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Another Suspect - Jack W. Martin

OTHER SUSPECTS - Another Suspect - Jack W. Martin is o

It has oftien been suggested that Lee Harvey Oswald was the one and only suspect in the assassination of President Kennedy. That may be true in the minds ogooingk those who believe him singularly guilty of the crime, but in fact he wasn’t even the first suspect.

That honor goes to Jack W. Martin, of Route 1, Goldonna, La., as detailed in a Secret Service report posted at Mary Ferrell as an Appendix to Harold Weisberg’s book “Oswald in New Olreans,” that was published without it. No it’s not That Jack Martin – Scruggs of Jim Garrison fame, but yet another Jack Martin.

There are actually about a half dozen men named John or Jack Martin who became entwined in the assassination drama besides the Jack “Martin” Scrugs character popularized in the Oliver Stone movie “JFK.”

People often scoff at John Armstrong’s contention that there was more than on Lee Harvey Oswald, and here you have a half-dozen Jack Martins, each and every one a peculiar aspect of the story.

For those interested in persuing the idea of multiple personalities under the same name, he’s a link to a Blog Post article on Double Identities in Historical Research and six Jack Martins involved in JFK assassination story:

Link to page one of the Document Appendix to Harold Weisberg’s book “Oswald in New Orleans”:

Link to beginning of SS Report on investigation of Jack W. Martin, suspect in the assassination of President Kennedy before Lee Harvey Oswald.

After a series of official documents relating to New Orleans attorney Dean Andrews, there’s a document relating to the beginnings of the New Orleans Secret Service office investigation of Lee Harvey Oswald that notes: “At 1:40  P.M. on November 22, 1963, reporting agent (Anthony Gerety) received a long distance telephone call from Cleark Lillian L. Rhyan, of our Dallas office, who stated that she was calling at the request of SA Robert A. Steuart, Dallas, regarding an individual named Jack Marin, Route 1, Goldonna, La., on whom SA Steuart desired discreat inquires conducted. At that time Clerk Rhyan indicated that she did not have any information regarding the said Jack Martin and did not know what connection, if any, he might have had with the shooting of President John F. Kennedy that xxx date at Dallas.”

“At 2:06 P.M., November 22, 1963, Clerk Rhyan again called reporting agent, advising that at that time it was thought that possibly Jack Martin may have been the assassin of President Kennedy. She could furnish no information regarding Jack Marin’s description or background, knowing only that his address was reported at Route 1, Goldonna, La., and that it was desired that discreet inquiries regarding Martin in the northwest section of Louisiana.”

“Reporting agent immediately telephoned SAIC (Special Agent in Charge) John W. Rice, who happened to be on an official road trip to Shreveport and vicinity, in the nortwest section of Louisiana, approximately 325 miles from New Orleans, Goldonna being located in Natchitoches Parish in the norrthwest secion of Louisiana.”

[BK Notes: We are very familiar with New Orleans SAIC John W. Rice from what we learned from Adele Edisen, who met with Rice and an FBI agent at the Secret Service office in New Orleans to report the bizarre foreknowledge expressed by her National Institute of Health grant advisor Dr. Jose Rivera, who was also a Colonel in the US Army Reserves. He is not to be confused with another agent Calvin Rice.]

“SAIC (John W.) Rice was located at the Office of Special Investigations, Barksdale Air Foce Base, near Shreveport, and was informed of the above – mentioned request that discreet inquaries be conducted at once at Goldonna, La., regarding Jack Martin. It was explained to SAIC Rice that it was desired that the results of the investigation at Goldonna be telephoned to our Dallas office.”

[BK Notes: Now wait a minute – SAIC J. W. Rice is in the office of the Barksdale AFB Office of Special Investigations near Schrieveport, Louisiana at the time the President is killed, and he’s on official business? What kind of official business? Are there arny records of why Rice was there at that place at that time? And now, as we shall see, he is sent on a whild goose chase to run down a susect in the assassination who suddenly disapears and is unheard of again once Lee Harvey Oswald is pinned on the tail of the donkey. ]

“At approximately 9:30 P.M., on November 22, 1963, reporting agent received a telephone call at his residence from SAIC Rice, who was calling from Natchitochez, La. SAIC Rice stated that he had conducted discreet inquireis in Goldonna, La., regarding Jack Martin and had telephoned the results to SA Robert A. Steuart, Dallas; that during this conversation SA Steuart furnished the following information regarding LEE HARVEY OSWALD, who had been arrested at Dallas for having fired the shots which ikilled President Kennedy.”

