Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Oswald acted alone - indication of mental health

Thanks to Dan Stoper for pointing out the significance of a statement by Tim Rutten, in his LA Times review of Russ Baker’s book on the Bush family.

Tim Rutten wrote:

“Here it’s necessary to declare a personal bias. I regard the belief that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone as an important indication of mental health. In fact, I think there are three things that every serious American needs to believe about our recent history: Kennedy was killed by a lone lunatic, Americans really did land on the moon and the Twin Towers were destroyed when they were struck by two fully fueled airliners that had been hijacked by Islamic extremists organized by Al Qaeda. People who do not believe in these things are, within reasonable limits, entitled to sympathy. They are not entitled to a seat at the table where serious discussions occur.”

Well that is a personal bias, as even mentioning the assassination of the president with moon landing deniers and self-imploding skyscrapers diminishes the reality of the fact that President Kennedy was the victim of a conspiracy.

And I believe it is worthy of a mental health study – but not of those who don’t belive JFK was killed by a lone lunatic, but those who do. There are many good reasons why the majority of people do not belive that the President was killed by one deranged man.

It is the conspiracy deniers who should be lumped in the same category as Holocoust deniers, as they refuse to accept what is obvious to most people – JFK was the victim of a cover intelligence operation perpetrated by his enemies in Washington, and instead believe and promote the idea the president was murdered by a crazy man for his own irrational motives that we will never know.

Well their desogmated deranged lunatic – Lee Harvey Oswald – is the most historically studied and documented individual in the history of the world. More information about him has been collected, reviewed, analyzied and destroyed than any other person, yet there are radical perspectives of his character.

Dave Reitzes says Oswald must have been crazy since he killed the President and a policeman, but that’s a big assumption and a big jump you can’t make without assuming Oswald was the motiveless killer.

Now if, as has been proclaimed, the assassin of the president was a certified nut case, then those who make this claim should be able to review the records and determine exactly what kind of nut case he was - psychotic, autistic, dyslectic, paranoid, sociopath, homicidal, and what have you? What was he?

Those who were close to him did not notice any psychological issue – the marines who served with him, his friends in Russia and Texas, Ruth or Michael Paine. Ruth Paine wrote to her father a few weeks before the assassination saying what a good father Oswald was to his kids. She didn’t say she concerned she was putting up with a homicidal maniac.

You would think those who make this claim would follow up on their theory and determine what the diagnosis is. But they won’t because they know they are wrong in the first place, not only for their mis-diagnosis of Oswald as the Sixth Floor Sniper and assassin – a very big assumption and mis-judgement – but for trying to attribute a psychosis to the Patsy as if he was the assassin.

As Dave Ritzies said, Oswald must have been crazy if he killed the president, but that he killed the president is a major assumption that can be shown to be wrong – so the resulting psycho-analysis is also wrong.
One illogical pronouncements is that lone sniper Oswald killed the president all by himself, but rather than the world’s best and most proficient assassin – he is a wife beating loser who couldn’t hold a job and just got lucky to succed in killing the president when he failed at everything else.

Back in the 1990s the Secret Service commissioned a study of assassins and those who have assaulted the president over time – looking for common characteristics that they could use to spot potential assassins.
Unfortunately, their study was incorrect in that it did not include a very specific profile – the covert operational personality (COP) profile.

Oswald pretty much set the prototype COP profile – and many have come to be recognized since then, but they comprise a very distinct class of assassins – as they all share many comparative attributes – unsettled family life, military background (usually USMC), trained in a specialty and fluent in a foreign language, travels easily, fits into divergent backgrounds, keeps a residence apart from family, and uses a P.O. box, operational aliases, crypts and trained covert intelligence lingo and techniques.

Besides Oswald, others who fit this covert operational profile include Frank Forini Sturgis, Gerry Patrick Hemming, William Morgan, Antonio Veciana, Gordon Novel, David Ferrie, Tosh Plumlee, Eugenio Martinez,…and many others, but you get the idea.

Now there’s no senses in trying to diagnose these guys as their psycho motive was their beliefs, patriotism – ideological rather than psychological.

So it really doesn’t matter if Oswald was the lone assassin or the Patsy, he was just a small pawn in a much bigger game – one that we are only now just figuring out.

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