Monday, August 5, 2019

Pause In the Action

This Pause In the Action has been the result of a number of things. For one I had a birthday and went on a short vacation to Atlantic City with my girl and caught my favorite band - Billy Walton.

Unfortunately two of my good friends and Ocean City NJ neighbors passed away that same week - Dick Bocelli - the drummer for the Original Bill Haley's Comets - and inductee in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was 93. A mutual friend said that he stopped by to see Dick the day before he died and he was sound and chipper, telling my friend to have a good and safe trip to California. Dick died the next day. His motto was "Rock 'till you drop," and that he did, as he was still playing with a new band - Ready's Rockers.

My good friend John Dean, who introduced me to Dick decades ago, texted me that Dick had died, and then a few days later he died of a heart attack, which scares me since he is of my generation. When I was at the National Archives II in Washington doing JFK research one time, I sat in a little reading booth next to John Dean the Watergate lawyer. He was doing research for a book he said. He gave me a business card with his name and contacts and at my request, signed it to my friend - "To John Dean from John Dean."

There have been some things going on behind the scenes - both at CAPA and the Truth and Reconciliation Committee. The TRC and CAPA have both been responding to mainstream media articles - one denouncing celebrities for endorsing conspiracy theories that I have posted at JFKCoutnercoup2 for your reading pleasure.

Another reason for the Pause in the Action was a request from Len Osanic to appear as a guest on his Black Op Radio program - to talk about my JFKCoutnercoup and JFKCountercoup2 blog posts on the anniversary of the July 20, 1944 assassination attempt on Hitler, a document I wrote in support of a Freedom of Information Act suit for the CIA records on that incident filed by Jim Lesar, and a blog post I wrote about the CIA trainers of the Bay of Pigs and JMWAVE Cuban commandos.

So before posting anything new I waited for Len to post the show in which he interviews me and that is now up and running at:

Black Op Radio

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  • Texas Court of Inquiry
  • Grassy Knoll Memorial Service event started by Penn Jones and continued by John Judge
  • Similarities between what happened in Dealey Plaza and CIA's Pathfinder plan to kill Castro
  • Article: Kelly Declaration AARC v. CIA Re: Detailed Study of Hitler Plot
  • Michael Paine's mother was the best friend of Allen Dulles's assistant Mary Bancroft
  • Operation Valkyrie and 20th July (1944) plot to kill Hitler
  • Roy Truly
  • Article: Paul Linebarger and Napoleon Valeriano - CIA Trainers
  • Edward Lansdale in Dealey Plaza Dallas on 22 Nov, 1963 comfirmed by Col. Prouty & Gen. Victor Krulak
  • Bill Kelly is also on the board of The Truth & Reconciliation Committee
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