Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Squaring Off on the Devil's Chessboard - Dissension in the Conspiracy Ranks

Squaring Off on the Devil’s Chessboard – Dissension in the Conspiracy Ranks

The Opposition to conspiracy in the assassination of President Kennedy – though small in numbers, are united in their ranks, have unlimited funding and dedicated organizations that promote their mission and goals.

Their dedication to the proposition that the Warren Commission Report was basically correct – that one man alone was responsible for the assassination of President Kennedy, is unwavering, and their fall back position – if there was a conspiracy, the lone assassin Lee Harvey Oswald had an accomplice or was encouraged or directed by Castro Cuban Communists.

The difference between a clandestine operation and a covert one is a clandestine op is designed to be invisible and if successful is never known to even exist, while a covert operation is out in the open and designed to deceive so that those who pull it off go undetected. Since the shooting of the President in the head as he drove down a Dallas street could not be a hidden clandestine op, it was designed to deceive, so the third class sniper in the Sixth Floor window of the Texas School Book Depository (TSBD) pumped bullets into the car from the location that would be attributed to Oswald while a first class sniper took one shot to the head from a different location.

As the ambush shootout at Dealey Plaza was designed to include more than one gunman, and would be immediately recognized as a conspiracy – the Castro Cuban Commie deception plan was made a part of the plot and was to be the original cover-story – what Peter Dale Scott calls the Phase One aspect of the plan, which was super seeded Friday evening when President Johnson informed the Texas legal authorities that Oswald was not to be charged with “furthering a communist  conspiracy,” and the Phase Two – deranged loner scenario came into play. Then all of the evidence and witnesses testimony was bent to reflect that story.

Since the Phase One plan – a black propaganda operation to blame Castro failed, like all covert operations that fail, it gives us a window into the plot – as almost every one of those who make the claim that Fidel Castro was behind Oswald can be shown to be somehow connected to the CIA. Dozens of such allegations have been made, and each one can be shown to not only be false, but associated with the CIA. When David Atlee Phillips testified before the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA), attorney Dan Hardway asked him why so many of those who made the Castro allegation were associated with him – he could not answer the question.

The Phase One plan to blame the assassination on Cuban Castro Commies, even after its failure and exposure, is still Today what they call an “active measure,” that CIA agents Brian Latell and Bob Bair and their media assets Gus Russo and Phil Shenon still actively promote in books and on TV.

In support of their mission they are supported not only by the CIA but by other well financed institutions – the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas, the Spy and Cold War Museums in Washington D.C. and the OSS Society, which is planning on building a multi-million museum and education center dedicated to the promotion the history and continued use of clandestine and covert operations by the US government.

When Oliver Stone’s movie “JFK” was about to be released, former Warren Commission lawyers met in Washington D.C. to organize resistance and immediately came up with a $4 million war chest that I believe was used to finance Gerald Posner, Vincent Bugliosi, Norman Mailer and Max Holland, each of whom were given big advances to continue their work in support of the Warren Report’s conclusion that a low life pawn took out the King. 

Now compare that to the War Chest and Strategy of the Conspiracy Side of the Chess Board. 


On the other hand, while the Warren Commission defenders are united, well funded and well organized, those who promote the idea of a conspiracy are disjointed, fractured, unorganized and are continually at war with each other. And the view from behind the scenes isn’t pretty.

At first it was pretty simple – the Warren Commission Report stated their case and released some of their records, and the early critics went over the records and showed how the evidence and witness testimony they acquired does not stand up to close review and analysis, Oswald was what he said he was – a Patsy, and there must have been a conspiracy. It is the nature of that conspiracy that makes it impossible to grasp and is the source of the dissension in the conspiracy ranks.

During the HSCA investigation, after the first chief counsel Richard Sprague, Esq. suspected CIA involvement and fired from his job, the second chief counsel G. Robert Blakey came from the Cornell Institute of Organized Crime and redirected the investigation towards that end, causing a rift between those who suspected the CIA and those who blamed the Mafia. That division is still reflected in the arguments between former Sprague assistant Bob Tannenbaum and Blakey’s associate Dan Hardway.

The conspiracy camp is also bitterly divided over the Zapruder Film, some believing it is a real vision of the event as it occurred, as Bob Groden believes, or it was sent to a secret CIA lab in Rochester, New York where it was doctored to eliminate the large gaping hole in the back of the President’s head – the sure sign of an exit wound and shot from the front, as the military analyst for the Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB) Doug Horne believes and provides ample evidence of in his series of books “Inside the ARRB.”
Then there are those who believe the body itself was hijacked and altered before the autopsy at Bethesda, as David Lifton, author of “Best Evidence,” and Doug Horne both attest with evidence and witnesses, while others scoff at the idea.

Certain individuals who have promoted the idea of a conspiracy have also been vilified – beginning with Mark Lane – whose work some promote – ala Tannenbaum, while others, like the late John Judge despise him for his role in the Jamestown massacre. Others often vilified are former New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrision, who is a hero to some and hated by others for prosecuting an innocent man. Colonel Fletcher Prouty is also considered a hero by some, and dismissed by others for his support of some controversial causes.

Then there are certified idiots like Professor Jim Fetzer, who was recently fined for publishing a book that says the Sandy Hook massacre didn’t take place, and Republican dirty trickster Roger Stone, currently on trial in Washington D.C., who wrote a book blaming LBJ and the Democrats for the assassination of JFK.