After a brief description of Oswald, Rice’s reporot continues: “SAIC Rice stated that it was desired that an immedaite investigation be started at New Orleans in an effort to develop as much infomration as possible regarding Lee Harvey Oswald.”


“SYNOPSIS – Discreet inquires were made in Goldonna and Natchitachee, Louisiana, on November 22, 1963 regarding possible suspect Jack Martin at request of Dallas Office, this investigation having been initiated prior to the arrest of Lee Harvey Oswald.”


“At approximately 2:00 P.M.  on 11/22/63, while at the Barksdale Air Force Base in Bossior City, Louisiana, I received a telephone call from SA Antnhony Garrets in New Orleans. He asvised that he had just received a telephone call from Clerk Lillian L. Rhyan, Dallas, who stated that SA Robert A. Steuart had requested that this ofice conduct discreet inquiries relative to Jack Martin, Route 1, Goldona, Louisiana, who at that time was considered a ossible susect in the assassination of President Kennedy. No further information was then available to Clerk Rhan.”

“I immediately proceeded to Goldonna, Louisiana, arriving at approximately 5:00 P.M. and interviewed Mrs. Irene McGee, Postmaster, Mr. G. C. Quarles, Rural courier, and Millie  Fraisier, Constable and Deputy Sheriff, all of whom were acquainted with Jack W. Martin, son of Ben and Thelma Martin, Route 1, Box 4, Goldonna.”

“The Martin family has resided in this area for a great many years. The family is poor and Ben Martin is a worker in the logging business in this backwoods community. Jack W. Martin reportedly grew up in the community and did not finish high school. For several years the subject has been traveling around the country, and aarently has been connected with an unidentified religious cult. It has been rumored, according to Mr. Quarles, that Martin desires to become a preacher.”

“Constable Frasier said that apparently Martin had never been in any trouble in Goldonna or vicinity, but that he did leave the area about 8 or 10 years ago and was gone for several years. He said he heard he was either in the armed forces or possibly in prison in another state.”

“Martin reportedly never married, and so far as is known he has never been gainfully employed. He has communicated with his parents by mail from various places throughout the country, and always uses a general delivery address. He reportedly has been in Massachusetts, New Jersey, California, and other states.”
“Constable Frasier said he last saw Martin in Goldonna approximately three or four weeks ago. Rural Carrier Quarles said that he believed that Martin’s mother had been writing to him in Texas, city unrecalled, recently.”

“All of the persons interviewed indicated that Martin is quiet and does not have any close friends in the area. He apparently does not hunt or fish, and is not interested in sports. There was no indication that he had a gun or rifle. He is said to be neat in appearance and rather soft spoken.”

“Constable Frazier said that a brother, Bobbie Martin, age about 19 years, has been a problem in the community.”

“Jack W. Martin was described as follows:: white; male; 25-30; 5-6 to 5-8; 150; dark eyes; dark hair; olive complexion; stocky build.” 

[BK Notes: While I am not sure, in comparing this report to the Secret Service Protective Service Section records – WCEx# - and the SS PRS report released recently in the last batch of records released under the JFK Act, it appears that Jack W. Martin may have been one of those who was involved in the violent attack on UN Ambassador Adele Stevenson in Dallas a few weeks before the assassination. While SS Agent Kellerman was informed by the SS PRS that there were no reported threats in Texas before he arranged for the Texas trip, everyone knew that those who attacked Stevenson must be considered dangerous to the president. And according to former reporter and Mayor of Dallas Wes Wise, they obtained TV news film of the Stevenson attack and made enlarged profiles of the faces of those involved and distributed these photos to the Secret Service agents assigned to the Dallas Trade Mart, where the president was scheduled to give his speech at 12:30 P.M. that day. I believe Jack W. Martin was one of  those involved in that previous incident. According to the official records, the Denton, Texas police department assigned a new, young patrolman to go undercover and infiltrate that group. Martin may have been one of those involved. If anyone can come up with a SS report from Dallas SA Steuart that reflects on these mattes, please keep me posted, so we don’t have to duplicate the work. ]

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