Saturday, November 23, 2019

Report From Dallas


I arrived in Dallas on Thursday afternoon and was met at the airport by a local researcher who is also working with John Newman as an assistant. We assisted in preparing for the CAPA conference by picking up snacks at a local store and then had a CAPA board meeting over dinner at the Marriott hotel, straightening out some minor details in the program.

While Dr. Wecht, the CAPA chairman, visited the competing conference at another hotel, making a presentation there, and then saying a few words at the Dealey Plaza Grassy Knoll Memorial Service, the first day of the CAPA conference got under way with the Legal Team making their Mock Texas Court of Inquiry presentation before a real Texas Municipal Judge.

The presentations were very interesting and convincing, and included attorneys Bill Simpich, Larry Schanapf, Dr. Gary Aguilar and SWAT team counter-sniper Brian Edwards, as well as former Federal Prosecutor John Orr, all well done. When they were finished they stuck around together on the stage to answer questions while most people went over to the Memorial Service at Dealey Plaza, as I did, with CAPA treasurer Mike Nurko.

When I returned an hour later, I was shocked to see that there were still more than a dozen people questioning the legal team, all caught on tape by the video team led by Carlos, a very interesting interlude captured for posterity. All of the presentations were recorded and while not live streamed, will be up on the web site and archived ASAP.

The legal team then adjured to convene an After Action Report to decide what went right and what went wrong in order to refine their presentation that will be made before a Texas Judge in the near future, seeking a real Texas Court of Inquiry, a legal venue unique to Texas. It can not convict but can legally absolve a person wrongfully accused or convicted, as they will try to legally exonerate Oswald in the eyes of the law.

While they were doing their AAR, Jeff Morley moderated a panel of Archivists who handle JFK Assassination records, an interesting program that provides many avenues for researchers.

Then H.L. Hunt's right hand man - John Curington made a presentation on Hunt's actions in the 48 hours after the assassination, complimenting his book on the subject.

While David Denton was under the weather, Dr. Wecht and Dr. Gary Aguilar moved up their presentation on "Five Lines of Medical and Scientific Evidence Converge - A Shot from the Front."

Dr. David Mantik then gave a report on an interesting survey he did on researcher's opinions of the medical and scientific evidence.

Dan Storper gave a short report on the activities of the new Truth and Reconciliation Committee that David Talbot formed a few months ago, and on which I serve on the board of directors.

At the book store set up in the hall I purchased an old copy of Jim DiEugenio's 1992 book Destiny Betrayed, that is currently being made into a documentary movie by Oliver Stone. As I was reviewing it as I hadn't read it in a long time, Jimmy D walked by me with Stone and I had them sign my copy, something he was very surprised to see and said that he now knows how stupid he was then compared to what he knows now.

After dinner Jim gave a very interesting update on the book and the New Orleans connections - FBI, JFK and Jim Garrison, followed by a skyped in report from Russ Baker on 'Strange Discoveries and Fertile Paths" that included reports on D. H. Byrid, Larry Carfard (USMC sniper) and other tidbits Russ will include in the book he has been working on for a decade.

I then gave my presentation on "Oliver Stone's Mercedes and the Blind Men and the Elephant," a deep background on the JFK Act, before Jeff Morely gave a more in depth review of the status of the JFK Act today, what records have been released and what remain withheld.

At 10 pm, with the closing of the first day of the conference, the Truth and Recon Com Board met for a meeting - including Dan Storper, DC reporter and attorney Andrew Kreig, Jeff Morley, John Newman and myself, and had a very interesting hour and a half discussion on what we have to do next.

Today the program will include the heavy hitters - John Newman, who will talk about "Turning Antonio Veciana's Misdirection into a Roadmap," and former CIA officer Rolf Mowatt Larson, who will give a talk on "Marked for Assassination: Who Killed JFK?".

I am looking forward to an interesting day where I can sit back and listen, and will report back to you ASAP.

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