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Flipping the Coup Coin

FLIPPING THE COUP - The Other Side of the Coin 

In his presentation at the Dallas CAPA in November 2019, former CIA intelligence officer Rolf M. Larsson offered a number of different and unique ways to analyze the assassination of President Kennedy, making note of the fact that if we are correct, and the assassination was not just a conspiracy but a more distinct covert intelligence operation and coup d’etat, then are suspects are limited.

While there were many people who hated JFK with a passion, there were only a few who had the guts to kill him and the power t get away with it – LBJ, J. E. Hoover, General LeMay, Jimmy Hoffa and the Mafia to name a few.  

As for conducting the actual operation, among those capable of “masterminding”such a coordinated attack were also few – Allen Dulles, William Harvey, James Jesus Angleton, David Atlee Phillips, Desmond FitzGerald, Cord Meyer, Jr., and Larsson throws a relatively obscure name into the batch – Jacob Esterline, the mastermind of the Guatemalan Coup of 1954 and the failed Bay of Pigs, who went on to dismantle the JMWAVE station after the assassination, where many believe the assassination plan was hatched, planned and practiced.

Instead of going directly to the evidence, witnesses and suspects on the street and follow them up the chain latter, as we have been doing for years, the coup coin is flipped and we go directly to the top and see if we can follow the chief suspects down the pole to the street level.

Many years ago John Judge had former Air Force Colonel Fletcher Prouty appear on a National Public Radio show out of American University, when it was acknowledged that Prouty was the real “Mr. X” played by Donald Sutherland in Oliver Stone’s movie “JFK.”

For a number of years, including at the time of the assassination, Prouty served a strategic liaison post at the Pentagon, just down the hall from the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Prouty was the first person to mention the key role of General “Brute” Krulak USMC, who served as the officer responsible for military assistance to the CIA’s covert operations against Cuba.

Judge was fond of saying how he started out running down the evidence at street level while Prouty started out at the top and worked his way down, and they met at the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

For starters you need to begin with a little text book “Coup d’etat – A Practical Handbook,” by Edward Lutwak, that gives you the basic requirements of pulling off a real coup. While Lutwak had third world countries in mind, and the Guatemalan Coup fits his pattern well, as it was primarily a “Psychological” operation, with the psych warfare aspects of the coup run by David Atlee Phillips. Phillips controlled the radio stations that broadcast false reports of the rebel army approaching the capital, so believable that the powers that be fled, much like Batista fled Cuba as Castro’s army made its way down the mountains.

Eisenhower was very impressed with the Guatemala coup – code named Operation SUCCESS, and ordered the same strategy be used against Castro in Cuba.

The basic elements are the same when applied to the attempted coup and assassination of Hitler in July 20, 1944 and the assassination of President Kennedy, with a few new twists.

As Desmond FitzGerald explained to the Joint Chiefs of Staff in his September 1963 presentation on CIA covert operations against Cuba, the "detailed study" of the German military plot to kill Hitler was part of their "psychological operations" and propaganda, and was not under the CIA "Security" section as it was under Eisenhower. 

The five basic elements utilized were 1) utilization of standard covert intelligence operational plans, procedures and tactics; 2) getting the intended victim to approve the operational plan; 3) use of the Home Guard – Army Reserves to carry out the operation; 4) control communications and media; 5) blame communists for the conspiracy.

While each of these will be analyzed separately and in detail, the last will be dealt with first because in the course of the debate it is the one that has prevented proper analysis of the others.
In order to move further in a proper CI investigation of the crime, it is necessary to dispose of Oswald, and in the end, it doesn’t really matter what his role was – that of lone shooter or Patsy, as he was just a minor pawn in a much bigger game – The Great Game.

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