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The Hunt's Kansas City Chiefs

The Hunt’s Kansas City Chiefs

Congratulations to Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs for their Superbowl victory. When I saw Andy on stage standing next to some beautiful women wearing sweaters with the word “HUNT” embroidered on them I was reminded of how the Chiefs got to Kansas City, Missouri.

Dallas oilman H. L. Hunt had controlling interests in two Texas teams – the Dallas Cowboys and the Texans, but since they both couldn’t play in Dallas, one had to go.  Curington was Hunt’s right hand man, and as he relates in his book Hunt had him look on a map for the largest city without a NFL football team, and that was Kansas City. So Hunt gave the Cowboys to one son and the other team to Lamar, and that’s why the Chiefs are in Kansas City.

Hunt’s partner in the Cowboys was another Dallas oil man Clint Merchison, and their lawyer was McKennzie, whose office was in the Southland Building (Henry Baer-Wynne, McKenzine, Jaffe, Tinsley), who also represented Robert Oswald and Marina when they testified before the Warren Commission.

The Southland Building is certainly a place of interest to assassination researchers for a number of reasons including the fact that Oswald visited there to apply for a job with one of George deMohrenschildt’s pals, it is where Antonio Veciana ostensibly met Oswald and David Atlee Phillips (“Maurice Bishop”) in September 1963. The Southland Building is also the home of an exclusive private club where many of the major players enjoyed themselves, and the Sheraton Hotel, where George H. W. Bush stayed the night before the assassination, as did the Secret Service, and where the White House Communications Agency (WHCA) set up their remote station for monitoring the motorcade security channel, the recordings of which have never surfaced.

The Southland Building is directly on the path to where Oswald was heading after leaving the Texas School Book Depository before getting on a bus heading back in the opposite direction.

Oswald enjoyed football, watched the Dallas Cowboys on TV, and may have even tried out for the Arlington Heights High School football team, which included the Hale twins, son of famous Texas collegate football star I.B. Hale, who could have played in the NFL, but joined the FBI instead. After working for the FBI the senior Hale worked in Security at General Dynamics, which was in a heated war with Boeing for the F-111 TFX jet fighter-bomber contract.

Although General LeMay said that the Boeing plane was clearly much better, General Dynamics got the contract because of politics, which is how they try to explain why the Hale brothers were observed by an FBI stakeout team breaking into the Vegas apartment of Judyth Campbell Extner. That had nothing to do with the assassination, they say.

Oswald didn’t make the team, ridiculed by the Hales, so he dropped out of school and enlisted in the Marines soon after his birthday.

NFL owners are a close and peculiar bunch, always playing poker with each other, and very selective about who they let in their high stakes club, keeping Trump out when he wanted in.  Besides the Hunts, another major NFL owner who comes into play is Carroll Rosenbloom, the owner of the Baltimore Colts, whose beachside home near Atlantic City was LBJ’s secret hideaway during the 1964 Democratic National Convention.

Rosenbloom exchanged the Colts for the LA Rams and then they were moved out of Baltimore to Indiana. Rosenbloom was found drowned on a Florida beach, another suspicious death.(BK Notes: Thanks to Mike for correcting me re: Rosenbloom moving the team.)

I know all about Rosenbloom because of his gambling and golfing, and will repost an article I wrote on Conspiracy Golf sometime soon.

Gambling is a big part of the NFL and golf action, and an undercover informant told the FBI that he knew Jack Ruby took bets on the Cowboys from high stakes players, including his pal radio station owner Gordon McLendon.

Since all such big bets had to be “laid off,” we know who Ruby laid off his bets with – the Campisis, who owned the Egyptian Lounge on Mockingbird Lane, where Ruby had dinner the night before the assassination.

As for the Kansas City Chiefs - I would be remiss if I didn't mention the repeated requests from T. Carter and others who love Native Americans to remove the name of the Chiefs and Redskins from their NFL team names, as they consider it degrading. 

Getting back to Kansas City, I think of the song, “Kansas City,” – they have some foxy women there, and I’m gonna get me one. Going to Kansas City, Kansas City here I come.”

And now there’s going to be a JFK assassination conference in Kansas City, of all places, come April, and will include such respected names as Dr. Wecht, John Newman, Gary Aguilar, Dick Russell, and Lisa Pease, as well as Larry Rivera, who will argue that it’s Oswald in the doorway photo – not Lovelady, and that Jack Ruby didn’t shoot Oswald, but an impostor, posing as Ruby did the job, a theory seriously promoted by Ralph Cinque for the Oswald Innocence campaign. Well Oswald was certainly innocent of killing JFK, but not for the reasons they promote.

In any case, Kansas City is the place to be, and I’ve yet to decide if I am going, but I’m glad Andy Reid finally got his Superbowl ring and for reminding me of all these interesting associations.

Oh, yea, and another thing - NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is the son of former Senator Goodell who New York Governor Rockefeller assigned to replace the assassinated RFK. 

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jmike said...

Rosenbloom exchanged the Colts for the Rams in 1972. It was Irsay who moved the Colts to Indy. Rosenbloom owned the Rams until his death in 1979. Slight correction. Love your site.