Not since the early ASK Conferences in Dallas and the first two COPA national conferences in Washington D.C. have there been solid conferences, but instead there has been competing conferences – first between COPA and LANCER in Dallas, a bitter rivalry that pitted John Judge against Debra Conway, and went on for decades, spilling over to the Grassy Knoll memorial service.

Now there is Judyth Vary Baker’s seventh annual conference in Dallas that went up against LANCER after the death of John Judge and the dissolving of COPA. When Debra Conway decided not to hold a LANCER conference this year, CAPA took up the slack and is holding one this year at the downtown Dallas Marriott Courtyard, while JVB is holding her’s across town at another hotel.

As she did last year, she invited Dr. Cyril Wecht, chairman of CAPA to address her crowd, and this year Dr. Wecht will receive an award from their group. Wecht’s agreement to address their crowd and receive their award caused a division within CAPA, some of whom resigned in protest and put the entire CAPA program in jeopardy. While they contend Wecht’s presence on the same platform as JVB, who they view as a fake witnesses, constitutes an endorsement of her story of being the Patsy’s Big Easy lover, Wecht says it is not, and he doesn’t care if she had an affair with Oswald or not. And it especially is not an endorsement of Fetzer – “an idiot,’ or Roger Stone – “a dirty trickster of the worst kind.”

As Wecht put it, “When I’m in the middle of a big fight – and this is the biggest one, I don’t look around the battlefield to see whose fighting on my side.”

The CAPA Dallas Conference has lost some of its promoters, but it is now back on track and appears will be a great and important conference that could make a difference and help organize things.

But now it has also been announced that the Sixth Floor Museum will be holding a series of events the same week that will promote the lone gunman propaganda, and they will hold their own moment of silence, that will be competing with the Grassy Knoll moment of silence that Penn Jones began in 1964 and John Judge continued until his own death a few years ago.

Attorney Mark Shaw has written a series of letters to the Texas Attorney General asking him to close the Sixth Floor Museum and is threatening to sue them for fraud, something many conspiracy buffs applaud, but others seem to think unreasonable.

After all the Sixth Floor has a multi-million dollar endowment, is run by the leading citizens of Dallas and it’s director earns six figures a year in salary for a job dedicated to the assassination of President Kennedy – something I would make go a long way if I earned that amount.

And in the end, the bottom line is they – those in opposition to the Truth may only be 20% of the citizens, they are the ones with the money and power, and are well organized, while those who claim to be seeking the total Truth are in dissension, disorganized, underfunded, and can’t agree among themselves let alone how to put together an effective strategy to counter those who promote the false Lone Nut story.

In the meantime, a few dedicated researchers and writers plough on – continually rummaging through the government’s records and locating and interviewing elusive witnesses, including John Newman, Rolf-Larson, Dick Russell, Malcolm Blunt, Jim Lesar and a few dozen others – myself included, trying to put the total truth together, though justice will never be served.

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roadrider said...

If the PhaseI/Phase II hypothesis is correct, and I believe that it is, then it seems to tell us something about LBJ's relationship (or lack of same) to the actual plotters. Johnson used the threat of nuclear war with the Soviet Union to browbeat Warren and Russell into serving on his Commission. But its hard to understand how and why Johnson would reverse his field so suddenly if he had been privy to the original plot and its "blame Castro" angle. Wouldn't the nuclear war threat have been an obvious consideration that the plotters (and Johnson if he were with them) would have recognized before hand?

It also seems that the plotters had little influence over Johnson if he was able to so quickly override their "Castro done it" strategy. At the same time it seems that Johnson and Hoover both understood what had really happened and who might have been behind it because they quite obviously used the power of their offices to steer the "investigation" away from finding the truth and into an obvious cover-up right from the start. Were they influenced by a higher level of plotters after the fact used the Castro angle as bait for the exiles and IC operatives at the field level but then convinced Johnson to change course? If so, this suggests that the motivation of the highest echelon of planners had little to do with Cuba and Castro and more with Kennedy's stances on Vietnam, civil rights, the test-ban treaty and economic issues.

Your thoughts?

Unknown said...

Dr. Wecht is a man of unquestioned integrity and his analysis is crucial to proving a conspiracy beyond a doubt. My book, Betrayal at Bethesda: The Intertwined Fates of James Forrestal, Joseph McCarthy and John F. Kennedy lays out the case that the "lone nut gunman" is a Deep State ploy, a standard response to silence those who challenge the status quo. JFK's murder was not an aberration in our political life. It was part of a continuum of Deep State treachery. J.C. Hawkins

Barbara S. said...

I think the problem is larger than just a couple of well financed Oswald did it alone institutions & paid agents. This (lone nut) is the only authorized established viewpoint allowed by our media. If you espouse another view you are labeled a "conspiracy theorist". You become the nut. Your ability to prosper in the media is limited to personal financed online venues. Why is this? If you question the assassinations,you may then began to question other occurrences in your country 's history. You are not allowed to disbelieve the propaganda put out by your government. You are not allowed to know the true facts. They are locked up by our elected officials in their commissions & reports. You are not allowed to
threaten their fiefdoms.That 800 pound gorillas is waiting for you . The disagreements in the assassination research community lays on our own shoulders. The old axiom of "United we stand divided we fall" proved to be prophetic. Len Osanic of Black Ops Radio has proposed establishing some facts all groups & researchers can agree on. Maybe instead of assassination research conferences we need an organizing conference with a plan to publicize the fallacies of the lone nut case. I also think not enough emphasis is placed on how the assassinations & its consequences are related to our lives right now.