else in Texas. These were withheld from everyone, including the TCI.